Popularity maomao big turndown coat

Fur element fashionable whole qiu dong fashionable circle, no matter go elegant course, or sports leisure route, PI cao big turndown coat can let you are exceptionally a type, make all popularity:

01 camel's hair suit jacket really good and beautiful, look very have temperament, deserve to dark brown camel's hair, reveal the nobility brought beauties, elegant temperament is tie-in A wrinkled a-line, very elegant.

02 white woolly lapel let this dark red cotton-padded jacket, looks surprisingly warm, inside take black render unlined upper garment, a little drape touch, deserve to go up again pair of uniform wind of short boots, super have type.Christian Louboutin Boots

03 light color maomao lapel windbreaker, show the beautiful elegance, mature woman tie-in boot, temperament do not break vogue again feeling.Christian louboutin Black

04 light purple with a little bit of plush brought, very wen wan woman flavour, match in shallow brown long gown above, very take tone, very have temperament.Christian Louboutin Sandals


Famous to better hurry! 90 after fashionable new powers

Zhang ailing's "well-known to tackling", in young is success farmar's fashionable circle, her words in deep sleep six years after carry forward as a classic. Fashionable circle is the innovation aspects-seeking nourish nova fertile soil, 90 after young new forces peremptory advanced mainstream fashion.
\Taylor Momsen
Child born small "J" in "the Gossip Girl" though not one leading role, but absolutely not comparable to grab an eye degrees away B and S, especially in dress, she exaggerated sootiness makeup and extremely sexy filar socks short skirt is dressed up, all featured punk. Recently she has also been MaiJie phase, become its brand spokesperson, limitless scenery
Aylor Momsen
Do old personality T-shirt is window, punk bracelet bright color.

Taylor Momsen Christian Louboutin Pumps

Wears outside underwear combined rock high-heeled shoes, punk necessary locomotive jacket, personality without limit.


Pixie Lott rebellious sweet girl

Chicks have qingli of voice and sweet appearance, in the music popular she also fairly popular fashion welcome, melting in take bit of rebellious rock genes. Figure fruity Pixie though not proud of the leg, but wear a miniskirt to but particularly charming is spruce but person, meat meat beauty fashionable new model!

Prominent shoulder design, visual focus to shoulder, the half low-key black modify body model effect is obvious.


Fed forecasts modest economic recovery pace in coming years

WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. Federal Reserve said on Tuesday that it expected a modest pickup in the pace of the U.S. economic recovery over the following couple of years.

Central bank officials forecast that the U.S. economy would expand by 3 percent to 3.6 percent next year, down sharply from the previous forecast of 3.5 percent to 4.2 percent, the Fed revealed in the minutes of a November monetary policy meeting released on Tuesday.

Members of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the interest rate policy making body of the central bank, held that inflation was expected to remain subdued over the next several years.

The Federal Reserve announced on Nov. 3 its decision to start a controversial plan by buying 600 billion dollars more in Treasury bonds, known as the "Quantitative Easing" (QE2) monetary policy to boost the sluggish economic growth.

Fed officials predicted that the U.S. economy would grow only by 2.4 percent to 2.5 percent this year, down sharply from the June projection of 3 percent to 3.5 percent.

"Most participants expected the unemployment rate would slowly decline over the forecast horizon. They judged that the pickup in economic activity would be spurred in part by accommodative monetary policy and a gradual easing in credit conditions that would help buoy spending by consumers and businesses," noted the meeting minutes.

The participants also held that stronger spending, in turn, would lead to improved confidence in the economy, a pickup in hiring, and a further improvement in credit conditions -- forces that would continue to support spending.Christian Louboutin Boots

The U.S. central bank revised its prediction of the U.S. unemployment rate to the range between 8.9 percent and 9.1 percent in 2011, up from the June forecast range between 8.3 percent and 8. 7 percent.

The U.S. unemployment rate remained at 9.6 percent in October, Labor Department figures showed.

The central bank thought that several factors would likely continue to restrain the U.S. economic growth for a while, including a high degree of caution exhibited by consumers and businesses, persistent weakness in the residential and commercial real estate sectors, and still tight credit conditions.


