Suit also can play the mix

Since always, suit with its tinggua style special deeply office white-collar gens of favor, suit the impression of has always been one more formal and business hale sense, so seem to "eight hours" outside, it is hard to goodbye its trace the beauty, can now dress tide MMS has devised a will orthodox suit mix build a recreational vogue of good method, let you leave the job also can wear a suit ablaze travel oh ~
01 first look at this one black suit, its fashionable classical degree can be used "hands necessary" to describe, but also "bump unlined upper garment, the highest rate" paragraph, itself style, this time too dignified boring if collocation a geometric patterns would look line unlined upper garment grows knitted with tassel, vigor many towel case grain and high with Martin boots collocation more draws out fashion nifty feeling.
02 of this very retro breath of brown chestnut suit although tonal unique, but actually really quite hard to wear a give prize effect, can bold color stripe skirt collocation actually rather let a person shine at the moment, the most praise is to use the same color warm big collar let whole looks coordination and fashionable.
03 season big hot red suit also can mix build, the elbow of shammy splicing leisure feels dye-in-the-wood, inside take gray wave point render unlined upper garment low-key generous, the half NeZi shorts are pitched black youth fashionable breath, really reduce age a costume ~
04 of this milky gun was brought a suit is a sign of effect, the originality of a grain of buckle designs look dignified but are a hint of leisure, means that a groin tie-in black a-line simply is again good nevertheless collocation.
05 last this body quite pull breeze "grows outside wear take a short" type, eye-catching black and white stripe dress can well line gave the turquoise blue bright colour and lustre, but small make up or not easily suggest that people try, because this wearing pitched for request shape or pretty high, moreover also need MM possess strong colour collocation feeling to effect luxuriant show.


Beautiful winter to attract world attention in the gorgeous high heels baby

TV version of “Sex and the city” where Carrie had such classic lines: “standing on high heels , I can see the world. “This sentence may also be on here the other hand, let the whole world your eyes are concerned, first of all must wear a good fit for a pair of high heels .

Lara Stone at the foot of this two-shoes, in fact, and Iris Van Herpen United Nude limited edition footwear cooperation Iris Schoen, this section has the finest Italian shoes skin suede, 100% pure hand-built, is a unique blend of professional knowledge and skills wonderful work. Avant-garde creative design concepts, through the performance of three-dimensional way to create a strong visual impact. This double Unlited Nude (UN) Global Limited 240 pairs, 20 pairs of SHOES China, in addition to Lara at the foot of the ivory, as well as to create a pure black texture black gold.
Winter beautiful ornate high heels to attract world attention from the international brand baby = copy of the information website, beautiful in winter to attract world attention in the gorgeous high heels baby
Nearly the end, many activities, in addition to work, shopping, and various festive dinner and holiday travel purposes, sufficient to meet the following recommended a set of shoes on these occasions, they were from JC Collezione and MISS SIXTY.
Winter beautiful ornate high heels to attract world attention from the international brand baby = copy of the information website, beautiful in winter to attract world attention in the gorgeous high heels baby

Basically JC Collezione OL wear more suitable to stable, the main basic models, also suitable to cope with a variety of dinner. The red velvet texture of high heels is a senior party choice.
Winter beautiful ornate high heels to attract world attention from the international brand baby = copy of the information website, beautiful in winter to attract world attention in the gorgeous high heels baby


Louboutin Shoes – The Way to Attract the Opposite Sex

Picture this, you’re dressed for just about any evening out concerning the town, you have in your tiny dark dress, your favored hoop earrings, sparkling stack bracelets, all that’s missing will be the shoes. You previously know which shoes compare to your outfit perfectly. You have observed them a million instances in style and tabloid periodicals getting donned by others. The signature red-colored sole, the "dare you to definitely stroll on me" height, they are Louboutin shoes. These Louboutin shoes consider merely a tiny dark attire and turn it into something more. Louboutin shoes will make that attire appear like it arrived excellent away the runway of the well-known designer. should you experienced selected those people dark flip flops you continually wear, the attire appears much less customized and extra bargain basement.

Now image your do it yourself lounging near to at home, jeans as well as a tee constitute your attire. You recognize that you simply are away from milk and need to operate cutting in the direction of the corner store to grab some. ordinarily you would just throw in your more mature sneakers and mind cutting the path but you think twice. last time you went in the direction of the store that cute neighbor of yours was there. can you really want him to ascertain you within your more mature ratty sneakers? No way. You work in the direction of the closet and there they are your replica Louboutin shoes, the kinds that you simply can suit on with jeans and allow it to be appear like you invested several hours in your outfit. Yes, those people will be the ones, the kinds that will get that cute neighbor to appear at you and say. "Wow". With just the excellent Louboutin shoes, you can undoubtedly go places, as well as encounter your potential husband!

If you possess a husband like me that hates the fact that you’re buying overly high-priced components or if you’re just searching for an inexpensive, and amazing choice to people people high-priced considerable carry out items, then please look at out this website for amazing Replica Handbag, and Louboutin Shoes.


Lady Gaga goes Pantless in Paris freezing weather

Lady Gaga was out in Paris for shopping, wearing jacket, nude-color bra, towering shoes, a pair of fishnet stockings and….. nothing else. Yes!! Poker Face hitmaker Lady Gaga went pantless in Paris near-freezing temperatures. 24-year-old star stepped out onDec. 21 and hit Bruce Field store at Palais Royal in Paris, for shopping, wearing as little as possible.

lady gaga pantless

She was wearing flesh-colored panties but still so much was left for imagination. Lady Gaga is known for her unique and outrageous way of dressing but this was something very daring.

She took her outrageous way of styling to a new level by donning just lacy basque-style bodysuit, a black PVC jacket, fishnets, and panties that were not even visible from a distance. It was a completely weather-inadequate outfit just like Lady Gaga cleavage baring gown, she wore one day before in Paris.

lady gaga bottomless in paris

Fans were all around her to get a glimpse at her backside and she didn’t seem caring about it at all. Lady Gaga’s winter look was accessorized with a broad leather fetish collar around her neck anda pair of black Chanel sunglasses.

What do you think about Lady Gaga Pantless Fashion? Sexy or Weird? Can this look be next addition in Lady Gaga wax statue at Madame



Some people worry how nicec

Some people worry is great. It was about the feeling is very wonderful. Caring for, that man to really feeling, that man to really love. If someone CARES for you, if you are care of others, you will be the happiest person.
A person, is worrying about his deeply, is forgetable cannnot miss, is gladne blessing, days and nights of hope. Cared about a person, is your leisurely all, when you are so busy, heart to have cared about the rest of words, the dream will have cared about people's figure. Cared about a person, that is not put feelings, shear constantly of feeling.
Have a care, love is so much a warmth. A caring for, friendship is more than a kind of happiness; Have a care, love is more than a wisp of yearning. Care others is sweet happiness, be being cared about the most wonderful thing in the world is happiness. From relatives and friends greetings, let you never alone. Friends sincerely wish, make you more confident. Feelings of longing or pining, let your heart be full of sunshine.
Some people worry true good, everyone looking for, that being cared about &care others feel. Your missing.i man or woman is worth you cherish, care for you you will know how to be grateful.
Some people worry is great. It is a cup of strong feelings nectar, drunk many people heart, circle of many dreams. Love you of person to your care is your motivation, is your business is your heart ladder, harbour. Have a good CARES, your life is not pale, your life is not helpless. Have a good CARES, you will feel the summer is not hot, cold winter is not. Have a good CARES, your body more health, your smile radiant14.
Love your people worried about you, you take care of the person you love, his heart is always remember you, you also can care about everything. Let your emotions are thinking, the precipitation in, let your hearts have sustenance. CARES, is the soul of dialogue, is heart, is the mind respond!
Care ah, you are the best in the world emotion! Who would not want to have you?


God never difficult man of simplicity

Wisdom person of ordinary accomplishes more often. The guo jing jin yong's novels is one example. Guo jing hanhou plain, but knows hard these stories and also grasp dwelled between good and evil, there are these two boundaries, there will be a later GuoDaXia. Like yang2 guo4 such feiyang jump, intelligent spillover, if not frustrated, temperament great changes, estimate finally certainly is undying however they do.

