Joker after 80 OL eye makeup

Recommend two newest joker eye makeup, can let you get high popularity, and office suits OL after 80: oh, not only is the 80's guilty, and also very trend, come to learn it.
After 80 OL joker makeup look 1: dark brown department able-mindedness makeup look
Makeup look key: clean + vigor
Look before with xpa to mutatis mutandis, after that, you will understand, painting don't draw makeup is quite important. This makeup look neat and very explicit spirit, used to work for you in popularity, and this kind of high with the dark brown, basically what clothes can match, of course, with popular this year of camel's hair coat is more perfect match. Here is to teach you how to create step by step of this makeup look.
Joker index: 99%
Eye makeup steps:
Step1: shallow brown eye shadow full eye socket, can cover the eye week skin darker heavy, carry bright eyes. Sweep eye shadow at the same time avoid by all means does not apply during make-up Saul too much, enough of eye shadow ability show clean feeling.
Step2: complete finished look line, in the eye end 1/3 place under began to draw look line, such not only won't make eyes seemed too fierce, still can effective amplification eyes. Remember, when eyeliner letup, intermittent eyeliner will make eye makeup appear dirty.
Step3: nigger-brown eye shadow painted eye end, then can let more abstruse eyes of god. Avoid brunet eye shadow don't sweep full whole eye socket, that would seem to be very punk and did not suit to work well, and also won't cannot let the eye appears very deep.
Step4: specular eye shadow sweep eye head, this can let your eyes appear more ablaze, still can make makeup look more stereo feeling. But remember this step the commissions.the hand on makeup, can better control of dosage, also can make eye shadow more apply during make-up nature.
Face labial makeup steps:
Step5: in zygomatic upper brush cheek is red, not only carry bright face still can decorate a face model, let your face is more perfect. Meanwhile, with matte lubricious lipstick upper lip makeup, can let more than labial colour stability mature steady, very suitable for workplace oh.
After 80 OL joker makeup look 2: violet and grey is temperamental makeup look
Makeup look key: elegance + temptation
This type of the key of makeup look is enough, women on-the-job field decorous temptation not only like men like spell able agile, has more than a glimmer of gentle and decorous, so you can make things to deal with more smoothly, this makeup look exactly can let you big bonus on this issue. At the same time this makeup look purple tonal also can be a very good shows mature feeling and temperament of clothing on collocation also very universal and worth a learn well. Below a look detailed build step!
Joker index: 90%
Eye makeup steps:
Step1: shallow pink eye shadow esau full whole eye socket, carry bright eye week skin darker heavy, also can let my eyes have a mind more.
Step2: violet and grey eye shadow sweep eye end, let my eyes more abstruse, this step is very important, pink eye shadow is easy to let the eyes appears edema, involving a deep tonal eye shadow pressure heavy eye end can very good coordination.
Step3: draw look line, eye end part gently upgrade is carried, this can be a very good amplification eyes, also can let the eyes appear more charm, the more god.
Step4: brush eyelash is very important, with "Z" type way brush eyelash, can more thick coils become warped eyelash. Roll become warped thick lashes this chardonnay is the key of makeup look.
Face labial makeup steps:
Step5: coral cheek is red, let face more stereo, let look more healthy. Coral labial makeup can not only with makeup look more coordination, also can let the makeup look more charm.


Beautiful New Year dating outfit

Last Christmas party, and the New Year in balls, recommended for everybody below a couple of New Year dating outfit, beautiful big style, contracted but pay attention to detail, classic forever but when oh:
01 lapel bud silk coat, good snowboarding progresses, join with stars on the layer of bud silk is designed, make whole YY are stereo feeling.
02 chiffon dress, very intellectual splicing of design, give a person cute, small human-dependent feeling, whether it is suitable date or shopping.
03 double platoon to buckle fireworks flocking coat, metallic double platoon to buckle design, large card of oh, pocket edge chiffon, give whole YY points.
04 elk snowflakes dress and metal zippers design, zipper pendant lovely good-looking, oversized lap, very hang down feeling.
05 furry coat lapel double platoon to buckle, grows in design, the design of restoring ancient ways, great love, not only keep warm and fashion, like the United States eyebrow do not miss oh.
06 even cap doraemon who clothes, doraemon pattern, super and lovely, the eyebrows will like it.
07 double row lapel coat, sashes design can dozen bowknot, super show thin.
08 cultivate one's morality brief paragraph ma3 jia3, half of the sleeve of the design, tie-in dress, shirt, inside is very sweet oh, good collocation YY.
09 v-neck duck pattern dresses, design is all with beads wear rise, very fair lady, tie-in coat not bloated.
10 bud silk bowknot, romantic bud silk dress collocation bowknot, small woman, worth girls have to possess.
11 even the cap cultivate one's morality coat, also has a unique temperament, very cultivate one's morality, fashionable beauty today season almirah necessary.


