That year no secrets of youth


Summer vacation started the third week, our friends come to her XiaMu Jane's house to play. The two girls sat down on the floor while drinking coke side watching movies, sunlight through the glass on the ground tick the several missiles small pane, cicadas tolled a sound and a sound, our Jane felt comfortable pole. But XiaMu doesn't seem happy, peacetime talk a lot of this time she hangs silently, head tinkering with skirt horn. Our Jane ask her: "what's the matter with you?"

XiaMu implicitly, said: "I good the elephant is like a man."

Our Jane blankly looking at her, and shook his head continue watching movies. This sentence tell XiaMu every year at least twice, she would have demise. XiaMu is beautiful, family and nice girls. Her parents are city famous businessman, brother in the United States an MBA, such girls head no learning concept, life goal is beer and skittles.

"Hello, somebody else now mood is very complicated, you comfort me a few words of ok or not?" XiaMu a face of depression.

"Your mood has never been easy." Our Jane helplessly put a hand: "say, this is who?"

"He call WangTaGu, you know? That day I saw him..."

Our Jane had closed hearing system, devotedly staring at the television screen to see. Small film will fly turtle ", it is to speak the Iraq war period of children. Hard life and despair of girl, often with eyeless brother going to commit suicide. Our Jane sometimes feel like XiaMu such people, in the Middle East to stay a month, she can understand this world than to love something important how many.

But a few days later, our Jane are seen WangTaGu himself. That day she was taking a nap, mobile phone rang up. She picked it up and absently heard someone said: "is YiChen Jane? Your friend XiaMu faint in my house, if you're not busy, please pick her once."

What? Our Jane was awakened, immediately sat up and took out paper and pencil: "please tell me the address."

WangTaGu house in the suburbs, a senior villa our Jane when your cab fare hate to tooth itch, this help a dandy, even the accident happened to poor to pick up the pieces, should really hungry them for several weeks. She could push indignation when the bell rang, when the door was opened but leng once.

Before the boy clear is a small hun hun appearance, messy hair, hyperbole costumes, expression is full of impatient. But his eyes but let our Jane remind of a poem to: your eyes no secret, no limit. The instant she suddenly understand why so many girls are put idea on entertainment gossip, have so good-looking boy, even daily watch a few eye will also spirits.

WangTaGu banknotes let her in while explained: "I have seen, just call a doctor heatwaves, rest don't have anything."

XiaMu lay on the sofa, but the room air conditioning open very satisfied. Our Jane feel suspicious: "how can heatstroke?"

"Don't know, the security door I just know she at the door."

His voice sounds disgust, our Jane turned to see his one eye, stealthily say 1 "sorry", then pats XiaMu face: "hey, wake up!"

XiaMu good half-day just opened his eyes, to all who surround uninformed, our Jane pull up her to go out. In the taxi, XiaMu just tell her: "I actually is to pretend faint,? I acting ok or not?"

Our Jane think she again exasperating and funny, if they are not brought up together, she swear they would never listens to the person.2

After school is high, our Jane's parents always open, never give our Jane pressure. But she suddenly relaxed do not come down, slogging away for ten years for the final book, is not the paper? Besides, she is the teacher's pet students, no matter how it not idle down. While she was busy with schoolwork side for all kinds of competitions, ready to take several awards the university entrance exam when awarded points.

Didn't expect to see you again on the pitch in WangTaGu and he sat behind her, also participate in the competition of students. This time he wears printed rock star avatar T-shirt, with wide grid shorts, a shiny left ear stud earrings.

Our Jane hesitated for a second, haltingly exactly should greet with him, he had to ask: "how? I don't like a top student?"

"Of course not like." Our Jane didn't ignore him, sat down after ceases to turn back. WangTaGu also not below, quietly answer after examination papers, and the others left. On the way to and see him, our Jane he rode a black car bicycle and wears a cap blue baseball cap, soon lost him.

He was really nice. But why he is a good student?

Then our Jane just know, WangTaGu in school ranked in the top 10, our lessons are excellent. And his mother is dress designer, himself for son choosing dress, so eye only then halfback.