Played a computer game the gold yongs, the game's storyline is a gold yong fan suddenly fell into the virtual world, he must personally experience river-lake risks fierce, finally it can return to the real world. Games begin, that "a little shrimp" NaoNao head said, I besides "the infield fly boxing", what fighting skill also not ah. The "wild ball quan", estimation is Taiwan in the words "blind needless dozen" means. The game interesting design is, if you choose to practice the "wild ball quan", practice, and the most hard for a long time can't improve damage, but the 10 top, this "wild ball quan" power will exceed "JiuYang thedaoist scripture" and "a dragon 18 zhangs". This small philosophical design lets me to this little game never got over it.

In the academic circle in the real world, I have seen also is such, CongMingZhe may not last winner, know that is the final winner. The wise, and to the wise often tasted it, temptation more, they often at the launching transports others are left behind, but often is the earliest withdrew from the race.

More complex than learning is the life and society. In social existence in the optimal law is what? I believe that these rules is still the oldest and most simple truth. Such as honesty, diligence, forgiveness, cooperation. I put the film forrest gump as a fable. Forrest gump IQ only 75, almost belong to fool. His favourite words are "my mom says..." Forrest gump's mother told him when danger comes to run, run the sooner the better. Forrest gump so from Vietnam battlefield scrounge a life, but also a hero. From the common understanding of successful perspective, forrest gump is successful. He is rich and respected, life experiences, rich and colorful. Although when all this comes, forrest gump is unaware of. Forrest gump girlfriend go is another road. Her generation considered himself smart enough to fight social, overturning traditions, all she could do seem to be looking for extreme boundary: she's been expelled from university, playboy magazine, exotic dancer, stray, drugs, anti-war. But in the end, she was touch came, quietly returns to forrest gump side, then quietly fading. Forrest gump and girlfriend of the two roads again proof: god never difficult man of simplicity.

The secret of success must meet two conditions: first, it must apply to everyone. Even as forrest gump and guo jing so mind not too well, just follow a certain rules, will finally successful, it can be regarded as a good tip. Second, it must be dian flapping indestructible. Dynastic change, the passage of time, system of alternate, should never to these basic rules bring subversive impact.

Once there was a famous trials, invited many scholars, each human mind optimal in competition in winning rule write down, and translated into computer programs, let the computer simulation different rules of competition. The winning rules is the so-called "tit-for-tat". This strategy include: if others don't cheat, he would never cheat, If anybody else cheat, who immediately to cheat on punishment. If someone cheats repentance and forgiveness who immediately return to cooperation, it's orbit. This strategy for the success, because it is good; Second, because it is simple. Eliminated many rules because too complicated. Lying is a complex rules, in order to lie well, you must then new lie, to finally lies will be very complicated.

Tell young people the secret of success is hard work and honesty, many wise young people will stare big eyes of suspicious: if the secret of success so easy, that not everyone can succeed? Therefore, they concluded that: the secret of success must be some more weird things, such as HouHeiXue. Ironically, go this way people still very very much, this is why, the successful people have very little. Forrest gump's mother said the most wonderful word is: "only stupid is as stupid person."


Love is a handful for sand

A growing child, marry to her mother asked a small problem: "mom, married how should I grasp love?"

"Silly child, how did love can hold?" Mother is surprised to ask.

"That love why cannot grasp?" The girl doubt cross-examine.

Mother listened to the girl's culture, warm smile, then slowly squatted down from the ground, lifted a handful of sand, sent to daughter presence. Girl found that holds sand in the mother's hand, round and full, without any loss, no shining. Then the mother force of hands clench, sand immediately from the mother's fingers purging fall down. Stay mother put your hand open when, originally that holds sand is running out, its completely round shape also have been crushed it, there is no beauty in exile.

The girl looked at her mother in the hands of sand, comprehend the nod.

The original love is like sand is same, not painstaking to grasp, the more try to hold, instead of the more easily lost, lost each other should keep tolerance and understanding, nor love will therefore become no beauty of form.

Everyone hopes he can always have happiness of love, then learn with a handful of sand to treat their feelings of love, cherish it, master!


You than CS important

Out of the division, saw the gate squat sat a familiar figure, walk through to see is debbi son. I clap her, she apparently startled to see is me, sighs, put a heat preservation bao of meal pass into my hands. I answer later, she hurried to hide behind hand, but I still see the her hand was hot bubbles.

Box meal is a little cool, I ask her: "so long?"

"Rightness, you off my phone." She Jue mouths.

"Not tell you not to come on. Come on, let me hug, tired?" I'm a little love dearly.

"I don't come to you and hungry belly, you not a bit nice.i have also picky."

I eat a box of rice, connaught son sitting on my side, nervously asked: "delicious? Delicious?" I pull at steaks with rice, to tell you the truth, pretty nasty, but I can imagine this even socks won't wash the girl is how clumsy to do for me first meal. The heart sees the touched. I smile and say: "certainly delicious, you see me not all ate up?"

Debbi son to hear a face satisfied smile and stood up and then walk.

"Enoch son where are you going?" I asked her.

"Home" bai.

"Don't worry, I take you to a place." I put her into the land division, I never took girl met a friend, not to mention the division. Teammates meet Norwich son are curious pole, "small sister-in-law, small sister-in-law" called, get her cheek is red, with my teammates running remarked, I understand with their heart, and I really love her.

On the QQ, I ask her, "Enoch son, you marry me?"

She still ha ha silly smile, delighted to say: "good. Previously what others say you marry me, I feel especially terror, but now I suddenly want to get married."

Well, Enoch son, believe me, until I saved enough money let you do most scenery bride, we'll get married.

Although we did not get the first team, but for us this raises just near team composed of the second, it is already very good grades, so I decided to continue to work hard, not hit first cannot.

CS game is more and more, I also more and more busy, I forget how long had not thought Enoch son, I always game until very late occasionally on QQ to see her, she is always very silent, I don't know what happened to her. Now that I think about it, just know oneself are right, because I've never cared is she happy, I have good.

One day, she said: "can you stay with me said conversation?"

I say: "no, I'm now in contact the games are expecting a call. And will soon start."

"Just for a while also not line?"

"Enoch son sweet."

"CS is really important to you?"


"Then I? Don't I just a bit not important?"

"Important also."

"That I and GS which is more important?"

"CS." I didn't cheat her.

Long herqq portraits are not to move.

A few days later, I saw she gave me the message: "I don't know if I can wait until oneself than GS more important that day, later you must look after yourself..." I think she is like in speaks foolishly, didn't finish see just closed QQ.

Several months later, after CS returned home is exhausted, fall in bed move does not want to move. Then the phone sounded, I don't want to pick up, but it is ringing endless. Once I see is the son Enoch trumpet, and didn't good the spirit ground say: "not pick up these days that you don't call me? You don't know how tired I am..."

Telephone the end there was a roars: "... you fucking also is not a man?"

Not debbi son, I am one leng, "you who ah you?"

"You don't tube who I am, Enoch son funeral tomorrow, if you also calculate a real man, see her last time."

Debbi son? A funeral? What with what ah? I would like to ask next, telephone JiaRan hang up.

Suddenly a stream of terror pervade my, I desperately callback, long before someone answer up, is a very old voice, "you find..."

"Enoch son?"

"She's... gone..." Voice obvious take break into tears.

My head with it, don't, connaught son she really wrong?Which day I saw debbi son was carried out, they still smile on her face, but an angelic smile never pan out halo, Enoch son friend look at my eye is clearly hated, very anxious to eat me. Debbi son's mother told me, connaught son have thrombocytopenia, family what all don't let her do, afraid she accidentally broke the fingers or somewhere, bleeding. Thought cured, but somehow, platelet again suddenly drops, heart function also begin to failure. A few days ago she suddenly spirit is very good and we all know what does it mean, she said she wanted to hear your voice, call you, but the shutdown, she says you have in the match. Someone says to seek you, can debbi son don't let, she says the game is very important for you, she is afraid you angry, say oneself wept, and we all followed crying, she said must one day you will understand, than her CS important, but she wait not to... Debbi son mother have wiped up tears come. My days have no dozen CS, bottom27 looked at Norwich son QQ image, since nowitzki son left, my whole seems to be siphoned off the power. Body and heart are particularly exhaustion.