Suit also can play the mix

Since always, suit with its tinggua style special deeply office white-collar gens of favor, suit the impression of has always been one more formal and business hale sense, so seem to "eight hours" outside, it is hard to goodbye its trace the beauty, can now dress tide MMS has devised a will orthodox suit mix build a recreational vogue of good method, let you leave the job also can wear a suit ablaze travel oh ~
01 first look at this one black suit, its fashionable classical degree can be used "hands necessary" to describe, but also "bump unlined upper garment, the highest rate" paragraph, itself style, this time too dignified boring if collocation a geometric patterns would look line unlined upper garment grows knitted with tassel, vigor many towel case grain and high with Martin boots collocation more draws out fashion nifty feeling.
02 of this very retro breath of brown chestnut suit although tonal unique, but actually really quite hard to wear a give prize effect, can bold color stripe skirt collocation actually rather let a person shine at the moment, the most praise is to use the same color warm big collar let whole looks coordination and fashionable.
03 season big hot red suit also can mix build, the elbow of shammy splicing leisure feels dye-in-the-wood, inside take gray wave point render unlined upper garment low-key generous, the half NeZi shorts are pitched black youth fashionable breath, really reduce age a costume ~
04 of this milky gun was brought a suit is a sign of effect, the originality of a grain of buckle designs look dignified but are a hint of leisure, means that a groin tie-in black a-line simply is again good nevertheless collocation.
05 last this body quite pull breeze "grows outside wear take a short" type, eye-catching black and white stripe dress can well line gave the turquoise blue bright colour and lustre, but small make up or not easily suggest that people try, because this wearing pitched for request shape or pretty high, moreover also need MM possess strong colour collocation feeling to effect luxuriant show.


Beautiful winter to attract world attention in the gorgeous high heels baby

TV version of “Sex and the city” where Carrie had such classic lines: “standing on high heels , I can see the world. “This sentence may also be on here the other hand, let the whole world your eyes are concerned, first of all must wear a good fit for a pair of high heels .

Lara Stone at the foot of this two-shoes, in fact, and Iris Van Herpen United Nude limited edition footwear cooperation Iris Schoen, this section has the finest Italian shoes skin suede, 100% pure hand-built, is a unique blend of professional knowledge and skills wonderful work. Avant-garde creative design concepts, through the performance of three-dimensional way to create a strong visual impact. This double Unlited Nude (UN) Global Limited 240 pairs, 20 pairs of SHOES China, in addition to Lara at the foot of the ivory, as well as to create a pure black texture black gold.
Winter beautiful ornate high heels to attract world attention from the international brand baby = copy of the information website, beautiful in winter to attract world attention in the gorgeous high heels baby
Nearly the end, many activities, in addition to work, shopping, and various festive dinner and holiday travel purposes, sufficient to meet the following recommended a set of shoes on these occasions, they were from JC Collezione and MISS SIXTY.
Winter beautiful ornate high heels to attract world attention from the international brand baby = copy of the information website, beautiful in winter to attract world attention in the gorgeous high heels baby

Basically JC Collezione OL wear more suitable to stable, the main basic models, also suitable to cope with a variety of dinner. The red velvet texture of high heels is a senior party choice.
Winter beautiful ornate high heels to attract world attention from the international brand baby = copy of the information website, beautiful in winter to attract world attention in the gorgeous high heels baby


Louboutin Shoes – The Way to Attract the Opposite Sex

Picture this, you’re dressed for just about any evening out concerning the town, you have in your tiny dark dress, your favored hoop earrings, sparkling stack bracelets, all that’s missing will be the shoes. You previously know which shoes compare to your outfit perfectly. You have observed them a million instances in style and tabloid periodicals getting donned by others. The signature red-colored sole, the "dare you to definitely stroll on me" height, they are Louboutin shoes. These Louboutin shoes consider merely a tiny dark attire and turn it into something more. Louboutin shoes will make that attire appear like it arrived excellent away the runway of the well-known designer. should you experienced selected those people dark flip flops you continually wear, the attire appears much less customized and extra bargain basement.