Everything is the best arrangement

Before a country, land is not big, not many people, but people lived a happy life and leisurely because they have a don't like doing the king and a don't like he had passed the prime minister.
The king no bad habits, besides hunting beyond, like most people with prime minister tiny SiFang Cain. Prime minister in addition to processing state beyond, is with the king, if it was he countryside patrol a person's words, his favorite study the universe and life of truth, his most often in noises word is "all is the best arrangement".
Once again, the king jubilant savannah hunting, platoons hunting, with nearly 30 floored dances. The king of the body maintains very well, bones and muscles is strong, and skin floodlight, and seem to have the ruler of the country's style. After saw the king rode on immediately, majestic-looking to chase a headdress flower leopard, can not help admiration king valorous fake-out! Leopards struggled to flee for life, the king gave chase, always catch up with leopards slow down, the king only your bow bend a leisurely, targeting leopards, zoom of 1, and a sharp arrow like lightning like, swiftly across grassland, unbiased penetration leopards neck son, leopards miserably HSS 1, falling to the ground.
The king was so happy, he watched leopards lying on the ground for a long time is nothing, a temporary wary, incredibly after losing in not catch, dismount examines leopards.
Who would have thought, leopards is waiting for this moment, use the final strength jumps suddenly came to the king. The king's one leng, saw leopards open bite, toothy maw he unconsciously flickered up, I thought: "over!" Well, after catch, immediately send arrow pierced the leopard throat, and the king was a cool little finger, leopard will silence fell on the ground, this really dead.
After uneasy came up, the king asked whether the king safe look hand, little finger leopards bite off XiaoBanJie, bleeding, accompanying the physician immediately forward wrap. Although injury is not serious, but the king's interest in undermining light, the original king also want to look for person to scold a, but think about this only themselves to blame bold, still can blame who? So unannounced, guys will dim back to his palace.
Back to his palace, countries after WangYue think more annoyed, seek the prime minister to drinking outlet. Prime minister know this event, side heave wine worship king, smiling said: "big king! Less a piece of meat total ratio less a life come well! Want to open a bit, all is the best arrangement!"
Hearing this, the king stuffy half-day unhappy finally found vented your chance. His staring prime minister said: "hey! You are brave! You really think all is the best arrangement?"
Prime minister found the king was very angry, but also regardless of the said: "big king, really, if we can magnify horizon, indeed, everything is the best arrangement!"
The king say: "if a warlock put you in prison, it is one of the best arrangement?"
Prime minister smiles to say: "if this is so, I also believe that this is the best arrangement."
The king say: "if a warlock commanded bodyguard drag you out cut down, it is one of the best arrangement?"
Prime minister still smile, fang Buddha king said something with his irrelevant thing: "if this is so, I also believe that this is the best arrangement."
The king flared up big, strong a clap, two guards of the crowd, they heard the king at once and said: "you get prime catch go out to cut!"
Bodyguard was stuck, temporarily doesn't know how to react. The king say: "still don't hurry, etc. What?" Bodyguard fogs and came and set prime minister, went to the door.
The king suddenly repented, he let out a yell and said: "slow, first catch to lock up!"
Prime minister back smiled at him and said: "it is one of the best arrangement!"\The king cabs flick, two guards will wear prime minister went out.Christian Louboutin
A month later, the king fit, going to like before looking for prime minister together the tiny private tour, but think himself put him in jail, also temporarily not put figure released prime minister and sighed, oneself to travel alone.
Walking in a remote mountain came down from the mountain, suddenly a face with red yellow paints pretty person, saaml next took him bound, bring back on a mountain high.
The king then associate to today is a full moon, this one with a primitive tribe Ming wel moon day will sacrifice to the full moon goddess of mountain looking for offering products.
He AiTan 1, it really is hopeless. The heart is very think with pretty person say: I is here, let me king, I will reward you jinshan yinhai! But his mouth rag stuffed, even words all say not export.
When he saw himself was brought to a thought higher than people, firewood are large boiler burning, it is facial expression pale.Christian louboutin Black
High priest appeared in public stripped the king's clothes, revealed the XiPiNenRou like exercising, high priest wishers, surprisingly can now find so perfect beast goods!
Originally, today be sacrificial full moon goddess, it is the symbol of that "perfect", so, the sacrifices of sacrifice is tasted a bit, a bit ugly black, a little shorter doesn't matter, just can't incomplete.
At this moment, high priest finally found the king left little finger less XiaoBanJie, he couldn't help gnash teeth in hatred cursing along while, very reluctantly ordered said: "the waste away, get another one!"
Difficulty-relief king wild wedding-day, flying back to his palace, immediately call release prime minister, within the garden make feasts, and for his life, and also to keep a ruler free and celebrate.
The king side to prime minister toast said: "love qing! You said is really some pretty good also, indeed as expected, everything is the best arrangement! If I hadn't been leopards bite and today even life is gone."
Prime minister retaliated against the king, smiles to say: "coming to experience life and of more on one building."
After a while, the king suddenly ask prime minister said: "sovereign to save the life, is a" everything is the best arrangement, 'but you unprovoked in jail for a month, and how to say?"
Prime minister leisurely drink a drink and then say: "big king! You will I in prison, indeed, is one of the best arrangement!"Christian Louboutin Boots
He looked at the profound todor king, toast and said: "you see, if I'm not in prison, then accompany you tiny private tour person, not I, who will? Wait until pretty person found king doesn't suit brought sacrifices full moon goddess, so, who were thrown into the boiler cook? Not I, who will? So, I want for king will me in jail and a toast to you, you also saved my life!"
The king couldn't help laughing, bright sound of say: "! Cheers! Indeed, everything is the best arrangement!"
Many times we because a little frustration and dispirited and discouraged, But most of the time we because of life on a little disappointments means the days, fang Buddha yourself scold is the world's most unfortunate poor man - believe me: in life each setback and shame has its meaning, cheer up courage, you will surprise see: "indeed, everything is the best arrangement!"