I open debbi son QQ just know, there is only one person's number.

I noticed her material has a web site, open a mood post, there are all kinds of stories, including article was signed debbi son.

"I can't imagine, I just fell hopelessly in love with him. I like his gentle, also like he pretended to mark of appearance, I think if one day he popped the question, I will marry him.

I recently is not happy, I like to hear him speak, but he was even words are reluctant to talk to me, because he was very busy, he will play for CS. He didn't call me little fool, he never said that love me, didn't also had sent flowers for me, but I still like him.

One day I tell him jiangbian rising waters, he said that after accompany me look, I am very happy. One day I saw a very cute puppy, he promised me, we later also would have a, also called debbi son, I be very happy. He said a few days to accompany me to go see a movie, a kite, I especially happy, although these are not implemented, and I believe one day. But I'm afraid I can't wait that long.

He said CS than I important, I am not angry, because this is the truth, but I very sad, so I secretly to cry. I think I still not strong enough, I do not good enough, the doctor said I had less than next birthday, which is also * on * * (date), yet he knew not my birthday! But this is ok.

I also weak, had just hit a few words very tired, really very useless.

I know he has many girlfriends, so all right, I walked, he will not cry, although I am so want to marry him, I always hope him to send me a rose, even if only a, used to have a lot of people to send me, can I confiscate, because that for love, I think I couldn't wait for him to send me that day, so I secretly bought one for myself, I think I write what he never see, so I can follow one's inclinationsly knapped writing, I just call him, but he shut down. The annoying voice repeatedly "sorry, the subscriber you dialed is power off." I really want to talk him again, if only for a minute, listen to his voice is all right, we haven't had a meet. I miss him every day. Pathetic, crying again, alas, in fact I really upset him, he play games with a long time eyes will be painful, I bought eye drops, but can't give him, and he piddle... "

Article didn't finish writing, guess she is tired, ending a flash, I click place, elegant voice echoed in the empty room.

"Silent accompanied you walked so far/even his eyes red is not found/listen you say you now change/look at me still favourite you smiling face/this the old road is still not change/past each passing is a sunny/remember we have had in the past/the tears have little began to spread... whenever I close my eyes/I always see/your promise will all realize/I kissed your face/you're not my side/I still wish you had better/disconnected feeling line/I don't do breakpoint/just want to hear your miscellaneous bedtime sweet words sweetness..."

Flash making a bit rough, but I the suppressed long tears still drop down, the picture of the end and line of small.

"Want to hear you say you love me, a sound or;

Like to accept you send rose, a good; or else

Think again more time to love you, even if only a seconds,

But now, my hands are already good trembling, want to see you in one side. "

I do in the dark room, finally burst into tears, I just missed you, my beloved woman, has no time to spoil you, could realize the promise, can let you do me the most beautiful bride.

Damn CS, I didn't see you last time, I really damn.

Yes, I finally understand why you are the most important. It's a pity that you can't waiting for me.

This clarity no rain, I abandoned the CS, did the white-collar, I must ask you to do me the scenery of the bride."Happy birthday, little fool".

Daily week I'd come here, I just want to talk with you as you, pure white hungry tombstone of purity. The breeze like your hair light fo my face, I miss that still love you smiling face.

Friends and family are surprised at my change, I don't smoke, don't play CS, not to the Internet, keeps a like you cute puppy, like at our said good, that call it debbi son, I just want to talk with you, and then send you the most beautiful roses.

Debbi son, I love you.


Shorts also anti-freeze! Winter leg temptation

One pair of shorts can have what use? Actually shorts had not summer's patent, good-looking girls will its charm lasted to the cold winter. South Korea eyebrow in the United States use different sheet is tasted mix build out different kinds of amorous feelings. Especially winter clothes mostly is bloated, try to balance in shorts, heavier than slim despise up under natural.

01 grab an eye of England FanGe grain knickers very is nifty and lovely, tie-in lozenge case grain thick sweater with woollen coat, show beautiful leg, in winter can certainly attract many handsome boy perspective, the affinity feels dye-in-the-wood oh. Different material, length of the socks wear method of dividing proportion, rise to spin leg effect, very explicit level. Blue high-heeled shoes on color echo the upper-body sweater, make elegant light ripe female modelling, reveal lovely feeling.

02 leisurely and comfortable attitude, high not pamper, the whole body is gradual and rich administrative levels feels the black collocation, very have style. This body modelling can let the body and on-the-job field you attend in the end of a variety of party or parties occasions and pleasing to eye.

03 in this Christmas time, how can lack of red? Put on a red sweater appears sace flocking lovable and cute, because the upper body enough assertive, suggest you a pair with knickers concolorous boots, have spin lower-body visual effect.

04 camel's hair plait flower wool coat, tie-in knickers PI cao sight up, let a person will not pay attention to your lower-body whether too fat. Black stockings further modified shape legs, the weather is cold words with thick sox it.

05 elegant nobility paragraph coat collocation of white camel's hair shorts create intellectual elegant temperament. Black and white fundamental key is always decorous interpretation, and choosing makings and modelling adopted woollen body, knitting and cortical materials, heat preservation is lightsome and not fawn on common. Create perceptual exquisite flow, make whole person image become stereo rich rise.


That year no secrets of youth


Summer vacation started the third week, our friends come to her XiaMu Jane's house to play. The two girls sat down on the floor while drinking coke side watching movies, sunlight through the glass on the ground tick the several missiles small pane, cicadas tolled a sound and a sound, our Jane felt comfortable pole. But XiaMu doesn't seem happy, peacetime talk a lot of this time she hangs silently, head tinkering with skirt horn. Our Jane ask her: "what's the matter with you?"

XiaMu implicitly, said: "I good the elephant is like a man."

Our Jane blankly looking at her, and shook his head continue watching movies. This sentence tell XiaMu every year at least twice, she would have demise. XiaMu is beautiful, family and nice girls. Her parents are city famous businessman, brother in the United States an MBA, such girls head no learning concept, life goal is beer and skittles.

"Hello, somebody else now mood is very complicated, you comfort me a few words of ok or not?" XiaMu a face of depression.

"Your mood has never been easy." Our Jane helplessly put a hand: "say, this is who?"

"He call WangTaGu, you know? That day I saw him..."

Our Jane had closed hearing system, devotedly staring at the television screen to see. Small film will fly turtle ", it is to speak the Iraq war period of children. Hard life and despair of girl, often with eyeless brother going to commit suicide. Our Jane sometimes feel like XiaMu such people, in the Middle East to stay a month, she can understand this world than to love something important how many.

But a few days later, our Jane are seen WangTaGu himself. That day she was taking a nap, mobile phone rang up. She picked it up and absently heard someone said: "is YiChen Jane? Your friend XiaMu faint in my house, if you're not busy, please pick her once."

What? Our Jane was awakened, immediately sat up and took out paper and pencil: "please tell me the address."

WangTaGu house in the suburbs, a senior villa our Jane when your cab fare hate to tooth itch, this help a dandy, even the accident happened to poor to pick up the pieces, should really hungry them for several weeks. She could push indignation when the bell rang, when the door was opened but leng once.

Before the boy clear is a small hun hun appearance, messy hair, hyperbole costumes, expression is full of impatient. But his eyes but let our Jane remind of a poem to: your eyes no secret, no limit. The instant she suddenly understand why so many girls are put idea on entertainment gossip, have so good-looking boy, even daily watch a few eye will also spirits.

WangTaGu banknotes let her in while explained: "I have seen, just call a doctor heatwaves, rest don't have anything."

XiaMu lay on the sofa, but the room air conditioning open very satisfied. Our Jane feel suspicious: "how can heatstroke?"

"Don't know, the security door I just know she at the door."

His voice sounds disgust, our Jane turned to see his one eye, stealthily say 1 "sorry", then pats XiaMu face: "hey, wake up!"

