I love you the most pain in dismay

That year he sat on the grassy hillside, a comb for my clumsy little mistake, when there is no thought, then we, never so intimate? That time I was a girl tirelessly running the streets, he often caught, forced by the desk, teach me to read. I'm crying like a little aggrieved by the infinite lamb, while he was not looking, he could not wait to go to the mother who, against his evil. When the young mother, there was their favorite people, and finally broken up by force or by grandparents, married his private teachers do. Thus, between them, always separated by a layer was deliberately set up obstacles to the mother, not connected. And I, but this cunning use of their diaphragm in order to avoid all blame and demanding his. That year his mother with him, frequently quarrel, their feelings, but also have become precarious noise, and finally to the point of nowhere. Was a sunny warm winter afternoon, I flew a group of students after lunch, they quickly scattered off the hair, howling like a little crazy. He caught me in the crowd, pulled me up the hill, then I do not know where to get with a small comb, quiet and gentle way about Shimoji, give me pigtails. Sun through the branch of the jujube tree sparse thin, soft hair fell on me, his thick arms, and there are large areas around the grass withered; have a love to show off the children, singing in a top of the hill . At that moment, everything around me, honey flow in this afternoon light, it becomes quiet, gentle, tranquil and beautiful. There is a certain moment, I even think he and I had actually been so in love with each other without barriers, and will never be arguing about the mundane world apart. Then some people came messengers, and said to let him take me to the county Civil Affairs Bureau, the mother was there waiting for him. His face, and instantly becomes pale. Is come to remind him, Lin says, do not be sad, you can also find a new, Ya-Ya book along to the city, there is no bad thing. I snapped to stand up and shouted at him: Who said I'm going to town to study! I want to play in the mountains, I want to eat persimmons, I do not partners with the separation of small! He shouted in my years, suddenly pushed me pull over, facing the butt slap is a relentless pass. I bellowed to cried, shouted, "Mom help me! I want mommy!" In this sentence he suddenly lost the strength to hit me. It was the first time he hit me, the last time. I will follow after the mother went to the county, and soon in the uncle's help, to the best school in the county schools. I have school that day, He took someone else's tricycle, running tens of miles of the mountain, look at me. I just wound up after class, I heard some people hesitate to call me at the door of the nicknames, they had the wrong impression that the school in the mountains, ran out to see him in the crowd. I remembered that he will soon have a new home, there will be a new father, he suddenly just this dusty man, from birth. I held back, dodge, not knowing how to deal with his smile. He finally came over and wanted to hold me, but that does not apply, only the hand of a beautiful bag, handing me and said, Ya-Ya, that take you into the city, you have to be noisy with the bags, this time to you bought in the city, study hard, do comparisons, Dad give money to you on a regular basis. Coy with me, either he will bag Xiegua on his shoulders, and then he went far to say: I am a new uncle just bought me a backpack. After these words he suddenly turned, for a long time refused to see me. I know that this proud man, must be crying. 2 but he still always to come, waiting for me at the school gate, walking home with me all the way to go, not the door and looked up to see the mother of dry clothes, joking on the balcony with the stepfather, will Samsam Cuocuo Shou , gave me about the whole messy hair, I go. I never looked back at him, either to leave him a lonely, but does not go upstairs and see that the same did not like the stepfather. Birth, the fall of his brother, he took my favorite persimmon, jujube and chestnut to see me. I am exceptionally, with him sitting in a garden in the city in an hour, he's big strong hands, for me to peel the chestnuts out one, look at my cheek bulging like a frog eat, they laugh laugh . It was the first time I saw him smile the way, there is a little strange and unfamiliar. I occasionally answer his question, told him things about the new home. But most of the time, I remained silent, only to concentrate on eating, and in this way, stopped the mouth, not to ignore his questions. Before leaving, he suddenly stopped me and said, Ya-Ya, after, perhaps, I can not see you often, because I, too, have their own home quickly, lack of money, they can write to me ... ... I heard the heart, the moment like a wall, crashing down collapse. I'm suddenly in the hands of his chestnut pound fiercely, and said: I do not eat your stuff later! I frantically ran to,Christian louboutin Black not look back, has been running, has been run, until the big mouth breathing heavily and could not run, and bent over a tallow tree, looked indifferent to when the road, in that end of the road, I saw him with a young woman, back to me, moving further and further away. I finally cry. I'll never find people to hurt me, I became a homeless child. I think. 3 I started every other week, to receive his letter, ramble, the question with me about everything. Letter into the city through an often take along the driver over. Sometimes there will be fresh fruit, together supplied over. Of course, I need the money. I grow day by day and rebellious and began running away from home this has never been able to love. I began life addicted to live on campus, and because he would not delay the money, and Happy in the school itself. I did not know he had children, each time live frugally, save enough for my living expenses. I do not know his wife, fought with the number of planes, only for him to favor that not much affection for his daughter. I only care about how a person comfortable, happy, and how the only way through the college entrance examination, has been completely left my heart can not be under the County Sheng. I am about to late autumn that year the college entrance examination, he was the first time ever to our house first. Mother and stepfather do everything possible to let me stay in the provincial capital to study, said that what the girls run in Beijing, spending so much money for it out of the marriage, was on the farther away from the heart. He sat next to me, Christian Louboutin Pumps like summon a lot of courage, raised his head and said Ya-Ya is my daughter, my father would do to her duties, since she wants to go out, let her break a break, our parents, with little experience can not hurt the children, too. Ya-Ya can go as long as her favorite place, I pay to for her. And I, watching from beginning to end the mother refused to stand, there are selfish stepfather, suddenly stood up and shouted at him: Who told you for me? ! Now recognize my daughter went back to do? ! If I were your daughter, why do not you take me on home reared? ! I went to college, their loans, they work, your money, I do not! When I grabbed the bag and ran down the stairs, I heard him behind me kept shouting my name. I cover your ears, force yourself to forget him, he made me forget the kindness and love no escape. Examination of the day, he has been waiting at the school gate, at the end of every game, then came forward, gave me the bottle of water, and lovingly good with wet towel, wipe my brow of sweat. Somewhere in my heart, finally, a little bit soft down. Last time out,Christian Louboutin Boots parents swarm to warm the children look happy crowd in arms. I know I will get the desired success, but do not want to share with him so quickly. So I slowly walked the last edge of the crowd, pretend not to see him standing in front of a much-anticipated. But he is making strides, like a wind and waves the boat, very tough barrier to cross the layers of the crowd, coming to me. I stood there, watching the old face he had, and still has not faded in the strong love, I finally know, the next second it will come to embrace, its temperature, in fact, as I have been longing and sadness . Like, for many years, he left town for my dream, paving the way for a little bit, but for my leave, as to the pain and sadness


