Old beggar word

Have a friend love BaoDu, draught often pulled me in Harbin streets looking for hui restaurant go try to eat. Later he found one, in weft street, appearance is not big, health conditions also let a person can't compliment, but BaoDu was very authentic. A time, we often go to the gluttonous xing.

That is one of the last autumn afternoon, we two again in that small gym push cup change lamp, not the lunch time, only we two old shop repeat customers, the boss also carry hotel small sit beside us two glass of beer XianChe, this is a very lazy afternoon.

Before we had to the second set water BaoDu, an old beggar push the door and enter.

Hotel is located in a busy district, there are often disguised commitment-phobe commitment-phobe person and person to seek help, we also all demise, the small restaurant of small business owners quite human, whenever there was such a thing, more or less he gives two, today is not exceptional also, didn't wait old man speak, he took out a dollar handed over. The old man don't sound was very vague say don't don't, don't money, are unable to bite into.

It made us very surprised - this is a true "rice", he don't money. I couldn't help looking again at the old man, he must have more than 80, the physique still calculate hale, waist stand very straight, most importantly clothes over although shabby, but basic pay to clean, in the beggar among absolute is a rare condition.

Say begging to a restaurant is to find the right place, but in fact is not really the case. Small restaurant do is repeat business, the guest the leftovers home directly face to face, they pour out ShaoMai staple is, we will now bag. Small boss didn't leftovers to old people, it's obvious that he couldn't give up so old man came to a small bag, now will now not its natural a thing to be so not good solve.

We table had a drawer ShaoMai every time we will such a mouthful, I haven't eaten, I that elder brothers is tasted, want to it is a habit. This restaurant is the waiter, a knack in your point over after dish, she will freely asked 1: "come a few ShaoMai drawer?" Tone doubt, you will subconsciously choose number and cannot refuse to their home the ancestral craft.

Friend also to the old man developed an interest in the drawer, called waiter proud of small business owners ShaoMai gave the old man took the past, and make him sit beside us on the table to eat. No stranger, small boss also don't block the old man sat down, also said table with vinegar, mustard, want to use casually.

The old man murmured, from his pocket and took out a carry-on baggage enamel ChaGang want some water to drink, this batch let we ate a surprised, the ground on cylinder body line scarlet can also recognize - to the most lovable person!

I this elder brothers is a real door after his grandfather is 55 years of ShouXian major general.

See this batch appeared in such an old beggar hands makes us very puzzled, friends hesitate to ask old man this batch come from?

The old man mumbled: "be me, is it my, is sent me."

We all feel mysterious, the friend say: yes, you come and sit down, you come sit, za ye three babbling. The old man said no, you needn't.Christian Louboutin Boots

I rose up and gave the old man holds to our table, and there was such a conversation...

"Sir, you saved in the military?"

"Yeah yeah, a seven years' soldier!"

"Where are you old?"

"Anhui JinZhai."

"Which years enlistment ah?"

"46 years, is the second year of the Japanese surrender."

"You take what only troops?"

"The new fourth army six teacher, is later fu Yang city hua ye six longitudinal."

"Do you remember your columns commander is who?"

"WangBiCheng ah, war-fighting is ace!"
The old man language of vague niandao up, my friend and everyone was... One of the old farmer from the countryside apparently never know these has gradually been forgotten history, this is a hero in the history of our army troops - MengLiangGu, ZhangLingFu by the troops killed, make the world famous columns.Christian Louboutin

We gave the old man clip vegetables, pour wine, continue our conversation... "Then also attended to resist?"

"Yeah yeah, American aircraft severe ah, I be at north Korea after suffering the injury to rehabilitate of!"

"That you join the army seven years should be cadres, how is retired?"

"No culture ah, cannot cadres."

See our suspicious look, old man with QiJi to: "you two dolls not believe? I have a notebook, notebook!"

The old man went to touch a bag in the bosom of small too carefully unwrapped, two red plastic leather pamphlet, one is ex-serviceman certificate, the other is a second-class deformed soldier certificate. The old man left legs up slowly, I saw a wooden legs.

Friends in the bag and took up a stack of very careful of white paper opened it, after see handed me silent.

That is a letter of the village, the effect that take the introduction for WoCun demobilizing disabled servicemen teh, person is childless, lose labor ability, as a result of this village financial difficulties, and unable to raise, specially permitted abroad feed, hope governments around the world to assist greetings.

The committee DaYin red dazzling. We've all been this fact is shocked and restaurant owners also gape, for a long time before he stammered to old person say: "sir, again to her at you I here, as long as I have the restaurant Open Day, you......"

The old man interrupt him say no, he said that he can still walk he's going to walk, the old man said the northeast person good grinning, when in dandong he knew the northeast person good resides.
I wonder why ask old man in a beggar in the process of why don't money? The old man suddenly staring at me to say: "I used to be a soldier of seven years, I was a communist party member miles, how can I...?"

At that moment, I tears...