XiaMu good half-day just opened his eyes, to all who surround uninformed, our Jane pull up her to go out. In the taxi, XiaMu just tell her: "I actually is to pretend faint,? I acting ok or not?"

Our Jane think she again exasperating and funny, if they are not brought up together, she swear they would never listens to the person.2

After school is high, our Jane's parents always open, never give our Jane pressure. But she suddenly relaxed do not come down, slogging away for ten years for the final book, is not the paper? Besides, she is the teacher's pet students, no matter how it not idle down. While she was busy with schoolwork side for all kinds of competitions, ready to take several awards the university entrance exam when awarded points.

Didn't expect to see you again on the pitch in WangTaGu and he sat behind her, also participate in the competition of students. This time he wears printed rock star avatar T-shirt, with wide grid shorts, a shiny left ear stud earrings.

Our Jane hesitated for a second, haltingly exactly should greet with him, he had to ask: "how? I don't like a top student?"

"Of course not like." Our Jane didn't ignore him, sat down after ceases to turn back. WangTaGu also not below, quietly answer after examination papers, and the others left. On the way to and see him, our Jane he rode a black car bicycle and wears a cap blue baseball cap, soon lost him.

He was really nice. But why he is a good student?

Then our Jane just know, WangTaGu in school ranked in the top 10, our lessons are excellent. And his mother is dress designer, himself for son choosing dress, so eye only then halfback.

They often met in school, office, various sizes game, cram school, small auditorium. But each time they were only light point head, don't say "hello". Every school outstanding students meet each other are so, calm on the surface, but in-volving wish each other grades plummet. Many a competitor is more a threat, our Jane not regrets, who said the student most happiness? Now the school, just a enrichment-type society.

If not for that matter, our Jane probably never and WangTaGu well up. She doesn't like men of pride, and I don't like too eye-catching. But that day, she from the teacher's office came out, it was already completely dark. Building at the door is a piece of land not peace, add snow has not changed, she didn't notice, then he slipped a sore ankle ache, she screamed, almost crying.

A voice behind rang: "how?"

Our Jane back, see are come downstairs of WangTaGu, he also saw her one eye, immediately understand come over. A few strides across to the front of her, and take up her to run.

The obtained results are left foot, at least get fracture hospitalized half a month. Our Jane after hearing the doctor's words will ShaLeYan, she hurried to ask: "do you have any other way, I have a test..."

WangTaGu interrupt her to the doctor said: "please immediately do hospitalization procedure right, I go to notify her parents."

"What? Hey you..."

He will be a glove tucked into her lips, turned and walked out.

Since then, WangTaGu became our Jane tutor. He everyday after school to give our Jane interpretation, though not very review key professional, but our Jane a listen to understand. Of course, in addition also can say something else, for example: "you daily home so late your parents don't worry?"

"Have you seen several candidates home early?"

For another example: "I think simone DE beauvoir and Kant's really good match each other."

"Beauvoir's Sartre's wife, you idiot!"
WangTaGu in speaking topic when completely is another kind of appearance, expression concentration, words concise. Our Jane sometimes looked at him can't resist absent-minded, seventeen-and eighteen-year-old age, so good time, all for scores sacrifice is really a pity. If can be like that, you can dial a bit XiaMu time buying clothes and find love, also are not necessarily bad things. That carefully and implicative sincere feelings, exactly what it would be like?

"Feed, you head cramp?!" WangTaGu book knock her: "don't seriously I tear open you!"

For future have to sacrifice youth, life was originally the Yi gump if. Our Jane is book WangTaGu a compliment to remember shout loudly: "can you speak well point?"

When the door opened, summer MuRen not to sound first: "our Jane me this dead, mathematics only 48 points!" She in sackcloth, expression on WangTaGu coagulants. See after living

"Today is here!" WangTaGu restore unadorned expression, tidy up thing, see also don't see at a glance XiaMu leave. XiaMu leng in the doorway, good half-day all have no reaction come over. Our Jane heart Shouting "bad", light tone ask her: "you this won't..."

"I just think so!" XiaMu slam the door to leave.

Our Jane rubbing his head: "girl oh... well."3

The hospital winter vacation has begun, and winter of 2007 exceptionally cold. Our Jane was looking out the window to the snow thought, the XiaMu phone keeps nobody answered, she wanted to let WangTaGu helps explain, but with toes also guess he'll refuse. So we had to commit suicide, pay attention to your study.

Before the Spring Festival XiaMu parents to our Jane home visits, constantly boast our Jane: "injured test scores are so good, our house XiaMu have half your hard ok. Alas, little jean here. You more at ordinary times help her."

"Where, the exam questions was difficult, I myself also very hard." Our Jane DuiXiao, oneself parents do face, usually without small-business XiaMu parents aid, this lubricant2 simply unavoidable.

Back to my room after our Jane again dial the telephone, XiaMu is still no answer. Ten years of affection for a misunderstanding and disappear, our Jane is not not depressed. But the heart will also ask myself, really just misunderstood? A little other feelings all have no?

She is understand.

On the first day of school, she went to the 3 buildings find XiaMu. But XiaMu sit on the seat is not out, our Jane helpless, have to run into her in the classroom, and took her sleeve small voice say: "feed, okay, don't you don't know me character?"

XiaMu fiercely stand up, will be a new onset of textbook all into our Jane body. She shouted: "I hate you, what makes you all than me! Lessons well, have a pair of good parents, even the boys are more like you! I told him so good that he never even laugh without smiling at me again!"

XiaMu tears flowing out, the classmate all turned around to look at them. As an actor of WangTaGu seem nothing heard general, lazily flipped the book. Our Jane embarrassedly saw his one eye, stretch hand to pull XiaMu, but first XiaMu forcibly will her away unkindly: "you roll! I said I hate you!"Christian Louboutin Boots

Our Jane didn't stand, just recovery left foot and twisting. She bit to grind teeth, stood up to XiaMu said: "you must think so I didn't also way, just when I left eye to see our Jane when friends! Fuck you, you're more stupid than I could have imagined! You this pig!" She say that finish, angrily left.

Our Jane had no active seek XiaMu, occasionally saw WangTaGu, she also bow leave quickly. Spring is coming soon, the school a few white jasmine opened, timid explore a head. Our Jane guojin clothes hurried forward, in the heart of wind, slightly blots out the lonely is cool.

Then spring flowers open the school, at that time, the college entrance examination silent imminent, everyone nervous. The high atmosphere is like a besieged pack, slightly risks will flight. Our Jane more careful, and the breath unconsciously lighter.

Finally, someone can't hold out much longer, that person is XiaMu. A lesson after the teacher in charge XiaMu find our Jane said to her: "XiaMu several days didn't come to school, her parents are abroad. A few days ago she mood is very unusual, sometimes up to half the class will cry. I heard that you're good friends..."

Our Jane leng once, already ran out.

She knew that XiaMu must be hiding in the old house. Her father bought the new house after the old house has been empty didn't move, so XiaMu to that room filled with emotions, she said, high school reading must move there lived.

Time is already in the evening, the sky, the clouds like liquid coursing24 burns. Our Jane hard knock at the door, but inside and have no voice. She shout loudly: "XiaMu I know you inside, you this only little puss-head, hide what skill! Didn't you hate me? You come out with me for a fight!"

Dared not, she changed a recruit: "are you jealous of me, you know not to know I envy you, since I have not easy day, my parents so hard, bad grades me how to face them, do you think I didn't want to play? Who do not wish to live comfortably days..." She spoke, his nose acid up.

Then there came a tiny sounds: "I want to see him..."4

Our Jane remember that hug, MuChun evening, when the wind is cool, air is small flowers. His shoulder big and strong, warm, like being a group warm water, there is unspeakable encase the comfortable and sweet.

The university entrance exam of those days, before XiaMu every day in our Jane home homework. She's very seriously, though no use, but total ratio of pessimism. And WangTaGu also be extremely rare to her patience, he wrote in XiaMu notebook of words, our Jane recognize.

Later, the hot June through.

Scores of that day, published on the QQ XiaMu just tell our Jane: "in fact I would not like WangTaGu, he's too proud, I'm not that good mood always accompany him smart!"