Letter to son

Dear Seth,
    You’re only three years old, and at this point in your life you can't read, much less understand what I’m going to try to tell you in this letter. But I've been thinking a lot about the life that you have ahead of you, about my life so far as I reflect on what I've learned, and about my role as a dad in trying to prepare you for the trials that you will face in the coming years.
    You won't be able to understand this letter today, but someday, when you're ready, I hope you will find some wisdom and value in what I share with you.
    You are young, and life has yet to take its toll on you, to throw disappointments and heartaches and loneliness and struggles and pain into your path. Christian Louboutin Sandals You have not been worn down yet by long hours of thankless work, by the slings and arrows of everyday life.
    For this, be thankful. You are at a wonderful stage of life. You have many wonderful stages of life still to come, but they are not without their costs and perils.
    I hope to help you along your path by sharing some of the best of what I've learned. As with any advice, take it with a grain of salt. What works for me might not work for you.
Life Can Be Cruel
    There will be people in your life who won't be very nice. They'll tease you because you're different, or for no good reason. They might try to bully you or hurt you.
   There's not much you can do about these people except to learn to deal with them, and learn to choose friends who are kind to you, who actually care about you, who make you feel good about yourself. When you find friends like this, hold on to them, treasure them, spend time with them, be kind to them, love them.
  There will be times when you are met with disappointment instead of success. Life won't always turn out the way you want. This is just another thing you'll have to learn to deal with. But instead of letting these things get you down, push on. Accept disappointment and learn to persevere, to pursue your dreams despite pitfalls. Learn to turn negatives into positives, and you'll do much better in life.
    You will also face heartbreak and abandonment by those you love. I hope you don't have to face this too much, but it happens. Again, not much you can do but to heal, and to move on with your life. Let these pains become stepping stones to better things in life, and learn to use them to make you stronger.
But Be Open to life Anyway
    Yes, you'll find cruelty and suffering in your journey through life … but don't let that close you to new things. Don't retreat from life,Christian Louboutin Pumps don't hide or wall yourself off. Be open to new things, new experiences, new people.
    You might get your heart broken 10 times, but find the most wonderful woman the 11th time. If you shut yourself off from love, you'll miss out on that woman, and the happiest times of your life.
    You might get teased and bullied and hurt by people you meet … and then after meeting dozens of jerks, find a true friend. If you close yourself off to new people, and don't open your heart to them, you'll avoid pain … but also lose out on meeting some incredible people, who will be there during the toughest times of your life and create some of the best times of your life.
    You will fail many times but if you allow that to stop you from trying, you will miss out on the amazing feeling of success once you reach new heights with your accomplishments. Failure is a stepping stone to success.
Life Isn't a Competition
    You will meet many people who will try to outdo you, in school, in college, at work. They'll try to have nicer cars, bigger houses, nicer clothes, cooler gadgets. To them, life is a competition — they have to do better than their peers to be happy.
    Here's a secret: Life isn't a competition. It's a journey. If you spend that journey always trying to impress others, to outdo others, you’re wasting your journey. Instead, learn to enjoy the journey. Make it a journey of Happiness, of constant learning, Christian Louboutin of continual improvement, of love.
    Don't worry about having a nicer car or house or anything material, or even a better-paying job. None of that matters a whit, and none of it will make you happier. You'll acquire these things and then only want more. Instead, learn to be satisfied with having enough — and then use the time you would have wasted trying to earn money to buy those things … use that time doing things you love.
    Find your passion, and pursue it doggedly. Don't settle for a job that pays the bills. Life is too short to waste on a job you hate.
Love Should Be Your Rule
    If there's a single word you should live your life by, it should be this: Love. It might sound corny, I know … but trust me, there's no better rule in life.
   Some would live by the rule of success. Their lives will be stressful, unhappy and shallow.
    Others would live by the rule of selfishness — putting their needs above those of others. They will live lonely lives, and will also be unhappy.
   Still others will live by the rule of righteousness — trying to show the right path, and admonishing anyone who doesn't live by that path. They are concerned with others, but in a negative way, and in the end will only have their own righteousness to live with, and that's a horrible companion.
    Live your life by the rule of love. Love your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, with all of your heart. Give to them what they need, and show them not cruelty nor disapproval nor coldness nor disappointment, but only love. Open your soul to them.
    Love not only your loved ones, but your neighbors … your coworkers … strangers … your brothers and sisters in humanity. Offer anyone you meet a smile, a kind word, a kind gesture, a helping hand.
    Love not only neighbors and strangers … but your enemy. The person who is cruelest to you, who has been unkind to you … love him. He is a tortured soul, and most in need of your love.
  [  And most of all, love yourself. While others may criticize you, learn not to be so hard on yourself, to think that you’re ugly or dumb or unworthy of love … but to think instead that you are a wonderful human being, worthy of Happiness and love … and learn to love yourself for who you are.
    Finally, know that I love you and always will. You are starting out on a weird, scary, daunting, but ultimately incredibly wonderful journey, and I will be there for you when I can. Godspeed.


Women are a lot of things must not be missed

A lot of things in life are not to be missed, might have missed no opportunity to have, so to grasp the rub shoulders every time, never let the owner's passing. For women, there are many things that can not miss ... have not missed the friendship, to find one special friend, perhaps the most difficult in the best looking person you tell when the heart's loss and pain, you will have a serious side to listen to your people to absorb your pain and give you comfort. And that faithful love, to find a life together with your people, will be how very happy event, is the ultimate dream of every woman, because of love, a chance to have that moment of your shoulder depend on, has that moment of looking at you like a baby with a smile, a warm pair of hands that will never hold your hand to walk side by side, he will help get rid of loneliness, to bring you a lifetime of happiness. There can not miss your opportunity to become more beautiful, beauty is the pursuit of each person, is what most want to have a woman,christian louboutin heels if given the chance to change themselves, will regret missing a long time, as the Sassoon School 8-city tour events in my own home before held in Hangzhou, in his own house, you can own a business trip accidentally but because of the staggered, and really made me depressed for a while,Christian Louboutin Pumps do not easily missed, missed the left you will probably regret not miss too much too much, cherish those feelings, cherish your beauty bar. A lot of things women are not to be missed ... ...