Step back and look at the love

Love and love songs, as the highest boundary is lingering in the air. The most beautiful not avenge, but regret. The best romance, must have regret. That sorry, grow curl into lingering heart. The most beautiful love, don't HuTianQiangDe, just XiangGu speechless.
Disappointed, sometimes, is also a kind of happiness. Because something to look forward to, will be disappointed. Regret, is also a kind of happiness. Because there are make you sorry affair. Pursuit of love, then find that love, never is one thousand.
The most romantic love is not. The most romantic whispers, is when which have already told you split the blanket people calling to ask: "how are you?" You quite common to answer: "I'm ok. But you still love him, you are not good.
Man camouflage strong, just afraid of being a woman found his weakness. Woman disguise happiness, just afraid of being a man found her sad.
Love, sometimes, is a great destruction affair, so-called reason and determination, but it is absurd to comfort myself talking.
Love is always a bondage, pursue love is not equal to the pursuit of freedom. Free commendable, we use the most precious thing for love. Because of love a person, knowing it would lose their freedom, also willing to commit.
Promise is used to contend with all the changes. Changing the original is eternal, we only in an eternal promise restrict the irregular change. Not eternal, and not promise. Promise is expensive, if you respect your own personality.
Love is safe, insecure. Love is a vibrant, is also a kind of powerlessness. Love is temptation, also but love can give you the strength you resist the temptation. Love is loyalty, but love will make you betrayed.
One occasion, perhaps because of his bad memory. He forgot, so he could scorned, Not because he scorned, so he forgot. Before a variety of, he is not exactly forget, but his memory is so bad, the past is no longer profound and was soon replaced new memories, the only remember new laughter, forget the smiling face of self.
Love and esteem are two different things. Never forget the old man must be in his last years, once hurt her, then a fault, he can't remedy. When knowingly irreparable, only compensation method is yearning, also use for her miss to punish oneself. Thinks deeply however is self-deception talk.
Understand love women often lost badly. Love was cruel, the winner is king.
Love could transfer, marriage can always frozen, passion can overdraw, love good price and sell. Yes, in this small city, it is our life.
Cannot be lifelong love, but a man in the long journey 'letting transfer station, whether is the layover, always to go, sit another flight.
Today's forever, just do my best just. The safest and most seasonable way, or with his string.
A coin most beautiful state is not a static, but when it like a gyroscope as rotation, no one knew, was about to turn out that side, is pleasure or pain, is to love or hate. Pleasure and pain, love and hate, always entwine.
So-called predestination, also and invent something right, is to result from accidental. Love is a kind of invention, we need to constantly improved. But, this invention with other inventions are not the same, it no patents, always can give a person take.
The fear of losing, the more to lose. The more you can dream it, you'll let go. Letting go is very difficult, but have no choice.
There are many things that can recover, such as conscience, such as weight. But irreversible something more, such as time, for example, such as dreams of a person's feeling. Give up a very love you of person is not painful, abandon one you love of talents is pain.
Food can have a tag, elucidation "please before this edible". The woman is not food, youth is a deadline, patience is also have an expiration date, please in term before termination of good love her, and take care of her, because she is more than not lift.Christian Louboutin Pumps
All things sometimes, embrace sometimes, love also has timing. Love is born, old age, illness, and death. Love always unknowingly expired. One day, we take it out, just know it most fresh day has forever.
In most feeling, she did not stop, so, also don't have to go after finish that way, turn back time for those who fall on the ground feeling, the road has run its course.
Love is the most sentimental moments later apathy, a loved you, suddenly, too far from zhichi apart, but tianya. Once magnificent and victorious, once flexuous, once smugness3 once RouChang grieved. Finally, the most sorrow break up unexpectedly is quiet.Christian Louboutin
Have meet have depart, but everyone is afraid of separation. Everyone knows that the last time of departure is death. We bell said "all good things must come to an end", but in his heart he loathe to give up drinking wine in the hands of, still want to sing a song to sing a song. You can not go?


