You than CS important

Out of the division, saw the gate squat sat a familiar figure, walk through to see is debbi son. I clap her, she apparently startled to see is me, sighs, put a heat preservation bao of meal pass into my hands. I answer later, she hurried to hide behind hand, but I still see the her hand was hot bubbles.

Box meal is a little cool, I ask her: "so long?"

"Rightness, you off my phone." She Jue mouths.

"Not tell you not to come on. Come on, let me hug, tired?" I'm a little love dearly.

"I don't come to you and hungry belly, you not a bit nice.i have also picky."

I eat a box of rice, connaught son sitting on my side, nervously asked: "delicious? Delicious?" I pull at steaks with rice, to tell you the truth, pretty nasty, but I can imagine this even socks won't wash the girl is how clumsy to do for me first meal. The heart sees the touched. I smile and say: "certainly delicious, you see me not all ate up?"

Debbi son to hear a face satisfied smile and stood up and then walk.

"Enoch son where are you going?" I asked her.

"Home" bai.

"Don't worry, I take you to a place." I put her into the land division, I never took girl met a friend, not to mention the division. Teammates meet Norwich son are curious pole, "small sister-in-law, small sister-in-law" called, get her cheek is red, with my teammates running remarked, I understand with their heart, and I really love her.

On the QQ, I ask her, "Enoch son, you marry me?"

She still ha ha silly smile, delighted to say: "good. Previously what others say you marry me, I feel especially terror, but now I suddenly want to get married."

Well, Enoch son, believe me, until I saved enough money let you do most scenery bride, we'll get married.

Although we did not get the first team, but for us this raises just near team composed of the second, it is already very good grades, so I decided to continue to work hard, not hit first cannot.

CS game is more and more, I also more and more busy, I forget how long had not thought Enoch son, I always game until very late occasionally on QQ to see her, she is always very silent, I don't know what happened to her. Now that I think about it, just know oneself are right, because I've never cared is she happy, I have good.

One day, she said: "can you stay with me said conversation?"

I say: "no, I'm now in contact the games are expecting a call. And will soon start."

"Just for a while also not line?"

"Enoch son sweet."

"CS is really important to you?"


"Then I? Don't I just a bit not important?"

"Important also."

"That I and GS which is more important?"

"CS." I didn't cheat her.

Long herqq portraits are not to move.

A few days later, I saw she gave me the message: "I don't know if I can wait until oneself than GS more important that day, later you must look after yourself..." I think she is like in speaks foolishly, didn't finish see just closed QQ.

Several months later, after CS returned home is exhausted, fall in bed move does not want to move. Then the phone sounded, I don't want to pick up, but it is ringing endless. Once I see is the son Enoch trumpet, and didn't good the spirit ground say: "not pick up these days that you don't call me? You don't know how tired I am..."

Telephone the end there was a roars: "... you fucking also is not a man?"

Not debbi son, I am one leng, "you who ah you?"

"You don't tube who I am, Enoch son funeral tomorrow, if you also calculate a real man, see her last time."

Debbi son? A funeral? What with what ah? I would like to ask next, telephone JiaRan hang up.

Suddenly a stream of terror pervade my, I desperately callback, long before someone answer up, is a very old voice, "you find..."

"Enoch son?"

"She's... gone..." Voice obvious take break into tears.

My head with it, don't, connaught son she really wrong?Which day I saw debbi son was carried out, they still smile on her face, but an angelic smile never pan out halo, Enoch son friend look at my eye is clearly hated, very anxious to eat me. Debbi son's mother told me, connaught son have thrombocytopenia, family what all don't let her do, afraid she accidentally broke the fingers or somewhere, bleeding. Thought cured, but somehow, platelet again suddenly drops, heart function also begin to failure. A few days ago she suddenly spirit is very good and we all know what does it mean, she said she wanted to hear your voice, call you, but the shutdown, she says you have in the match. Someone says to seek you, can debbi son don't let, she says the game is very important for you, she is afraid you angry, say oneself wept, and we all followed crying, she said must one day you will understand, than her CS important, but she wait not to... Debbi son mother have wiped up tears come. My days have no dozen CS, bottom27 looked at Norwich son QQ image, since nowitzki son left, my whole seems to be siphoned off the power. Body and heart are particularly exhaustion.

I open debbi son QQ just know, there is only one person's number.

I noticed her material has a web site, open a mood post, there are all kinds of stories, including article was signed debbi son.

"I can't imagine, I just fell hopelessly in love with him. I like his gentle, also like he pretended to mark of appearance, I think if one day he popped the question, I will marry him.

I recently is not happy, I like to hear him speak, but he was even words are reluctant to talk to me, because he was very busy, he will play for CS. He didn't call me little fool, he never said that love me, didn't also had sent flowers for me, but I still like him.

One day I tell him jiangbian rising waters, he said that after accompany me look, I am very happy. One day I saw a very cute puppy, he promised me, we later also would have a, also called debbi son, I be very happy. He said a few days to accompany me to go see a movie, a kite, I especially happy, although these are not implemented, and I believe one day. But I'm afraid I can't wait that long.

He said CS than I important, I am not angry, because this is the truth, but I very sad, so I secretly to cry. I think I still not strong enough, I do not good enough, the doctor said I had less than next birthday, which is also * on * * (date), yet he knew not my birthday! But this is ok.

I also weak, had just hit a few words very tired, really very useless.

I know he has many girlfriends, so all right, I walked, he will not cry, although I am so want to marry him, I always hope him to send me a rose, even if only a, used to have a lot of people to send me, can I confiscate, because that for love, I think I couldn't wait for him to send me that day, so I secretly bought one for myself, I think I write what he never see, so I can follow one's inclinationsly knapped writing, I just call him, but he shut down. The annoying voice repeatedly "sorry, the subscriber you dialed is power off." I really want to talk him again, if only for a minute, listen to his voice is all right, we haven't had a meet. I miss him every day. Pathetic, crying again, alas, in fact I really upset him, he play games with a long time eyes will be painful, I bought eye drops, but can't give him, and he piddle... "

Article didn't finish writing, guess she is tired, ending a flash, I click place, elegant voice echoed in the empty room.

"Silent accompanied you walked so far/even his eyes red is not found/listen you say you now change/look at me still favourite you smiling face/this the old road is still not change/past each passing is a sunny/remember we have had in the past/the tears have little began to spread... whenever I close my eyes/I always see/your promise will all realize/I kissed your face/you're not my side/I still wish you had better/disconnected feeling line/I don't do breakpoint/just want to hear your miscellaneous bedtime sweet words sweetness..."

Flash making a bit rough, but I the suppressed long tears still drop down, the picture of the end and line of small.

"Want to hear you say you love me, a sound or;

Like to accept you send rose, a good; or else

Think again more time to love you, even if only a seconds,

But now, my hands are already good trembling, want to see you in one side. "

I do in the dark room, finally burst into tears, I just missed you, my beloved woman, has no time to spoil you, could realize the promise, can let you do me the most beautiful bride.

Damn CS, I didn't see you last time, I really damn.

Yes, I finally understand why you are the most important. It's a pity that you can't waiting for me.

This clarity no rain, I abandoned the CS, did the white-collar, I must ask you to do me the scenery of the bride."Happy birthday, little fool".

Daily week I'd come here, I just want to talk with you as you, pure white hungry tombstone of purity. The breeze like your hair light fo my face, I miss that still love you smiling face.

Friends and family are surprised at my change, I don't smoke, don't play CS, not to the Internet, keeps a like you cute puppy, like at our said good, that call it debbi son, I just want to talk with you, and then send you the most beautiful roses.

Debbi son, I love you.