They often met in school, office, various sizes game, cram school, small auditorium. But each time they were only light point head, don't say "hello". Every school outstanding students meet each other are so, calm on the surface, but in-volving wish each other grades plummet. Many a competitor is more a threat, our Jane not regrets, who said the student most happiness? Now the school, just a enrichment-type society.

If not for that matter, our Jane probably never and WangTaGu well up. She doesn't like men of pride, and I don't like too eye-catching. But that day, she from the teacher's office came out, it was already completely dark. Building at the door is a piece of land not peace, add snow has not changed, she didn't notice, then he slipped a sore ankle ache, she screamed, almost crying.

A voice behind rang: "how?"

Our Jane back, see are come downstairs of WangTaGu, he also saw her one eye, immediately understand come over. A few strides across to the front of her, and take up her to run.

The obtained results are left foot, at least get fracture hospitalized half a month. Our Jane after hearing the doctor's words will ShaLeYan, she hurried to ask: "do you have any other way, I have a test..."

WangTaGu interrupt her to the doctor said: "please immediately do hospitalization procedure right, I go to notify her parents."

"What? Hey you..."

He will be a glove tucked into her lips, turned and walked out.

Since then, WangTaGu became our Jane tutor. He everyday after school to give our Jane interpretation, though not very review key professional, but our Jane a listen to understand. Of course, in addition also can say something else, for example: "you daily home so late your parents don't worry?"

"Have you seen several candidates home early?"

For another example: "I think simone DE beauvoir and Kant's really good match each other."

"Beauvoir's Sartre's wife, you idiot!"
WangTaGu in speaking topic when completely is another kind of appearance, expression concentration, words concise. Our Jane sometimes looked at him can't resist absent-minded, seventeen-and eighteen-year-old age, so good time, all for scores sacrifice is really a pity. If can be like that, you can dial a bit XiaMu time buying clothes and find love, also are not necessarily bad things. That carefully and implicative sincere feelings, exactly what it would be like?

"Feed, you head cramp?!" WangTaGu book knock her: "don't seriously I tear open you!"

For future have to sacrifice youth, life was originally the Yi gump if. Our Jane is book WangTaGu a compliment to remember shout loudly: "can you speak well point?"

When the door opened, summer MuRen not to sound first: "our Jane me this dead, mathematics only 48 points!" She in sackcloth, expression on WangTaGu coagulants. See after living

"Today is here!" WangTaGu restore unadorned expression, tidy up thing, see also don't see at a glance XiaMu leave. XiaMu leng in the doorway, good half-day all have no reaction come over. Our Jane heart Shouting "bad", light tone ask her: "you this won't..."

"I just think so!" XiaMu slam the door to leave.

Our Jane rubbing his head: "girl oh... well."3

The hospital winter vacation has begun, and winter of 2007 exceptionally cold. Our Jane was looking out the window to the snow thought, the XiaMu phone keeps nobody answered, she wanted to let WangTaGu helps explain, but with toes also guess he'll refuse. So we had to commit suicide, pay attention to your study.

Before the Spring Festival XiaMu parents to our Jane home visits, constantly boast our Jane: "injured test scores are so good, our house XiaMu have half your hard ok. Alas, little jean here. You more at ordinary times help her."

"Where, the exam questions was difficult, I myself also very hard." Our Jane DuiXiao, oneself parents do face, usually without small-business XiaMu parents aid, this lubricant2 simply unavoidable.

Back to my room after our Jane again dial the telephone, XiaMu is still no answer. Ten years of affection for a misunderstanding and disappear, our Jane is not not depressed. But the heart will also ask myself, really just misunderstood? A little other feelings all have no?

She is understand.

On the first day of school, she went to the 3 buildings find XiaMu. But XiaMu sit on the seat is not out, our Jane helpless, have to run into her in the classroom, and took her sleeve small voice say: "feed, okay, don't you don't know me character?"