Note 8 to fat loss diet

Obesity is not a day or two can be formed, mainly normal lifestyle, and diet control, you want to lose weight, you must start with the living habits and diet to start with, to come to you today Xiaobian summarizes eight healthy diet lose weight need to pay attention. Just need to keep in mind, it must be easy to slim down. Eat whatever snacks three snacks, all contain some heat, so keep the "eat three" principle. Whether chocolate, ice cream or bananas, tea, adhere to this principle. This principle is that you can try any of snacks, as long as the amount of attention can be. Ss clear day to lose weight to find the occasional stomach time to take a day cooling off their stomach, Diminshing your body fat. You can eat high-fiber vegetables and vegetable juices to promote gastrointestinal motility, remove the body of waste. In this day, stop eat meat and drink a fine. This way you can keep fit, also enables you to reply body. Write a food diary when you're shopping, remember to buy yourself a beautiful notebook. It is used to record your daily food situation, you can track your eating habits. One study found that those who record their weight loss foods weight loss than those who did not record more than double the weight can be reduced. Adhere to write a food diary can also make you lose weight more are planned, you are halfway situation will happen less. Ready to party before the party means a lot of food and alcoholic beverages, which are taboo weight loss diet. You should go to the party agreed with yourself before you can eat anything, can not eat. Best not to go to the party on an empty stomach, so no matter no matter how you plan,Christian Louboutin red you will not control had their own. So, before you go out and drink a large glass of water, and then eat fruit. Let yourself feel full to the time we all want to relax and enjoy food when it is human nature. When eating food, there is a way to stay slim - and that is fine Tsui, chewing slowly, not gulping. Give your stomach a little time, do not it does not receive the signal when the food, you have to eat an entire steak dish. Your appetite will take time to feel satisfied, so no Sanxialiangxia to eat your food. In general, a meal should not be less than 30 minutes. Diet ssnn.net beat the fat with cellulose do not eat breakfast the morning is not the way to lose weight? Answer is no. Do not eat breakfast because of the consequences of what you will eat more the next day. The results show that in the morning to eat more food containing cellulose satiating. For example, a bowl of apples and oatmeal is a good breakfast to lose weight, not only satisfy your appetite, can also provide the nutrition you need energy. Normal meal times, to ensure your food composition is a certain amount of cellulose, or you are likely to eat snacks because of starvation. More intelligent than the restaurant menu environment you can not help but want to eat something,Christian Louboutin Pumps so you have more intelligent than the menu. Health services are generally recommended food restaurant signs, not health food. You can ask him to introduce the food for weight loss, and then point a generous portion of vegetable salad. Believe me, this move will make hundreds or even thousands of calories you eat,christian louboutin heels you do not have to worry about the restaurant body problem. Alert alcohol to one drink a day is normal, but if more than two drinks, then we should pay attention. Studies have shown that day to drink a glass of wine can keep fit and reduce appetite. But if drinking more than two drinks, you'll get fat, have the annoying little stomach. Therefore, alcohol should be moderate, not because of different occasions, indulge yourself.