Little good into big love

The bank's friend to canvass business, seek him with cash, he give oneself do a, and took her id card to give her also do a, no gu on tell her, conveniently take card thrown into the drawer.
Besides his high salary, and part-time income, so never put her earnings lepta invisible.
For several years, she has been working for an energy of light idle -time more, if it weren't for yueyue can get paid, she is more like a full-time housewife.
Even so, every time she opened wages are not forgotten before him cracking again, "look, the wage." She sway the bankroll said. He's head also doesn't lift, and went on reading, she was in the side back and forth several, then soliloquize, "well, and last month as well."
How different? He laughed, her salary from marriage has not risen.
But this does not affect day crossed well. He is a capable man, have enough confidence and ability to support his family.
She paid cautious, for his big occasionally complain a few words. He disdain, said men like women stingy, if not outside mix, besides, can spend just have to earn money motivation, KouMenEr men don't make a fortune.
Although say so, mouth but also to heart, yes, please friend eat meal of money, can top she half a monthly wages, and her to a bundle of green vegetables, can still half price. Then some can not bear, as if her hard-earned money spent.
In order to feel at ease, he remembered that card. Then calculated married this years her income summation, the money saved in, still the card drawer.
His heart was much more comfortable, this made her money one portion also didn't move, home all expenses are in with his own money, not for her frugal guilt, also can to own luxury done.
After he has a habit of each received her pay day, just pay attention she said number, then secretly use their own money in the card. In so doing, how many a little game he retired the psychological: wait, let her see, her whole life actually earn much money, a minute also didn't move, lifetime flower of is all my money, ha ha, many have a sense of achievement.
Also want to test their way, if really all by themselves, this home will have a into what look like? The fact is, with little impact, monthly deposit the money for her, fundamental insignificant.
He is more a perky, feel oneself is a big tree, but she just a root tree branches. So when talking or doing things more confidently, temper also big. If two people quarrel, no matter what is responsible, he shall feel grievance: "I in the outside, should see boss complexion, endure colleagues crowding, take care of complex social relations, besides want part-time designs, often stay up late, sleep is not good body tired heart also tired, still not and all is the purpose of this house? You have provoked me to anger, not bashful?"
She also defy: "what's wrong with me? I will go to work, and do not over of household chores, like ministering to the big ye as to wait on you, don't I easily?" He scornfully retort: you have done that, which one is a great event? Light will do household chores, can live a good life? Too rich to just go. I collapsed, this home and good life?"
She didn't argue. Quarrel always with silence ended, the second day is still three meals, simple unhealthy effect, like nothing happened.Christian Louboutin Pumps
Like the people often said "the fairest rose is at last withered", how he also have never thought, like yourself of that "elite" should be in streamline in downsizing. He like thunder, the whole people got scattereth the racks. Then apply for several units, were not able to mount guard.
She opened her said, you can at home designs ah. He tried several times, but, as if people had bad luck, those inspiration also follow snob, are far away.
Think of former intrepid, but now such a commitment-phobe, again see her in a hurry, uncomplaining, he couldn't help psychosomatic guilty, think, she is really a good woman, unlike some women, see the man uselessness, will fight. The more the cheer up, he decided to start their own businesses, start a small business. Good thinking, but the capital? Before indeed can earn, but spend money like water, no long-term plan, now empty. He immediately are frustrated, he regretted the extravagance.
Is helpless, she came home from work, perhaps to cheer him more than before, she exaggeration sway his money says: "see, again the wage. You don't be sad, have I do, I won't starve. Simply, this paragraph of time you when vacations now, tired for so many years, this little rest."
So thoughtful and relief, almost let him cry, Mo, he a surprised, suddenly thought to her do the card.
Hurried to the bank, check the balance, he was startled, inside had had several thousand yuan. Why is it so much? Every time is very relaxed occurring in, never calculate how much before and after deposit.
These money, enough to venture. In his own penniless, her meager salary to accumulate, gave him a surprise, this much like her to his good, in of substantial life are not being noticed, but in the most difficult dozens of days, then solid to emerge.Christian louboutin Black
He holds this card, she shed tears of delight. He thought, the secret never tell her, such as their own business successful, continue to her name card, little money to save, saves the number of her salary. Such old too can't move a muscle, let her look, is that she earned a lifetime of money, although was instruction of lepta, but over the long haul, is considerable sums.
Then, and said unto her, this is like you to my good, usually little drops of the small good, save for a lifetime, became feeling day move ground big love.


A good baby - mixed doubles

A good babyOne day, the boy touting the past "glorious achievements."A boy said: "the second grade, I is" miyoshi 'birth."Another defy spirit ground say: "what is it? Kindergarten, I am a good baby."
Mixed doublesA reporter to interview a student record"Kid, the examination didn't test good will suffer beating?""Will my family, have an exam three dozen""Oh, the test three dozen?""Well, I test 70 points that men's singles, women's singles, 60 points that under 50 is called mixed doubles""..."