"That you be that..."

"I just want him to worry about, well, who knows when he so kind to me."

"You!" Our Jane was in distress situation.

"Tell you a secret, you should take an examination of WangTaGu asked me which school, I didn't tell him you miss pku."

Our Jane was stuck.

"Then tell you a secret that he intends to submitted to the Shanghai jiaotong university."

Our Jane gently smiled to get up.Christian Louboutin

This summer just like a poem, touching and meaningful. Our Jane felt suddenly grown up a lot, that grow in my heart suddenly opened like flowers, silent and lithe and graceful. A long summer vacation after her wander in Shanghai on the land, magnolia, suzhou river, it's a beautiful place. She looked at the crowds surging, want to make a telephone call to WangTaGu, however just took out mobile phone, the phone has rang. She picked up, hear WangTaGu crush xi feeling feigning deep voice: "I at Peking University, you shout?"

"You..." Our Jane swallowed mo.

"Hum, XiaMu thought she did not tell me, I also will ask now!"

"But... I'm in Shanghai jiaotong university..."

Two men were silent, then laughed.

Say so, the world did not problem-free such things well.


The value of life - the famous saying

Life should be like the candle is same, from the top to the end, is always bright. - XiaoChu female

The value of life, namely, in an effort to contemporary work done for the scale. - XuWei

Lk creats history.every step and history is written out. People's every move is writing his own history. - JiHongChang

Silkworm, people will try your death silk to QiYi also endlessly. While there is life there is hope must try hard, for youth good category. - wu yuzhang

I wish every memories, for life is not feel guilty - GuoXiaoChuan

The person's lifetime may burn may also decayed, I cannot decadent, I am willing to alight! AoSiTeLuoFuSiJi. -

If you want to love you the value of yourself, you have to create value for the world. - Goethe

Society is like a boat, everyone must have the helm of preparation. - henrik Ibsen

Life is not a kind of enjoyment, but a pile is heavy work. - Leo Tolstoy

The value of life, not with time, but with the depth to measure. - Leo Tolstoy

Life only in insipid people's opinion is empty and insipid. - chernychevsky

The value of a person, should see what he devotes rather than what he acquires. - Einstein

Only to devote oneself to society, and can find the short and risky the meaning of life. - Einstein

Yunyunzhongsheng, who does not love life? Love of life, and then AiQun extremely. - qiu jin

Life like this cup strong drink, not through three transgressions of five times refining ah, would not be like this delicious! - GuoXiaoChuan

Is full of joy and struggle spirit of the people, with joy forever, welcome your thunder and sunshine. - Huxley

Life is a battle. - including mirou even families

In order to live to play his part, have a passion for life! - rodin

Hope is the attachment to exist, there exist, there is hope, have hope, is light. - lu xun

Heavy night is the prelude to a day. - GuoXiaoChuan

When a person with work to meet light, light will soon come shining through him. - FengXueFengWinter has come, can spring be far behind? - Shelley

The past belongs to death, the future belongs to yourself. - Shelley

Worldly activity, though many shortcomings, but still is good. - rodin

Diligent bees without ever having had the time for sorrow. - black

Hope is bad luck's faithful sisters. - pushkin

When your hope each fail, you should also and keep calm! - Longfellow

To believe in yourself, then people will believe you. - TuGeNieFu

Don't sigh with regret the anguish of life! - that is the weak... - gorky

Fatalism is those who lack the willpower weak excuses. - Roman loren

We only won't correction shortcoming is weak. LuoShenFu -- he division

Selfishness winner, can destroy male. - LinBu

Everybody good male, criterion the peace in the world, Everyone engages, the chaos. - LiuE

Selfishness of heart, which was made of the disabled person pursues. - LvKun

The oblivion of the past all forgotten, heart selfless world wide. -- zhu

Often seek favourable others, not favorable himself. - XieJiaoZai

All life, are selfish irrational, animal life. - Leo Tolstoy Christian Louboutin

Human's rational shattered the superstition, and people's feelings will also destroy egoism. - Heine

Selfless is rare moral, because from its body is unprofitable. - brecht

A gentleman YuYuYi, SIMS, yu accord. - zhongsun.checking

Not full upon straw, don't get embroidery. - tao yuanming

FuGuiBuYin straw joy, manhood to this is hao male. - cheng hao finds

Poor white plain life, what we can overcome many difficulties revolutionaries of place! - square ambition the quick

Armed forces can be taken away, PiFu not handsome also volunteer also. - zhongsun.checking

Volunteers without strong wisdom does not reach. - MoZhai

A sparrow cannot understand zai! - Chen wade

Volunteers when there are high. - zhuge liang

An costraint;, A thousand li-an old, martyrs. - cao cao

Discovery play SAN wood, Ann general HongGu swim. - zhi's

QiongJuYiJian, not falling qingyun ideals. - WangBo

Dapeng with the wind, soaring in the 1 9 miles. - li bai

In ancient times, people who can make the great super who was not only, also the great fortitudonous ambition. - sushiBorn as a VIP, dead also for models, yet think, xiang yu not river-crossing eastward. - li qingzhao Christian Louboutin Boots

Not all old ZhuangXin with years of judah, die can do models. - lu you

Therefore, to learn to those in the heart of, For scholars, resolves the matter also. -- wang yangming

Poverty is insufficient, can shame shame poverty without ambition. - LvKun

We by the people's purpose to judge people's activities. Purpose to say, great activity is great. - Chekhov

Without ideals and indecision is a pathetic psychology. - bacon

The ideal of life is for ideal life. - ZhangWenTian

People, as long as there is a faith, seeking something hard, what can endure, what also can adapt to the environment. - ding

The ideal characters should not only in the physical needs met on, go up in the spiritual purport satisfaction on get performance. - HegelChristian Louboutin Sandals

A thinking person, it's really a strength endless. - Balzac

A without being dedicated passion inspired, never make what great things. - chernychevsky

Our common cause, and the common struggle, can make people produce endure all strength. AoSiTeLuoFuSiJi. -

I never took comfort and happiness is seen as the purpose of living itself - the ethical foundation, I call it the pigsty ideal. - Einstein


Life and snacks

A little to grandmother complained, "all" bad: school, family, health... Without what let oneself satisfactory.
When grandmother is baked cookies. She asked little grandson don't eat what snacks, little one immediately readily accepted.

Grandmother said: "eat some flour!"

Little grievances to call: "yuck! Grandma!"

Grandmother immediately after say: "that try a few eggs?"

"Never! It's more yuck!"

"Then try cooking oil or yeast?"Christian Louboutin Sandals

"Grandma, what's wrong with you? These things tasted awful!"

Grandmother immediately after say: "in fact, all these things itself is yucky. But when they in just the right way to mix together, again through platters, can become delicious snack."
Life is so. Many times we will perplexed, sad. But, life will reconcile all things and will they become useful to us.


Home is a place of love, not speak the place of reasonable

This is a pair of parents to marry the daughter of the speech

Ping son:

Parents hear you will marry good news, I'm happy for you, over the longest distance, we couldn't attend your wedding, not in a wedding present our parents speeches, this is our inner little regret.

But you are our daughter, believe that you can understand the parents of a feeling.

That day phone down, your mother and I was silent long - our children how soon grew up?

Later, your mama to the mirror nonchalantly said: you see, my hair again many a, ping son also should get married.
I counted your mama of white hair, a white-haired unexpectedly like many who of the past, one thing at a floating on the heart. Your mom reminded me: or write a letter to her daughter! Even if we send you a wedding gift.

Ping son, we just bereaved parents, the most ordinary our kids are just gossip the most ordinary daughter, we do not expect too much, just want my children to set foot on marriage road, toward the life journey, can grateful, bon voyage. Here, give you a our life experience.

First to tell you: the house is not a reasonable place. This sentence sounds, it is not reasonable, but true, this sentence is truth, is the arts and the sciences, how much is the couple, how many family (including our house) with how many years, how many poignant, how much love and hatred, how much is, how many rightly or wrongly, tangled up tiebreaking 3-pointer in the chaos and sort it out of a final conclusion.