7 strokes to solve your daily easy fall detox constipation

Constipation fall again to the peak season in the fall because the water reduces the amount of people will feel, and the motion amounted to a lot of people will find there will be less than the case of constipation, constipation is the harm to the body is quite large, the time in the weight loss will greatly reduce the effect of weight loss, here to tell you a few Xiaobian a good way to resolve constipation. Top 1 diet detoxification diet fall, helping the liver detoxify the liver is an important detoxification organ, the liver of toxins through a series of chemical reactions, into a non-toxic or low toxic substances. We in the diet can eat carrots, garlic, grapes, figs, etc. to help detoxify the liver. Carrot: is effective mercury emission food. Contains a large number of pectin combined with mercury, effectively reduce the blood concentration of mercury ions, accelerate the discharge. Daily ingestion of carrots, can also stimulate the gastrointestinal blood circulation, improve digestion, resistance to cause disease and aging free radicals. Garlic: Garlic in the special ingredients reduce the concentration of lead in the body. Grape: to help the liver, intestine, stomach rid of garbage, but also increase the hematopoietic function. Fig: with organic acids and enzymes, can nourish the liver and detoxification, heat intestines, aid digestion, especially for SO2, SO3, and other toxic substances must resist the role. 2, to help kidney detoxification kidney is an important detoxification organ, which filter the blood of toxins and waste produced by the decomposition of protein, and excreted through the urine. Cucumber, cherry and other fruits and vegetables helps to kidney detoxification. Cucumber: Cucumber's diuretic effect can clean the urethra, the urinary system helps to renal excretion of toxins. Containing cucurbitacin, cucumber acid also helps the lung, stomach, liver detoxification. Cherry: Cherry is a valuable natural food and medicine to help the kidneys detoxification. At the same time, it also has a mild laxative effect. 3, on the other food detox diet celery: Celery contains fiber can be as rich as purification devices, filter the body's waste. Regular consumption can stimulate the detoxification of the body to deal with the accumulation of toxins in the body caused by diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and so on. In addition celery can also adjust the balance of the body of water, improve sleep. Bitter: bitter foods generally have a detoxification function. Study found that the bitter gourd, of which a protein can increase the activity of immune cells to clear the body of toxic substances. Women in particular, also benefit by eating the role of bitter melon. Mung: mung bean sweet and cool, has always been a very effective antidote for heavy metals, pesticides and a variety of food poisoning there is a certain preventive effect. It is mainly by accelerating the metabolism of toxic substances in the body, to cause the in vitro excretion. Tea: tea polyphenols, polysaccharides and vitamin C have to speed up the excretion of toxic substances in the role of the body. Especially the tea, the study found tea helps kill cancer cells. Often insist on drinking sitting at a computer can jump on the computer to prevent adverse effects of radiation on the human body. Milk and soy products: rich in calcium contained useful "toxins moving work." Lead: the fall and to constipation, high season, in the fall because the amount of drinking water does not consciously reduced, and exercise capacity are not many people will find that there will be constipation cases, constipation, physical harm is quite large, the weight loss when will greatly reduce the effect of weight loss, following several solutions to constipation Xiaobian tell you a good way. Top 1 diet detoxification diet fall, helping the liver detoxify the liver is an important detoxification organ, the liver of toxins through a series of chemical reactions, into a non-toxic or low toxic substances. We in the diet can eat carrots, garlic, grapes, figs, etc. to help detoxify the liver. Carrot: is effective mercury emission food. Contains a large number of pectin combined with mercury, effectively reduce the blood concentration of mercury ions, accelerate the discharge. Daily ingestion of carrots, can also stimulate the gastrointestinal blood circulation, improve digestion, resistance to cause disease and aging free radicals. Garlic: Garlic in the special ingredients reduce the concentration of lead in the body. Grape: to help the liver, intestine, stomach rid of garbage, but also increase the hematopoietic function. Fig: with organic acids and enzymes, can nourish the liver and