Maternal love temperature

I was 10, she slipped the loaf sugar for me than to have more siblings, I am 13 years old junior high, she often walk ten mile send me food, 16 I entered classroo m, she told everyone will boast I studious, I 22 years old when he got married, regardless of her children against prepared for me a great dowry; I'm 34 abandoned by her husband, she was holding chopper for my life has spelled beg had paradox, To my 40s, she seemed to become pregnant with my child, closely rely on I couldn't tear myself away...
The other people all say our mother and daughter feeling, can I know, she is my stepmother, never forget her to my bad before.
She married when dad brought four children. With my age do not go up, she too lazy to call my name, one mouthful a three wench, that I really like a girl with DiMeiShunYan, suffer indignities without protest. For my brothers and sisters do laundry to cook, for little brothers and sisters combs, she also of unsatisfactory, often is a hand on the waist in scold for half a fork.
Her lifetime avoid colliosion more difficultly, lifetime don't say RuanHua, lifetime would not suffer. Such a tough people, but in the last very ill, leishuilanlan pulling my hand repeatedly mentioned something about eggs of the past.
She thought I was young and now had forgotten. It was the first time she give me to eat eggs, it was the first time she hangs all over me, that day was a person to another person the beginning of love, and such an important thing, how can I forget?
Thirty years ago, eggs are so rare, but the father unexpectedly suddenly take back five hard-bioled egg. At the table, she carefully unwrap a shell and each strip good an egg, she can be put in the nose before inhaling deeply tone, said: "delicious!" Then one of the four children handed over to her hand, while happily enjoy their voracious, aside from time to time scold a way: "eat slowly and choke deathless!"
Finally, she put the rest of the small eggs into three wench before me. I carefully peel open, is preparing to swallowed, suddenly remind of me that rise heaven's mother, again remind of just her smell eggs when intoxicated and greed lace, I brimming with saliva bye half give her to eat. She gasped for a moment, then loudly scold the egg yolk! I fell to the ground. I fear panic and bent to pick, but by her a hug a, be wiped a full face of snot and tears.
Since then, she looked at my eyes soft many, even in front of her own children face kiss my face and said I was her closest lovely daughter. For a long time, father and I can't adapt to her sudden change.
Dare not disappoint such a bad woman's love, I also from the heart to love her: love dearly her, for she wash feet for her back rub, study hard... And she, or like to five clave focused on my love all female person, even though we don't have any blood relationship, but in more than 40 years of common life, we had been as a whole.
Children work, her four children actually all had better than me, but she stubbornly crowded at me less than 70 square meters of the house, for me, for my child training scold and neighbors quarrel, even blood brother and sisters slipped her living quietly saving up to my son she single-parent grandson do tuition.
Last year, she died, I always think: "why our feelings than are related by blood of mother and daughter also deep?" For a long time, I realized: we always thought of maternal love is selfless, and feel at ease ground to enjoy it, but never thought maternal love also has a temperature, use your cold heart to touch it, it is cold, You use eager to touch it, it will burn more blazing. The family is two hearts mutual heating, not with a mind to Wu hot another heart.


Affection nourish grace

She is a company white-collar, like to write, her words Edward Chen, appearing elegant. Because of love, we became friends, often go out for lunch, gradually, I found she was more appreciated, is a person than word more elegant.
For example, every time she called restaurant waiter, is all smiles, call a sound "kid sister". At first I thought, this is her name on the habit, like some people keep shout "waiter", or as I, simply to waiter shout loudly: "feed --".
Also once thought, she was in the show. But this is not true. Sometimes, clear attendant is wrong, or a bad attitude to their name, she still did not change, is still eclogue call "kid sister". Much good self-restraint, more elegant attitude!
Hence I also try to learn her, but I the word "kid sister", was barking at odds, even ultra-sentimental.
I ask her, the voices calling, and what is the secret? She smiled, there is a secret? I am really drove them as his little sister - my little sister, is also a waiter, in another city jobs.
She said, see them, I'll always think of little sister, and she a person in foreign land, hard work, also must often being dictated to by the customer, often, or by the boss fussy math! She injustice? And she cry? I thought that everyone can be like me, like to treat sister like them?
I understand that the same call, she is the true feelings, I was in the show, because I have no such intimate affection experience. But, I have no such little sister, he cannot uniting the out her so elegant?
She said, in fact, she had not so, but by the influence of the boss. She said --
Our company's boss, worth million, ranking has a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, a famous brand, a big, often be met, and often upper-class past, has a big class. But such is elegant, but often bubble is in there, informal and guard crouching in the doorway, side by side even sat down on the steps, chat.
I was also guess, he is give employees do look under, or, guard is his relatives, guard Settings?
Do not. Once at noon, I go to work early, pass by there, want to see whether mail, he realized that the boss was lying in bed, guard dirty dress like sleep the sleep...
I make a noise of awakened him. He sat up and asked me to come to work, so early? I answer the question, guard?
The boss said, "oh, he took back to winter clothes, I keep for him for a while.
A boss, incredibly for leave debuting gt2, still sleeping in his untidy bed? I was very surprised. The boss seems to be in a good mood, and see my surprise, he said to his father, was also a guard.
The boss teenager poor father poor health and have no skill, farm work by her mother, a year come down only enough food and clothing, but his brother and are all at school, very need money, father azzah, find thyself, go to town made the security guards.
Do guard a month were difficult to go home once, but every month, father went to town folks torre take money home, father earns, raise up to the home, also maintains their brothers studies.
One night, the brothers are buried in writing homework, father stepping on a moonlight back home, he brings a good big of profession, the inside is PenXiangDe cooking, father said, is a colleague Fried food sent him. Today is the Mid-Autumn festival.
Father won't eat, please on duty of people to help him about an hour the door, scanning the dishes sent home. But his father didn't eat, he only stay at home for a few minutes left. That's father do doorman ten years, the only time at home on Mid-Autumn festival.Christian Louboutin Sandals
The boss says here, his eyes were moist, for many years, he didn't know doorman does, wait him on the class and later his business, contact with a lot of guard, just know, guard doesn't like father say so at leisure, want to sleep late getting up early, cleaning the yard, burning boiler send the boiled water, newspapers, even more transceiver, also must sleep with one eye open. The worst is that, every keep the gate, watch others freedom, I myself not to leave for a while. Do guard the loneliness, who can understand getting?
However, when he saw them, my father is already gone. In his upcoming graduation this year, the father was fired because ailing unit died shortly.
For several years, each to Mid-Autumn festival, boss come himself, he called the guard on duty bought gifts, let him go home together. He is trying to, want every year to appreciate a father had solitude also to guard a happy family of the whole night, rather than a few minutes. The boss says, he has a shame that never know that send stir-fries to father who is good. Hence, he oneself as the man, Each next guard, all as her father.
That's why! Once, I think my boss is in the porter's lodge in the event of action, and lose gracefully. But then I felt that one can guard persontoperson contact and close with such as the father to the boss, the most worthy elegant 2 words. His grace, not from his position, assets, dressed, nor his wisdom and spell able, but seep into bone marrow of affection.Christian Louboutin Pumps
Finish the boss's story, she went on to say, she is very appreciate a writer of words: because I had a wife, and therefore I love all women, Because I have children, so I love world all children. This sentence, much weight! Parents who have brothers and sisters, we love them, did not hope, they were also the people all over the world love??!! Christian Louboutin Sandals
I said see, if I don't like loving our own family members as to love others, like her, like the boss, they possess elegant quality, I is fundamental to learn not to come. Ordinarily, elegant quality, to use cultural to edification, with personality do support, that is, affection more can nourish elegant quality.
Yes, I did when the waiter's sister, also did not when the doorman obtains father, but, I have a timid mother, so, when I was in the streets saw an old woman, by a sudden appear