XiaMu fiercely stand up, will be a new onset of textbook all into our Jane body. She shouted: "I hate you, what makes you all than me! Lessons well, have a pair of good parents, even the boys are more like you! I told him so good that he never even laugh without smiling at me again!"

XiaMu tears flowing out, the classmate all turned around to look at them. As an actor of WangTaGu seem nothing heard general, lazily flipped the book. Our Jane embarrassedly saw his one eye, stretch hand to pull XiaMu, but first XiaMu forcibly will her away unkindly: "you roll! I said I hate you!"Christian Louboutin Boots

Our Jane didn't stand, just recovery left foot and twisting. She bit to grind teeth, stood up to XiaMu said: "you must think so I didn't also way, just when I left eye to see our Jane when friends! Fuck you, you're more stupid than I could have imagined! You this pig!" She say that finish, angrily left.

Our Jane had no active seek XiaMu, occasionally saw WangTaGu, she also bow leave quickly. Spring is coming soon, the school a few white jasmine opened, timid explore a head. Our Jane guojin clothes hurried forward, in the heart of wind, slightly blots out the lonely is cool.

Then spring flowers open the school, at that time, the college entrance examination silent imminent, everyone nervous. The high atmosphere is like a besieged pack, slightly risks will flight. Our Jane more careful, and the breath unconsciously lighter.

Finally, someone can't hold out much longer, that person is XiaMu. A lesson after the teacher in charge XiaMu find our Jane said to her: "XiaMu several days didn't come to school, her parents are abroad. A few days ago she mood is very unusual, sometimes up to half the class will cry. I heard that you're good friends..."

Our Jane leng once, already ran out.

She knew that XiaMu must be hiding in the old house. Her father bought the new house after the old house has been empty didn't move, so XiaMu to that room filled with emotions, she said, high school reading must move there lived.

Time is already in the evening, the sky, the clouds like liquid coursing24 burns. Our Jane hard knock at the door, but inside and have no voice. She shout loudly: "XiaMu I know you inside, you this only little puss-head, hide what skill! Didn't you hate me? You come out with me for a fight!"

Dared not, she changed a recruit: "are you jealous of me, you know not to know I envy you, since I have not easy day, my parents so hard, bad grades me how to face them, do you think I didn't want to play? Who do not wish to live comfortably days..." She spoke, his nose acid up.

Then there came a tiny sounds: "I want to see him..."4

Our Jane remember that hug, MuChun evening, when the wind is cool, air is small flowers. His shoulder big and strong, warm, like being a group warm water, there is unspeakable encase the comfortable and sweet.

The university entrance exam of those days, before XiaMu every day in our Jane home homework. She's very seriously, though no use, but total ratio of pessimism. And WangTaGu also be extremely rare to her patience, he wrote in XiaMu notebook of words, our Jane recognize.

Later, the hot June through.

Scores of that day, published on the QQ XiaMu just tell our Jane: "in fact I would not like WangTaGu, he's too proud, I'm not that good mood always accompany him smart!"

"That you be that..."

"I just want him to worry about, well, who knows when he so kind to me."

"You!" Our Jane was in distress situation.

"Tell you a secret, you should take an examination of WangTaGu asked me which school, I didn't tell him you miss pku."

Our Jane was stuck.

"Then tell you a secret that he intends to submitted to the Shanghai jiaotong university."

Our Jane gently smiled to get up.Christian Louboutin

This summer just like a poem, touching and meaningful. Our Jane felt suddenly grown up a lot, that grow in my heart suddenly opened like flowers, silent and lithe and graceful. A long summer vacation after her wander in Shanghai on the land, magnolia, suzhou river, it's a beautiful place. She looked at the crowds surging, want to make a telephone call to WangTaGu, however just took out mobile phone, the phone has rang. She picked up, hear WangTaGu crush xi feeling feigning deep voice: "I at Peking University, you shout?"

"You..." Our Jane swallowed mo.

"Hum, XiaMu thought she did not tell me, I also will ask now!"

"But... I'm in Shanghai jiaotong university..."

Two men were silent, then laughed.

Say so, the world did not problem-free such things well.