detoxification, heat intestines, aid digestion, especially for SO2, SO3, and other toxic substances must resist the role. 2, to help kidney detoxification kidney is an important detoxification organ, which filter the blood of toxins and waste produced by the decomposition of protein, and excreted through the urine. Cucumber, cherry and other fruits and vegetables helps to kidney detoxification. Cucumber: Cucumber's diuretic effect can clean the urethra, the urinary system helps to renal excretion of toxins. Containing cucurbitacin, cucumber acid also helps the lung, stomach, liver detoxification. Cherry: Cherry is a valuable natural food and medicine to help the kidneys detoxification. At the same time, it also has a mild laxative effect. 3, on the other food detox diet celery: Celery contains fiber can be as rich as purification devices, filter the body's waste. Regular consumption can stimulate the detoxification of the body to deal with the accumulation of toxins in the body caused by diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and so on. In addition celery can also adjust the balance of the body of water, improve sleep. Bitter: bitter foods generally have a detoxification function. Study found that the bitter gourd, of which a protein can increase the activity of immune cells to clear the body of toxic substances. Women in particular, also benefit by eating the role of bitter melon. Mung: mung bean sweet and cool, has always been a very effective antidote for heavy metals, pesticides and a variety of food poisoning there is a certain preventive effect. It is mainly by accelerating the metabolism of toxic substances in the body, to cause the in vitro excretion. Tea: tea polyphenols, polysaccharides and vitamin C have to speed up the excretion of toxic substances in the role of the body. Especially the tea,Christian Louboutin Pumps the study found tea helps kill cancer cells. Often insist on drinking sitting at a computer can jump on the computer to prevent adverse effects of radiation on the human body. Milk and soy products: rich in calcium contained useful "toxins moving work


Second, thin little more than six detoxification method

To thin, first detoxification, if stool is not ruled out clean, it would likely lead to little stomach fat, physical deterioration, more fat, therefore, must be timely discharge toxins. Detoxification to how it was in the end? Detoxification, as long as you follow the "two little more than six", will be able to flush toxins. We may wish to try the following detoxification coup! Clever scheduling toxins, Qiao thin. Are you ready? Two less: 1, less pressure too much pressure, will produce free radicals, so the metabolism slows down, indirectly accumulated toxins. 2, less exposure to large amount of exposure the body will produce free radicals, so that the body and reduces the skin's resistance to toxin accumulation. More than six: 1, more than routine maintenance as we choose with antioxidant antioxidants skin care products (such as: Vitamin C, or grape seed, etc.) or intake of fruits and vegetables, can actively block free radical damage, improve skin's immunity, reduce the accumulation of toxins. 2, more long-term accumulation of toxins in vivo bowel, people get bad breath or constipation problems, so we have to eat more vegetables and green leafy vegetables rod parts, fruits, high fiber foods and beans, red rice, whole wheat bread and other coarse food to promote gastrointestinal motility. 3, more breathing deep breathing can be transported to the body of nutrients, discharge of unnecessary waste, it is recommended to do 5 minutes a day for at least take a deep breath, Christian Louboutin Pumps take a deep breath before going to bed or take advantage of, but also Zhumian Oh. 4, drink plenty of water to detoxify the liver and kidney are organs of the body, drink plenty of water can promote the metabolism of liver and kidney. The morning after getting up and immediately added the first cup of warm water with lemon or honey to help the liver and kidney detoxification, drinking at least 2000ml water a day. 5, the more sweat bath, christian louboutin heels is the use of heat to shrink pores, skin, sweat a lot, definitely a good detoxification method. If you think more pronounced effect, add bath salts to the water, you can enhance removal of harmful substances, eliminate waste. In addition, the weekly exercise can speed up the lymphatic circulation and help detoxification. 6, and more to keep pores clean and smooth, we can help the skin to breathe smoothly detoxification. Skin detoxification and maintenance, clean and clear most important categories, such as use of exfoliating or deep cleansing mask and other products, the skin surface of the dirt away, we can keep pores open.