If you love to get married

From the Bureau of Civil Affairs out of hand or holding each other, and can be a little confused the two in his heart. This even married? I smiled and quietly asked: "What do you think?" "Oh!" He sighed contentedly, "I have a wife!" Laughed and caught my hand. "Wife! Wife ... ..." along the way so many times, laughing, walking towards the direction of home. Although fascinated when a little girl beautiful wedding, even though thousands of times over sketched the image of Prince Charming, the virtual camera over a thousand times to get married, but slowly grew larger, the more distant dream. Dust into the beautiful illusion of childhood innocence and the diary. In thousands of people met him, neither drove five clouds, nor a white horse, but we soon fell in love. So with our own simple romance, with "Winter Spring", with the tossing and turning, day Sanqiu, fuss, breaks through his tears, and many small traps, inexplicable joke. Marriage seems to be ripe to do. Urging parents, friends urged. This may married? The freedom of the single bound into leading a poor Youyanjiangcu tea? But "when men and marriage, a girl, once married," Yeah! Christian Louboutin Boots We have to encourage each other with courage, broke into singing a marriage city. What song? "If that wolf comes, meet it with hunting qiang!" Said marriage is the tomb of love, the grave is that we have to deal with wolves. I put my stuff to move his quarters. His stuff is really very little, so I put my things gracefully one by one, his "pre-marital assets" to hidden almost see the shape. He could not find his socks, and could not find his shaving knife, cried: "This is not the Devils into the village it!" But "devils" very hard to the "bridal chamber" greatly dress up a lot, and he to be satisfied with the "Devil" Sleeping out. I used to say "my basin", "your fans", he proposed: "The Can renamed 'we'?" I said: "Yes, yes." But after several months, which problems did not change it over. Room or space. We want to go with a 4000 dollar buy furniture, laid out an ambitious to be a warm home. But the cheapest but also a sofa over five thousand yuan, a coffee table but also over one thousand yuan. Visiting the home town one day, we went home empty-handed, a little depressed. But this is not music did not last long, while two of them holding hands joked. Two people together is always sticky, happy are happy, that is old and does not seek upward mobility of a guilty conscience. I yell: "I have not written anything for months!" He earnestly resolved to: Christian Louboutin"Tonight does not bother you." Night, I'd sit on the desk who can not write a word to. Because I know someone inside, can not be distractions. I simply threw a pen in his arms drill. Diesheng he asked: "how is it?" I had to say: "I have been happy had nothing to say." Is not to say "anger the poet," you, I'm feeling a little angry are not it! He rarely talk to his friends, eating and drinking, and fear that I am a stay at home alone. Two people do? TV is not looking too boring. So chess. Down a few times, he refused to talk to my next life and death, because I have a thick skin, always undo. Had no choice but to play Go. He is not a rare opponent, I immense interest, this way, he will fight a smile. But he is really smart and soon had to grow in my relapse, but also shamelessly. He had to surrender, announced the ring from chess. Morning we woke up at the same time, so I dressed, hair combed, teeth brushed, breakfast had been served hot to the. Night, I catch the manuscript while at the computer, listening to the lapping of the bathroom came the sound of water, his clothes. He whistled out clothing, I ring him up gently, pressed his face in his smooth back on. He asked: "how is it?" To see my tears, surprised. "Silly girl!" He shame me. We live a day, of course, that the day was poor, "but our spiritual life is very rich in it!" We are so self-comforting. Nothing in the Family Names in his name, but why name of money. Once we are planning for the future, he said solemnly: "In the future our children named 'a lot' right? Called 'a lot of money'." I laughed and said: "If it is twins?" "That's another called 'a lot of money' it! "I heard this joke to a friend, a friend laughed and said:" I think, simply called 'money to good' it. "I went straight home about classes, headed for my happy place. To lit the lamp afar, my heart burst of tenderness. Nice to feel at home. Sometimes he would not at home, but always leave the light on. I blame him for wasting electricity, he said, do not turn on the lights too dark,Christian louboutin Black fear of fear when you come back. My husband ah cautious as silk! Two people together for a long time, much as the feeling had each other. Became a double pleasure and happiness, sorrow has become a half copies of sorrow. I kept those single friends advised me: "If you love to get married!"