When the couple started between argued that at home when started cloth shadows. They will not consciously hold a heap of recognition of each other, helps, hostility to hurt each other, and finally only, difficult to tidy up internecine. How many couples for surface of a (cut), falls scorned heartless. They didn't know, house isn't the place of reasonable, do not place. So, what is (home), home is where? Ping son, when we are young, also can't answer this question, also like many couples that, for some trifle chode endlessly. That year for your brother-in-law who transfer problem, I and NiMaDa quarrel, even to welcome to divorce point. Just at that time we still lack courage.
Until one day, an old comrades-in-arms in his child's wedding said: [I hope you wanted.now, love is eternal, love this brief words, like ChunLei ringing in my heart. Yes, house isn't the place of reasonable, home this is about to be loved. Love moment is very easy, love life is not easy, there are many beauty need us to summarize and experience.

Second, we will tell you: marriage is an empty box, you must go toward inside put things, can retrieve the thing you want; You put too much, get more also.

Many people get married, marriage in a many expect, hoping we can get wealth, through wei, love, peace, happiness, health, actually marriage when beginning, just an empty box. Walk to arrive together of two people, must be a habit, to give, to love each other, serve, each other admiration, in the future, the empty box will increasingly rich rise. Empty box first the place should be (miss), missing is a make us unforgettable things. It is two people have the affirmation, emotional and then care, and then love a mood.

(miss) is tired to home a path is cold winter night, a strands of warmth, is hastily open the door after meal assailed home sweet... Empty box (art), even into married life of the arts. In a marriage, we need to talk about art place everywhere, angry quarrels have art, art. Have a couple eked has brought up five children, including hard, only they can understand. One day, the husband and wife for the children of a small matter of noisy, the more noise more formidable, see irremediable, my wife suddenly say: wait a minute, I'm going to have a baby. This sentence is the art of quarrel. Marriage box, besides put (miss) and (art) outside, still have a lot of things, can put inside, it needs to be your own to fill.

Write here think of a writer said a word [you choice, education him, your responsibility exhausted, and you give him the best gift, is a pair of wings). Ping son, this letter is parents give you wedding gift, they hope you with our best wishes, happy flying!

- papa, mama

The couple have marriage, one more often in places, this place called thy house. Here you overworked one day become a place of rest, here be your lover and jointly create a world. But here is a conventional couldn't walk here. That is the reason. People are unreasonable, is a weakness, people know only reasonable, is a blind spot. Usually, the more knowledgeable people more believe rational everywhere. Rational may everywhere, but walked to the family would get one.
Constant somebody said: "the house does not the place of reasonable, a couple is not reasonable relationship." This sentence first sounds very makes no sense, but is true, this sentence is truth, is to manage. For women, at the beginning marry to the husband, not because he is good at reasonable. But expect he'll hurts himself, love yourself for a lifetime. Now he forget pain love yourselves, frequently and reasonable. Well, husband very reasonable, will be reasonable, can put white horse say into dark horse, can turn the water said oil, these himself knew, the in the mind also understand, but listen to be so weird, husband you even if there is showing a reason and how it could?

For men, the original marry a wife, not because she is good at reasonable, but because she lovely, she everywhere take care of yourself, and rain reminding yourself of umbrella or send an umbrella, Oneself or funeral is unpleasant, return can with talk to her instead of pressure in your hearts, She can take care of herself, hurts himself for a lifetime person. Now she forgot to take care of themselves, or aching themselves, but everything with their reason. This heart can better?
In fact when couples began between argued that at home when I'm afraid began overshadowed. They will not self-consciously each holding a heap of recognition, refutes the helps each other, hurt each other, and finally only, difficult to tidy up internecine. Remember, house isn't the place of reasonable, home is speak place of love.


Tombstone in grandmother

Last spring, suddenly rain much more special, xi resembles falling to distill, just namelessly sad. The morning before the window, but the crow, from cuckoo earnestly, due regard practises!
Walk into a study, stands in the mother like before, that is mom and I in campus last at the entrance of the gate of a group photo, her hair of dust and trips because there seems rather disorderly, face is permeated with seeing his daughter gratified laugh. There are too many regrets life with regrets, mother leave me already exactly eight years, children repeatedly this year just seven years old, since he was born, and he knew she didn't grandmother, grandmother, nor childhood and long, he couldn't help often concerning on the photograph people ask me: "she really is your mother?"Christian Louboutin
I'll never forget the winter, I will be an overseas travel. Mother knew I this walk is vast, special and I stay. Farewell morning, she suddenly say: "let mother hug you?" I refused and all thirty years old, strange embarrassing, "my mother resentfully with me: and, behold, a farewell YongJue. Don't second-most-ordered
Mother early grew up in the countryside, my grandma no child, use a heart for the intelligent daughter reading, result mother for fangyuan hundreds of only into college girls. Mother married even they have two daughters, for I married, and is hoping for her to give birth to a man. Are my natural uninhibited, marry for three years, still roam free and unfettered. Mother is nasty, about a father, summer in putuo, unexpectedly to seek a really SongZi guanyin to me. Looked at her mother was burning sun red face, I smiled at her: "what's the rush, when the time comes to guarantee you sent back a little grandson see!" However, how will I thought that, when this child really came into the world, she elderly but never to see.
In 1999 the spring, I and sir take our two-year-old son home. It is a small button first trip he related by blood motherland. How I want to show him mom childhood grow up campus show him, northwest of amorous feelings of streets and the moat pictureque rock-firm the solemn and ancient city wall. However, a child's attention, was the stands in the suburb cemetery relatives stone. In that day, before grandma's grave, little kids kneeling on the earth, see dad red brick of toilet paper, light color of loess covering repeatedly for most afraid fire, but this time we tell him that is "money", only burned, can turn to smoke, heaven grandma flowers. My mother is buried in a little farther hillside, because new, marble tablet cemetery doing a somewhat like the old days of upholstery, pediatric simply sit grandma's ashes, if we burn a wide variety of paper. No one dared say that first words, I know tomb's mother waiting for me, she had been waiting for so many years, now, she begging grandchild finally came to the front of her, now sit on her breasts. This time, it's my turn to stick in the icy faces qing shiban, call a sound "mama!" I have shed countless tears.Christian Louboutin Boots
My father stood beside me, that tombstone clearly engraved with his name mother parallel juxtaposition faces the living and the dead, Yin and Yang was no boundary. Dad early born in rich family and traveled all the way homelessness, sandstorm erosion bone, just can't change his whole body leopard master style. Ever since I can remember, again poverty day, father strapped in his left rice dish, Again busy moments, he must use half an hour of time to slowly wash the hot water face. He will never learn housework, buy meat was once presumptuous who also bite motionless belly sac son, lift up to help my mother once clothes is put below cutting the sheet shears lousy. Hence, we describe dad's summer take a walk in the house fly swatler, winter take 1 tong ingle irons command doors and Windows. At his mom daily too hard, my sister and I QiBuGuo, often to dad "fire," mama said: "I already very satisfactory, see you is so smart that can be all your daddy's credit.
All say "the home is sheltered harbour", in my memory, "home" is fundamentally mother with life sprinkle battlefield shop. That month, in addition to buy grain, heavy buy coal and searching in CaiChang mother should strive to find cheaper eggs to embrace home hurriedly with brine bubble up. Home lack of oil, my sister and I like twisted dough-strips, mother buys it farmers, night YangYou tried Fried that we eat hot and close the door. See neighborhood children have cake, mother will carry the eggs, sugar, flour and oil, find very far place please somebody else himself for we are doing. In summer watermelon, tomato is much, she began to bask in the roof of watermelon sauce, tomato sauce. Autumn comes, she look for good apples, good wine, until December and New Year's day. Spring Festival approaching, mother everywhere we look for anyone give ZhuTouRou. She can do a sausage, one section one section to hang back balcony peremptory is a appetizing scenery. I left home, from early childhood xi spicy rumblingly.the tracks, mother will special pickled a basin of the finest chili so I came back. Until mother died, she wrote my last letter, still doesn't forget told: "new stock of chili unitary 1 catty".
When I was in college, whenever festivals, the classmates most looking forward to my mom, because must have dumplings or eat mooncakes. Many years past, I just the thought of mother did to give me zongzi, technically still please the teacher to teach her home at night to the wrist, chest ache, practice will quiver ran heart. Mother bought, when suddenly a condolence team said they lined up bumper, how many of the mother is like a bag, children's body zongzi. How much is the mother do a few have stripes.Christian Louboutin Sandals
1988 winter, I finally to marry, the joy of mother unexpectedly breath sewing eight quilts to pull my dormitory, brightly colored to stack well high. I worry said never cover not finished, mother said: "cover not? When bed shop!" I love to wear a fancy clothes childhood, grew up often badgering mother buy cloth to do new clothes, old mama true by my whole get very bitter, according to my intimating overnight commenced, always cook till dawn. But I the lives of the mother, but not through a lifetime daughter buy for her clothes.
He saw his mother live as hard, let me face the life of a woman JinReHanChan are feeling. In fact, the mother's body as a precursor, but she always concerned about others, regarded himself as burning never-failing candles. Leap-year that summer night, tired extremely mother suddenly give them away, I comfort their father swallowed the living tears: "let mother good reiax!"
He saw his mother live as hard, let me face the life of a woman JinReHanChan are feeling. In fact, the mother's body as a precursor, but she always concerned about others, regarded himself as burning never-failing candles. Leap-year that summer night, tired extremely mother suddenly give them away, I comfort their father swallowed the living tears: "let mother good reiax!"
Children like to tell the story of "" grandma, pain bone pain of heart I gradually enlightenment: the life chain original is so, I will deliver owe mother's back to their children.