1 minute per day coup perfect little thin

The beauty of fat women, for each a very troubling thing is, in fact, can lose weight without suffering painful to endure, do not put hungry, do not be hard to do exercise. The following Xiaobian teach, how to use the available time, one minute to complete easy to thin! Absolutely incredible you! AM 7:00 Good morning! Morning just open eyes, and our fitness started! The pillow behind his back, hands straight back, toes forward Bengzhi, Shengelanyao. In this way, your body will naturally pull the formation of ribs, chest expansion and take a deep breath of the situation, to strengthen the activities of the diaphragm, most of the muscle starts to contract, so as to achieve the speed of blood circulation, refreshing purpose. How, is a simple but effective start, right? AM 8:20 to get to work! Well?? Traffic jams it! Does not matter, to be interesting "4 ~ 7 ~ 8 breathe" it! First breath, then nose breathing, silently count 4, the closed gas 7, the mouth and then exhale with a "shoop" sound, silent number 8 under. This not only can promote gastrointestinal motility, good for digestion, can also exercise the abdominal muscles and eliminate the fat accumulation in the abdomen. AM 9:00 to the office! Do not rush headlong into table, first to a "ringing in the ears drums!" It can help you vibrate the eardrum, ear nest slow degradation, traffic congestion relief immediately give you just the dizziness, headache, and many other discomfort. Is simple: press and hold the ears close to hand a few seconds, then quickly out, and finally massage the ear root readily, but also to prevent the common cold miles. PM 12:30 after lunch! After lunch a little bit lazy, like to take a nap? Asked to rinse mouth with it! Tongue gently licking the gum at the same time. This little trick will enable the central nervous system stimulant, a series of complex changes arising from the brain is a special kind of massage, the brain can play a good protection. slimming PM 15:30 ssnn.net work! been sitting for a long time office! is not that a bit stiff body? this time, got up and activity event is a good idea, but if it could not get away, try the light spot pat it back and side of the waist. This is a good self-massage, can shake the meridians and organs inside the body, so relaxed, so as to prevent the numbness caused by lumbar spine. PM 18:30 home friends, take a bath blown head! Bath to start blowing hair. Good! To find some place to sit down and spacious, upper body leaning forward, try to keep hair dryer and neck without moving around constantly with a twist waist to adjust the position of the right blow. This action on the lose belly and soothe your little stiff for a day have a positive role in the waist it. Watching TV and do not idle hands and feet, constantly rubbing palms, back of the hand to the heat, and then fingers crossed each other, constantly rubbing up and down. End of Arm activity, let ten toes wiggle free to rub each other crowded, so barefoot feet soles of the feet and then rub together until the fever. This series of little tricks can help us points on the hands and feet massage. Advertising time in the program, Christian Louboutin Pumps pick a big cushion behind your pick-up on the abdomen, and then pressed his hands together surrounded by cushion the abdomen, the abdomen near the back like normal. Meanwhile back to the sofa with full back pressure to maintain this state of tension after about 6 seconds to relax, take a deep breath. Do every day, you will be able to maintain a slim and solid waistline啦! PM 22:00 sleep! Before going to bed, first pick a place where no proof these straightened, keeping the legs bend, then bend waist down,Christian Louboutin Sandals This little trick can gradually increase the pressure on cerebral vascular resistance, ease the constant state of tension in the brain nerves and blood vessels, before going to sleep to do to improve sleep quality, but also can Gushen strong waist. Work intensity and take a long time to do things the girls sitting, try this action will benefit.