Just want to sit with you

In 1962, writer Liu Baiyu treatment from Beijing to Shanghai. He was the eldest son of Bin-bin is suffering from rheumatic heart disease, he worried, would let Bin-bin also went to Shanghai to see a doctor. Unfortunately, due to poor treatment, Bin-bin's condition did not improve, Christian Louboutin Pumps but also returned to Beijing. Liu Baiyu desperation, had to let his wife was dying with the son of Wang Qi home. Mother and son back to Beijing the afternoon, Liu Baiyu restless, restlessness. At this time, Ba Jin, Xiaoshan Fu Liu Baiyu women came to the ward. After two door, no one said a word, quietly sitting on the sofa. In fact, they are very understanding of Bin-bin illness, are worried for him, for fear of road accidents. Quiet ward, Ba Jin Liu Baiyu hand holding a slight tremble but Hanjin Jin's hand and gently stroked. Xiaoshan Liu Baiyu look the side of the monitor, while looking at the phone on the table. Suddenly the phone rang, Xiaoshanmangqiang in Liu Baiyu picked up the phone before. Wang Qi came when the phone was safe with mother and child arrived in Beijing after the news, three people long to sigh, his face all smile. Original, Ba Jin is estimated that Beijing will come to call that day, afraid of bad news came, Liu Baiyu can not afford, Ms. Yu Shixie Xiaoshan specifically to accompany him to come. When the two got up to leave, Liu Baiyu bent to the hospital door. He clasped the hands of Ba Jin, has repeatedly expressed his thanks. Ba Jin was waved, saying softly, nothing, just empty, just want to sit with you. In the most frustrating, most helpless, that are willing to sit with you who is your true friend.Christian Louboutin Boots


Office of Health four strokes to the whole school

Slow breathing Qigong interest rate adjustment method, work, home, ready to do for workers of all ages.
A type of] music and seek straight (sit-power) 1, sat down, not back, hands and legs and relaxed regard to respiratory and mix thoroughly 2 to the nose and slowly breathing, fist, fist upward placed the body on both sides of the heart 3 , toggle, chest, back straight, head tilted back 4, then to nose breathing, neck hand waist down, his hands slowly open 5, palms down, the first return, restore the original position, relax reminder: practice 7 times every time, can be practicing 3 to 4 day back. Exercise to maintain stability, Chiang Kai-shek, easy, gentle movements, half-way to breath, can not hold your breath.
[B-type] Hop capital of the (sit-power) 1, sit up straight, arms ring pillow set from the back of the head, keep breathing naturally 2 to nasal breathing, head and arm Jumping, chest Zhi Yao 3, breathing, head low Fushou, stature slowly bend down and relax to smooth the upper and lower gas Beiji Gu reminder: 6 times back and forth generally, visual adjustment of the number of individual physical condition. Operation should be slow, careful, do not rush.Christian Louboutin Boots
[C-type] flat rejection (smoothing function) 1, relax, breathe naturally; feet parallel and between the same width. 2, arm lift bridge until you come together, and the natural down. 3, under the fourth consecutive time to do, arm and knee flexion while moving. Reminder: practice any exercises feel tired, timely action can be thrown into the flat, until not feel tired, and then reply to the original action. This action can expel toxicity.
[Medley] 1 shot hips, knees, shaking up and down nature, as the flat rejection. 2, driven by the waist turn, relax the shoulders, arms swing around like Bo Langgu general, tapping the pocket (ie the hip). Reminder: This training will help multi-abdominal organs, upon completion, drink some warm water. Do not beat hard to avoid making physical injury.Christian Louboutin Sandals