Thick sweater and tall canister sox collocation

Winter is almost everyone open body sweater necessary sheet tastes one of, but now if you have just stay in sweater collocation narrow foot trousers then you OUT there, wintry popularity grows body sweater, whether open pattern leopard, stripe or geometric Labour classic, remember, should match filar socks just calculate tide!

01 this body tie-in color saturation is extremely strong, although cold tone, but stripe add broken flower set a WeiHe feeling is very shock visual effect, note down the tall canister sox pitched sandals, look how incredible, but in fact it is quite recently in abroad of HOT combination oh ~Christian Louboutin

02 zebra grain is always so striking refreshing, although easy to cause the transverse tensile illusion, but this just is highlighted the slender legs down.

03 youth dynamic red-and-white, very bright eye with peach heart pattern of flowers red pieces long tie-in black sweater, Legging exposing leg ministry skin is really deeply temptation ah ~

04 leopard grain came again, black woolen scarf is clever cloak a render white unlined upper garment too rippers... colour but retained administrative levels, the water table low canister boots and black cylinder sox elegant combined spin leg ministry line.Christian louboutin Black

05 very typical representative of the British academy snowboarding progresses, loose the thick stick knitting sweater leisure tie-in short skirt has reduced age effect, but also can cover MM slightly fat of PP, sexy black stockings can let a person not self-consciously to divert attention to the slender blast.


Divide the life

The boy and his sister depended on each other. Orphaned at an early age, she is his only relative. So the boy loves sister than to love yourself. However disaster again come in these two unfortunate children. Sister caught serious illness, need a blood transfusion. But the hospital blood is too expensive, the boy have no money to pay any costs, although the hospital had waived the operation, but not a blood transfusion sister still will die.
As a sister only relatives, the boy's blood type and sister correspond. Asked whether brave boy, whether to have courage endure when exsanguinate pain. The boy started hesitation, 10-year-old brain after a serious thought, finally nodded.Christian Louboutin Sandals

When exsanguinate, boy quietly don't emit a sound, just toward the adjacent bed sister smile. Exsanguinate finished, boy voice trembled to ask: "doctor, will I live how long?"

The doctor is want to smile boy's ignorance, but turned again between shook: in ten years old boy in the brain, he thinks that blood transfusions will lose life, but he still Ken transfusion for his sister. In that moment, the boy's decision is to give a lifetime of brave, and make the death's determination.

The doctor's palm exudate sweat, he grasped the boy's hand and said: "depend upon it, you won't die. Blood transfusion not lose life."

The boy eyes unvieling brilliance: "really? That I can still live many years?"

The doctor smiled, loving ground to say: "you can live to be 100 years old, young man, you very healthy." The boy jumped up and down happily. He identified himself really fine and rolled up arms -- just being exsanguinate arm, hold your head up because it sheepishly doctors say: "that took my blood pumping give half sister, let us two each live for 50 years!"
All the people were weeping, this is not the child careless promises, it is our most selfless purest promise.


Constant, is also a kind of ability

Constant, is also a kind of ability

Every time after quarreling, women will blame man: "I think you are not change. The years. You are so to me."
Five years ago start dating, she complained that he's not careful. Not enough consideration. Do not know to look after her. She thought he will change, but every time. Everyone to this problem quarrel. Disappointed, she knew that he was really love her, so he forgave him, however, two people to fight, and she couldn't help complained that he never change.

Never change, also is a good thing, he never change, that he remained unchanged. He five years ago not very thoughtful, five years later also not very thoughtful, visible to you as always, if his five-year money very thoughtful, five years later, you just need more insidious sad.

Constant, is also a kind of ability.
He used so to you. Now or so to you, so will continue to follow unswervingly man where to find?

When all things have changed. When your friends are changed. Their partner also changed. And you men should never change, this is your good fortune.

Ever thought, he didn't change his own character of weakness in the meantime, he love you more and more deep? If he's not getting love you, had become worse. And early can't stand you everyday complained that he does not change.

Stop asking everlasting or happened

Someone ask: "do you like everlasting, or happened?"

Ask this kind of question, has to be old-fashioned, it can't answer, love how ability so sketchy dividing line?

Perhaps, each person with another person's life, have a kind of role. Action over, benefaction perfection, also break up. He just her life a scent, a springboard, but affected her lifetime, is this happened, or forever?

She in his most times appear, he had to give up everything because meets her, he became aggressive. No longer self-pity. He stepped out from the valley, become a splendid person. Then, for many reasons, she's leaving, she knew, and she in his life has been finished, the role of even if she's gone, he also won't fall down. So-called geopolitical do, so is her in his life time is the role of the disappeared.
She's supposed to be a very simple woman, think love is all of life, longing for all day with my love men marry, to have children, live a happy life, until she didn't know, meet his own can be extraordinary. Love the original is not all of life, she no longer yearns marriage and children, she told her happiness of life have new insights. One day, he would leave her, though sad, but he left her nutrients, will nourish her lifetime.

Stop asking everlasting or happened? All good things are in different forms and long-day long, qualities and satisfactory. The day time of break up, you are very sad, today to look back, and you just awake, he leave, because his role is done. Life where have no parting? The heaviest if each of you on the other side of the life played some what role.


Instant warm

Initially elder sister and brother-in-law love, mother strongly disagreed, said he had no culture also just, even a decent craft also have no, all day to follow a person out building a house, dearth. Then I read in the provincial capital city university, seen busy mothers, as one wish elder sister can marry a city. I help my sister to talk, said builder nor anyone could, at least should have a good body, in rural areas, and have a place, and more than a check of energy to go out to earn extra money, is great. Mother didn't nobody, along while just spit 1: what in city construction, looks, but is a migrant workers just.

Instant warm a summary, let mother family silent for a long time, even sister oneself also therefore feel ashamed, seemed to once marry brother-in-law, will follow into social bottom, turn hang forever. The very long period of time, the family no longer discuss the marriage. Later, brother-in-law bought big pack of things, riding a motorcycle rushes to our house. In order to etiquette, parents force him to stay at home for dinner. I thought he would impassioned delivers a speech, but until dinner ate a half, he didn't pull to a positive to go up. Finally, the family looked at each other, know how close this meal, at this moment, the brother-in-law will whole cup of wine, drink, blushing said: dad, niang, I guarantee, no matter how much of this life I eat bitterness, will not let little by little pond grievance.

Is this word, and let my sister has made up his mind, marry brother-in-law. And parents also sighed, ShanShen put a line.