Now image your do it yourself lounging near to at home, jeans as well as a tee constitute your attire. You recognize that you simply are away from milk and need to operate cutting in the direction of the corner store to grab some. ordinarily you would just throw in your more mature sneakers and mind cutting the path but you think twice. last time you went in the direction of the store that cute neighbor of yours was there. can you really want him to ascertain you within your more mature ratty sneakers? No way. You work in the direction of the closet and there they are your replica Louboutin shoes, the kinds that you simply can suit on with jeans and allow it to be appear like you invested several hours in your outfit. Yes, those people will be the ones, the kinds that will get that cute neighbor to appear at you and say. "Wow". With just the excellent Louboutin shoes, you can undoubtedly go places, as well as encounter your potential husband!

If you possess a husband like me that hates the fact that you’re buying overly high-priced components or if you’re just searching for an inexpensive, and amazing choice to people people high-priced considerable carry out items, then please look at out this website for amazing Replica Handbag, and Louboutin Shoes.


Lady Gaga goes Pantless in Paris freezing weather

Lady Gaga was out in Paris for shopping, wearing jacket, nude-color bra, towering shoes, a pair of fishnet stockings and….. nothing else. Yes!! Poker Face hitmaker Lady Gaga went pantless in Paris near-freezing temperatures. 24-year-old star stepped out onDec. 21 and hit Bruce Field store at Palais Royal in Paris, for shopping, wearing as little as possible.

lady gaga pantless

She was wearing flesh-colored panties but still so much was left for imagination. Lady Gaga is known for her unique and outrageous way of dressing but this was something very daring.

She took her outrageous way of styling to a new level by donning just lacy basque-style bodysuit, a black PVC jacket, fishnets, and panties that were not even visible from a distance. It was a completely weather-inadequate outfit just like Lady Gaga cleavage baring gown, she wore one day before in Paris.

lady gaga bottomless in paris

Fans were all around her to get a glimpse at her backside and she didn’t seem caring about it at all. Lady Gaga’s winter look was accessorized with a broad leather fetish collar around her neck anda pair of black Chanel sunglasses.

What do you think about Lady Gaga Pantless Fashion? Sexy or Weird? Can this look be next addition in Lady Gaga wax statue at Madame



Some people worry how nicec

Some people worry is great. It was about the feeling is very wonderful. Caring for, that man to really feeling, that man to really love. If someone CARES for you, if you are care of others, you will be the happiest person.
A person, is worrying about his deeply, is forgetable cannnot miss, is gladne blessing, days and nights of hope. Cared about a person, is your leisurely all, when you are so busy, heart to have cared about the rest of words, the dream will have cared about people's figure. Cared about a person, that is not put feelings, shear constantly of feeling.
Have a care, love is so much a warmth. A caring for, friendship is more than a kind of happiness; Have a care, love is more than a wisp of yearning. Care others is sweet happiness, be being cared about the most wonderful thing in the world is happiness. From relatives and friends greetings, let you never alone. Friends sincerely wish, make you more confident. Feelings of longing or pining, let your heart be full of sunshine.
Some people worry true good, everyone looking for, that being cared about &care others feel. Your missing.i man or woman is worth you cherish, care for you you will know how to be grateful.
Some people worry is great. It is a cup of strong feelings nectar, drunk many people heart, circle of many dreams. Love you of person to your care is your motivation, is your business is your heart ladder, harbour. Have a good CARES, your life is not pale, your life is not helpless. Have a good CARES, you will feel the summer is not hot, cold winter is not. Have a good CARES, your body more health, your smile radiant14.
Love your people worried about you, you take care of the person you love, his heart is always remember you, you also can care about everything. Let your emotions are thinking, the precipitation in, let your hearts have sustenance. CARES, is the soul of dialogue, is heart, is the mind respond!
Care ah, you are the best in the world emotion! Who would not want to have you?