A various countries' kind of ten section loses weight in addition the law

Various countries lose weight the method are all sorts of strange and unusual, let alone, some methods look like strangely, but the effect is very good, today slightly arranged collects the various countries' ten kind of kinds for everybody to lose weight in addition the method, if you wanted to lose weight, the old method already used to be greasy, that tried! Perhaps really may the achievement you lose weight the great undertaking.
Scratches the tongue losing weight law you to know by the toothbrush massage tongue, may also help your losing weight every day so long as utilizes the time which will sooner or later clean the teeth, brushes well the tongue, can promote the digestion, the improvement puffiness physique. Female Because on the tongue proliferates if the taste bud has not undergone the massage the stimulation, after long time, will be covered by the tongue coating, not only easy to have the halitosis, will also cause the sense of taste will become very slow, the result will cause the human to want to eat more foods. But the thick tongue coating has been able to let the sense of taste not be quite keen, often will aggravate food the taste, will cause the human to eat greasier or is saltier, these heavy taste's diet easy to enable you to put on weight. But scratches the tongue massages the tongue effectively, after removing on tongue's tongue coating, may strengthen tongue's acuity, has the feeling to food taste, also will let the human be quite easy to have the full full feeling, the diet excessively will not be many. Carries on the step is as follows: ①Scratches lightly gently by a toothbrush from the root of the tongue toward tip of tongue's direction, each time back and forth carries on the approximately 1 5 times. ②Using time which will sooner or later clean the teeth, carries on scratches the tongue movement then. Using scratches tongue's exercise law, may also help tongue secretion more saliva, has the promoter action regarding food digestion, has prevents the constipation the curative effect, can improve the edema the build. The fresh mud models the carriage Control besides the dependence movement exercise and the diet, in the world also many interesting lose weight the method, these method some are must depend upon the special stage prop or the material, some are adjusts their posture then to carry on the exercise. But these looked that resembles game's losing weight method, actually behind has the rigorous scientific research support, leaves oneself open to rumor by no means hearsay. Therefore, you may hug are understanding and the attempt point of view, the study carry on these interesting losing weight method, lets you, in arid mechanical loses weight in the plan, may also enjoy to game's pleasure! Various countries also have many interesting, the new fashion losing weight method, although these methods the utilization material is not common, is not easy in the operation to study, but because the method itself bountiful interest, might as well studies the new knowledge the mood, knows these interesting losing weight method. Mud losing weight is one interesting new fashion losing weight law, at present this kind of losing weight law receives specially in the European area welcome. Using one kind of German domestic product's acidic argil, after seasoning, grinds to the fine dust, then adds on the olive oil, with the egg, the honey mix, turns one kind of elephant facial mask earth the pessimistic material. After the material completes, takes a hot bath first, lets the body perspire, then the whole body smudges on the argil evenly. Christian Louboutin Sandals After the mud stiffens slowly, the body can produce the massive sweat, by now the body soaked again in the hot water Rio 1 5 minutes, finally uses the sponge to flush cleanly the mud. Every week makes a time mud losing weight nursing then, continuously carries on for two months, can receive the obvious losing weight curative effect. Travels some opportunities the friend who to Europe, might as well arrives at the locality Sharon, attempts this kind of fresh losing weight law!
Bandage losing weight law Many females like with the bandage closely binding, for wants the help losing weight degreasing, when you saw when this picture, do not be too surprised, because they such do have the science to act according to! Carries on the step is as follows: ①Spreads the full cod liver oil first on the body, lets the body feel warm. ②Will soak salt water bandage place to wrap up the arm and the thigh spot. The bandage winding's loose allowance is very important, cannot too loose not be able to be too tight. Compared with fat, and the fat accumulates many spots, may entangle tight quite, but spots and so on joint, because has the blood circulation with the many nerve processes, therefore is not suitable ties up too tightly. Using the bandage winding body obese spot, may help to decompose the subcutaneous fat, promotes the fat combustion effectively, achieves losing weight the goal. Generally this bandage losing weight way, suits carries on every week approximately two times, continues to carry on for approximately one month, may feel obviously the body weight drops result. Sea salt losing weight law Many people knew that the sea salt has the superior cosmetology effect, but perhaps you had not known, the sea salt also has losing weight to leave the mysterious curative effect! At present world many countries already developed the sea salt beautiful therapeutic athletics law, specially carries on models the body to lose weight. In the sea salt includes the very rich mineral substance, can decompose the fat effectively, has the very good penetrability to the flesh, actually will not injury and the flesh. Usually may rub the partial obese spot using the sea salt, after rubbing, the flesh can appear the gloss, this is because the mineral salt's ingredient will decompose the fat, after the flesh in-depth's fat will decompose gradually, will seep out, will massage frequently rubs, may cause the subcutaneous fat reduction. Carries on the step is as follows: ①Before the massage rubs, must spread oil first, carries on 5 minutes massages. ②Spreads the coarse salt to carry on rubs.