Seven rare recipes quickly get rid of milk fat

Want to quickly get rid of fat, but also to health? A rare look at the milk of these 7 recipes, many of which you must have heard or have not tried the eat, change a way of eating, maybe can help you make the impossible possible! Rapid rejection of fat, is that simple.
1, milk Yuye materials: 60 grams of rice, fried walnuts 80 grams, 45 grams of raw walnuts, sugar 12 grams, milk 200 ml. Method: Wash the rice, remove and soak 1 hour, drained of water, and walnuts, milk and small amount of water mixing finely ground, with the funnel filter the juice, the juice into the pot and add boiling water, add sugar, stirring, until the whole After the filtered solution residue, taking the filtrate into the pot boiling Serve. Usage: It can be used spleen and kidneys, moistening Yifei, for cough, asthma, back pain, and loss of intestinal dry constipation, Tianjin, and as a physically weak after the illness, neurasthenia, chronic bronchitis, sexual dysfunction. Empty stomach or food can be sooner or later Junior. 2, thick milk Method: Boil the milk with 3% to 7% of the starch or cake powder, lotus root starch, so that the milk thickens, a little sugar can be. Usage: This product is used for vomiting, nausea and the need to increase the energy of the patients.
3, milk big KM Ingredients: milk, 500 ml, jujube 25 grams, 100 grams of rice. Method: Put the rice and jujube with Zhu Chengyu, then add milk, then boil. 4, milk porridge Ingredients: 250 ml of fresh milk, 60 grams of rice, sugar amount. Practice: first semi boiled rice, to rice soup, add milk, slow fire Zhu Chengyu, add sugar stirring, fully dissolve Serve. Usage: hot sooner or later take, pay attention to preservation, not bad. Can make up wasting, spleen and stomach, run five internal organs. For weak strain, lack of blood, after the illness virtual win, malnutrition embolism. The milk from the dairy processing plant has a variety of porridge recipe, the formation of sweet, salty, such as different flavors. The sterilization time is short, less nutrient loss.Christian Louboutin Flats
5, custard practice: first boiled eggs, remove the shell, albumen, egg yolk with a spoon to crush, mix well then add milk. In addition to egg yolk contains protein, fat, vitamin A, but also contains iron, phosphorus and other substances. Usage: This product is suitable for iron-deficiency anemia, and the need to supplement calcium in the four or five months of the baby. 6, milk, mutton soup Ingredients: 250g lamb, ginger 20 grams, 100 grams of yam, milk 250 ml. Method: Wash the lamb into small pieces, ginger cut into pieces, put together the casserole, add water, amount, and simmer gently for 7 to 8 hours, stir well and remove the residue is not bad, leaving the soup, add sliced yam, boiled rotten, then pour the milk, then boil. Usage: The product temperature in the tonic, essence and qi, for illness (post-) cold extremities, fatigue, shortness of breath embolism. Can be taken daily fractional, and even served 5 to 7 days for treatment. Clothing appropriate to the side while eating other drugs, the best food supplement every morning lotus jujube a millet porridge (millet 60 grams, jujube 10, lotus 18 grams total Zhu Chengyu).Christian Louboutin Pumps
7, ginger, milk and leek soup Ingredients: 250g leek, ginger 25 grams, milk 250 ml. Method: leek, ginger, chopped, smashed, twisted take juice to clean gauze, then poured into the pot, add boiling milk can be. Usage: This product can warm the stomach and spleen, gastric ulcer for cold stomach, chronic gastritis, epigastric pain, vomiting, etc., can take daily morning and evening. There is the ginger milk, 10 grams of raw ginger, sugar 20 grams, milk 200 ml, mix boiled Serve. This product can stomach, Jiangni, only vomiting, vomiting of pregnancy for women who can not eat.Christian Louboutin Boots

Gain and loss ... more with less

Often wondered why people no longer as happy. The tools we use more and more advanced, but more and more trouble; lives of our efforts, but over the life of the less happy; We have bigger houses, but space is getting smaller; we have a more more knowledge, but less sense; medicine more and more developed, but the disease is more and more people; we have multiplied out possessions, but its value is reduced; we say more, love only a little, on the preparedness of people too much; we can to the moon, but it is difficult to walk into a person's heart; we can conquer outer space, but is unable to conquer one's heart; our income increased, but the feeling to but less well-being; our times with more liberty, but spiritual freedom is less and less; we have more and more food, but healthy people are losing more and more; we more and more time online, but less and less time reading. We love freedom, but also more and more divorce; in people's lives, how much competition is a very common phenomenon. In essence, do not have to struggle between people, to learn to their fight. The greatest rival is ourselves. If a person learns to give himself more with less competition, and can truly is much more than that, the less is less, the meaning of life is also big, life of the world will be very beautiful. In human life: It should be a little more kindness and less nausea. Should be more good and less harm. Should be a little more than good words, and less abusive. Should be more good deeds, and less evil deeds, do more good deeds to do less evil, more integrated a number of moral, less make some evil. In the attitude of the people: to be more friendship and less hostility. For the wrongs of others to be more forgiving and less blame. Difficult times when others, more help and less apathy. When people feel embarrassed when give some face and less to some ugly. When mental injustice when others, more persuasion and less the end of the fire burned some. When people have views of their own when the exchange of ideas more and less misunderstanding. When people appreciate the time of their own, more modest and less pride. When people criticize their own time, more reflection, less resentment. The fame of the issue a little more to the other, their struggle a bit less. Strict requirements on their own in a little work on the others a little wide. Attitude in dealing with their own: more confident, less self-esteem, more self-respect, and less feel insignificant. More diligent in learning and less lazy. Eat less at the time of greed, more Zijin. In life a little more simple and less extravagant. Pay more attention to the body, fewer number of crazy gas. In times of difficulty, more stamina, less discouraged, more patience, less acute, more effort and less frustrating. In their own emotional, to be able to self-liberation. Less painful, more happiness; less confusion, more understanding; less distress, more wise; less irritable, more joy. These grievances have fewer, more friendship. Some temper less fat, look for some fun. Less to discuss a number of dull children, and more by a number of self-discipline. Produce less of these delusions, generating more and more hope. Less spiritual emptiness, more psychological enrichment. Some personal grudges fewer, more human harmony.Christian Louboutin Boots