Sister married soon had a baby. That year, brother-in-law didn't go out to work, single-minded keep in the home, the ground when they're not looking for some scattered work. Wait for the child grow to more than a year, can save more energy, brother-in-law has followed outside the labor contractor to the provincial capital to dry construction. Although with the town, I and brother-in-law had never met. I tried to ask his own JianZhuDui, but they are like grass and live by the nomads of the region, where a medium-bodied grasses, where is the place, until a habitat of building ground, air city poured in, and they these sweat bleeding man, by the boss with some money sent away.

I read my book, earth for after graduation can stay in this city and trying, let oneself to lower the ideal dian height. Such efforts, and finally let me at two years successful remained in the city, become a celebrity envied the newspaper reporters.

Listen to my sister said, brother-in-law know I'm a reporter, excitement, night didn't sleep well, on the day after, I find newspaper, I want heel side. It's a pity that he only know my childhood name, I graduated school he can recall, finally guard when he is a liar, take it away. Don't know brother-in-law have complained from what, but he didn't get me, nor in front mention my workmates this can for their particularly aggrieed reporter.
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I am busy let his life a bit better, too busy to pay attention to brother-in-law life. Even once, their site from our newspaper several hundred meters far place, but I could not go to see him once. Just accidental opportunity from the mother and disclosed that there, his feet were from the cement bag bashed, won't be in hospital dermatological department, countryman connect home to rest. And because dragged not only at home to treatment, the simple bandage changeover, nearly infection...

Listening to these time, I felt like listening to other people's story, in the newspapers, often have something about migrant accident, I used to it. But he also brother-in-law, when it's fate gave his all, have long been accustomed to it, because, when I phoned his condolences, he just hanhou smile and said, nothing to do this, stuttering is often the case. Many times, he really will these as the life of normal. We met occasionally, he spoke up foremen unreasonable salary of embezzle part, workmates a high fever climb scaffold, supermarket was waiter thief similar staring at... All these, he as talking as GuChangLiDuan couse, tone.
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This year, the elder sister's daughter is 4 years old, haven't seen tall buildings. I brought her to the city, pointing to a nearby play is being built in building tell her, this is tall buildings. Little guys suddenly stopped and looked at it, upward comings and goings workers, ask a way: "younger sister, that top have father?"

I raised my head, watching on scaffolding under the scorching sun windward migrant workers, they are working for a ground of building nervous working, but they from beginning to end have no time like building on the advertising banners, have "propagate language reigns as the heroic". Even, they even look down at the ground pedestrians have time.

When niece and shake my arm, ask, dad on it? I held her up, say: "rain how can anyone know dad will work on?" She listened, immediateness happy, clapping way: "mom said dad is lid building hero? Young aunt, I can shout also 1 dad?" I YiZheng, then kissed her little cheeks, gentle voice said: "sure, even though you can't see dad, but dad can hear xiao yu call......"
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This autumn afternoon, I hugged xiaoyu, standing in one place machine plangent building before, listen to her again and again head shout "father". It seems that I see, high on scaffolding, those busy man rolled over on his side, gazing at us... That picture frame, like in a flash movie a warm lens, carved into my memory.


Beauty teach you a city-building scarf show melting

Scarf juergen colorful dazzling, most propbably last introduce several collocation haven't appreciate enjoyable right, then today let us then to look at the other several kinds of sweet collocation method: scarf

01 today season leopard grain fashion global, in fact zebra grain might it not one, blackish green color trend pronoun? Military style coat collocation also tide flavour is dye-in-the-wood the zebra grain scarf immediately let woman taste success upgrade.

02 known this winter red luxuriant back and from clothes to pants, from ma3 jia3 to skirt, everywhere all sorts of different red sparkle town, this kind of red shawl scarf and a black series photograph collocation, passion deducts the rossoneri classic!

03 Scottish style of bright Color grid scarf also sells in hot, especially suitable for the whole of a suit qiu dong is tie-in, has depressing the effect that make the finishing point let Color instantaneous light ~

04 paragraph knitting dress thick thread though can draw the outline of elegant line unlcerc, but in order to avoid a suit too stiff pencil line, neck with a long scarf to ably soft change visual effect, make integral line vividly warmed up.Christian Louboutin Boots

05 day fastens the typical representative of dress, also be numerous dramas in most frequent exposure is tie-in, grid pleated skirts with long hat unlined upper garment very vigor, gray collar make MM of popularity increase many.Christian Louboutin

06 is a paragraph of black and white ash contracted mix build, your body tone anomaly clean, naked color big collar random set in the chest highlights anacreontic atmosphere, white bud silk skirt also highlights small woman's charm.


Suddenly, love displaced

"Since met you, my happiness is a layer was cutting away." I have long time no see Anne's words. But accident or have's garrulous remembers. Today's honorable mention from kaye.

With he together, be happy. He said I like children. But he did not know that only in front of him I will act in pettish. In a crowded schools, occasionally hear several acoustic elder sister, occasionally someone recognize me. Everything is very calm. Hate and people close contact, I afraid understanding after the fear. My friends are mostly like music, play the guitar, and write some text, dozen penalty, on some nets, rbis CARDS, at chess. Everything is just a little bit, everything is just right. Soul communication, even if the silence, is cheerful.
Met him is my fate. My happiness and sadness in his inconspicuously under shaking. I love to losing themselves.

But how can I reluctantly his feelings? Love has never been a man insisted. That dominated the relationship, let me rejoice, let me sorrow. No matter how again ambiguity of relation, always have a clear day.Christian Louboutin Boots

Once we go shopping, that is my most happy again. Sweet past, always let people miss.

One day you said: "do you have a school like you, you gave them a chance. If he likes you, you also feel like him, get together try!" My disappointment spread and flooded the heart.

I said coldly. I don't like it. He added: "you in my life is occupies a position, and is the first." Psychological a little touched, don't know why want with me said these words, I had a hunch that what he has to say. "As long as I haven't met my really like before, you are still my girlfriend." Then say that sentence "do you have a school like you, you gave them a chance. If he likes you, you also feel like him, get together the! Don't because I try, delaying the person who likes you."

Farming for ddo gold isn't easy to talk, don't know what to say to express my feelings. Tears fell silent stroke, I use hair covers it. A voice no 1 and beside my classmate answer. I don't want to let people see my fragile. He asked me, "you kept quiet is crying. I didn't answer him, he just said I in our unique and wonderful gold guild wars.

I sit in silence, and a bit short circuit. You say: "do you know why I together with you?" I said, I don't know. He said: "I am a bit like you, also a little miss you, just a little bit pull." What else can I say, can decide what... I wonder why severe headaches, and I want to go home. Don't want to see anyone, sleeping.
Faye wong songs cross the soul, I displaced.

Music is a kind of poison;
Text is a kind of poison;
Love is also like this...


Render pants and boots of boreal Europe amorous feelings is tie-in

Render pants look is tie-in boots qiu dong MM favorite. This winter big heat boreal Europe amorous feelings, in fact also calculate pretty hard to build, then we will use a little in detail elements, it is a good method:

01 milu deer are common Nordic wind elements, as render sweater is not so grab an eye, classic decorative pattern with tonal harmony grows, warm warm sweater is tie-in render pants and boots is very good choice, and so can show the girls wen wan's character.

02 round brought colored point bats sleeve sweater, bats sleeve designs, won't appear too massiness even bloated, because the bat sleeve will have lightsome illusion feeling, cuff and pocket edge also follows the woolly joining together, with collar photograph echo, hat is a little use.

03 classic Monroe maomao round brought guard coat sleeve, maomao, popular element is fiercer oh, even always leisure sports bonds of guard coat also crazy joined in. Classic Monroe head of printing and dyeing, and a little more euramerican amorous feelings. Christian Louboutin Pumps

04 furry trendy warm coat, creating a bit PI cao type fleeciness feeling, a little small luxuriant sense. The whole body line flocking type design, black and white alternate with. And flower pitched very is unique render pants.Christian Louboutin Boots

05 leopard grain inside take plus cultivate one's morality coat, added Nordic wind scarf, though a little more elements, but still calculate coordination.