Rich without love, I dumped only donate $10 "prince"

She was born in the mid-eighty's one-child, with proud of the beauty, received the good education, graduated from a famous universities, family circumstances domestic substantial, a freelance, sometimes for enterprise production copywriter, promotion planning, sometimes for an advertising company advertising design, sometimes for some magazine civiljzation column, rewarding, rich leisure life comfortable pole, unlike nine-to-five however clan, unable to control his time. Hobits thousand like love collection in a body, through the gateway, but pursuers have not echocardiography, for love, she has her own opinion, all shuiyuan, until met him.Christian Louboutin

He is in a lijiang tourism when, two people can be said to be love at first sight, he has a natural semblance, not common speech, never-ending sufficient it is every inch a gentleman elegant, accord with all girls ideal man accosted, original image, after they live together in a city, but also far away, predestination coming, block are blocked ah.Christian Louboutin Pumps

The travel back and began exchanges, they congenial to, and he considerate, she likes things, as long as the eye above stay in a few seconds, the next appointment, bring a surprise surprise, although she is not a vanity greatly strengthened girl, but will dull happy, not someone said, well, someone willing for your money, prove that he is really love you. He can really romantic, valentine's day, if by magic brought 999 delicate and charming be about to drip red roses, satisfy she to the love of all fantasy, they were simply is a pair of debir, made in heaven, walk down the street, often attracted high rates, as a woman, she is proud. But she is inside collect, never promise anything, say anything, but his heart is already will marry him as the future.

But who knows far away, can an earthquake, shock loose their love.

On May 12, one day, she as usual, casually turn over the TV channel, suddenly saw four chuan wenchuan earthquake disaster scenes, frightening, never received setbacks, few tears of she, those days, almost in tears, yes, the whole nation is in tears! Throughout history, the first time the uncomfortable -- defend everyday in TV flank, tears, don't wash and dress, no makeup, don't go shopping, if at the moment it is like the original that lived a crackling QuanMa days, she feel guilty, gutty "shang female not subscribe to hate" feeling, also didn't that mood. Since since birth, is always the automatics, all come too easy, so little grateful, sometimes, or a "cynical", since she witnessed the disaster, also saw the whole nation's NingJiLi, she had never had a passion, she suddenly love up their own country, for grow in this country proud, the more love lives in this well-loved place people, because they know the watch.

Wipe tears, should do something for the people in the disaster area, she dialed his telephone, she is a reserved person, this is met for the first time since calling up about him, he flattered by the accepted, and she would like television in the newlyweds that, hand in hand, the life of common blood donation, liquid to disaster areas the wounded, this is love, but also love the testimony of witnesses. She wanted to go to the donations, common to offer the compassion, to a romantic date.Christian Louboutin Sandals

On the street, rows of donation boxes like drifts red flame, warm and eye-catching, donations from the crowd as came flooding back, there is two or three years old children, the elderly and handicapped persons 80... People put solemnly of different size coin in the box, a warm current rushed to mind. She took him near the donation box, said "we also to donate a little bit," he suddenly haven't reaction come over, despite busy open wallet, behold, his destination-since didn't change, busy laboriously rummaged with pockets, also cannot find, mouth puzzled, "also didn't say, I am well prepared some change", and finally the wallet took out ten dollars and thrown into a donation boxes, return in mouth swearing, "true unlucky, how have no change". She slopped the from his wallet drew a five ZhangXianGong renminbi tucked into the donation box, he cried loudly, "how can you donate so much, no name no surname, completely point obligation to go," but he soon realized his rude, "I return unit to donate", from beginning to end, she without saying a word, later, she pleaded that body uncomfortable, I go home alone.

The next day, she will call for breaking up, he pleaded with them, also of no help, finally, angry of say, "is this disturbing, exaggerated, you this puzzling woman". She also didn't argue.
Uninformed parents scolded her do not know how to cherish, she fell silent, the girl friend ask in a dead to tie break up reason, vexed not to say, his girlfriend fussbudget said, "this is which son affair, which heel which ah, as long as to hello line". She QiangBai way, "for a minimum of love are no man, he can still love who, this time, I saw the big strike love, only as one love is the great love, and I also saw stashed in his coat under burnishing" small "to pledge, face, he that wretched appearance, with lu xun's that group of numbness of tourists have what two". Girlfriend said again, "like him so can many, even human hair face money". She said, "I don't care what others do, but as a boyfriend, he is can't pass the." Girlfriend and guidance, "he is a bright future, later promotion become rich, penitence all too late." And she said, "but heart poor ah". This choke must girlfriend can't say a word.

She also told his girlfriend, look at once fell's sake, be sure to keep to the second man, don't say it. Next, she wants to relevant government department consultation to volunteer, when disaster when a people's teacher, believe that I can be competent. This great plagues, let her outlook on life, the values, reposition and the meaning of life.