The air flush loses weight the law You know the utilization air flush the way, may also help to lose weight this is Japan very popular loses weight at present the method. Using a steam bag, flushes air every day to the bag in two times, practices to flush air continually for approximately two months, has the lose weight function. This is any reason, because we flush air unceasingly, the stomach will have one kind of full feeling, suppresses cerebrum's hungry main center, reduces the appetite, active control quantity of heat and body weight. Losing weight men and women Had not thought that the such simple movement, behind has such interesting unexpectedly loses weight the theory, if you also want to personally set an example this kind to lose weight the method, might as well also looks for a bag, every day practices the air flush to have a look! Music losing weight law you knew that music may help you to change the appetite might as well frequently in the environment which in the home and goes to work, broadcasts some pleasant to hear musics, because the wonderful music may let the human have the mood, even causes the human to be affected; This will touch your nerve in the heart of hearts, will affect your feeling, has also included the appetite. According to nerve medical scientist's research analysis knowing, when the human body has heard the good music, causes the mood in the cerebrum Nerve center system to respond, after having eaten the good food bends the mood response which l gets up to be the same. Perhaps therefore, may such say that by music, may change us to want to eat food the impulsion. Because many people are depressed in the mood, will want to eat and drink extravagantly specially divulges the mood, but this will only let the body weight straight line rise. If can when the mood is low, listens to a good music, may help the adjustment mood, most importantly, music can enable you to obtain after tasting the good food the same level mood affable effect. When the next time will come across the setback, might as well will substitute by music routinely eats and drinks extravagantly!
The mental ability surges loses weight the law You had heard with brain's person, was quite not massively easy to become fat person's view such to say was not thought these stature obese people did not use the brain, but explained that if you continued maintain cerebrum's operation and the consumption, simultaneously will also help combustion in vivo the quantity of heat, this with difficulty created the unnecessary fat the stack. These toil the human who for the enterprise rushes about, extremely little has the obese stature. When because a person has many matters when the thinking, worries, will cause the cerebrum to burn unceasingly the quantity of heat. Therefore works with the heart massively the human, will often consume many quantity of heats, basic fat will not get up. If you do not like depending on the movement maintain the stature, then might as well carries on the learning activity, looks for some to have the interest matter to study. Maintains power which studies unceasingly, has occupied bustles about, will then let the cerebrum operate continually, will then burn unceasingly body's quantity of heat, can maintain the slender figure naturally. But makes good use of each kind of study curriculum, but may also enrich own connotation, increases individual charm, simultaneously helps to lose weight, this is many person of unexpected advantage! Public relations influence losing weight law When you start prepares losing weight, might as well will plan and the goal tells around you the friend and the family member. Because, your circle regarding yours losing weight plans whether to succeed, has the crucial influence. With loses weight the timetable yours goal body weight to tell you the friend, do not neglect the strength which the friend encircles. When you feel the weak will, the friend will encourage you to continue to refuel; When the high fat's good food presents, but you resist with difficulty time, community's strength will help you to resist it; But when you succeed reduces 1 kilogram, your friend can for you cheer inflates, and encourages you to continue to try hard. When you will lose weight the plan tells all friends and the relative, they can help you to resist sumptuous food. Whenever dines together, if everybody knew that you are losing weight, the excessive great kindness will not invite you to eat more foods, like this both may implement your goal, and will not appear is disrespectful. Losing weight period, also most needs the friend and family member's support, including life aspect supervision and concern, but also has the diet work and rest coordination. If can have the general relatives and friends' support with to urge on, that you then can advance to losing weight effective the goal. Moreover, because losing weight period, the diet and the movement need to control specially, sometimes obtains friend's inspiration with to accompany, also relatively important. If could find the friend who had a common goal, that you might reach agreement to dance together, the fitness, or carried on each kind of movement, carried on together loses weight the plan. Because of works as when a person, often will feel because of the duplicated movements bored, once will not have the means to fall in love with the movement, because of will be redundant, the sad movement to want the midway to give up. Therefore, if has the friend to accompany, may chat while the movement, movement period will become interesting. Most importantly, the friend can help you to continue to carry on the movement plan. Therefore, might as well searches, all around has the friend who also wants losing weight, everybody exercises together! You feel certainly are astonished, Christian Louboutin shoes you must encourage itself frequently, said frequently to oneself: “I may certainly achieve, I can become slenderer attractive.” Because if not careful has not made the movement, or some day diet has not controlled, do not have the too big feeling of guilty. Always do not say to oneself: “I, I have lost weight the plan to do have pounded.” Was inferior why discovers itself not to have the implementation reason, is the weak will or other reasons causes oneself mood depressed might as well learn lesson, discovers next time amending a plan. Then said to oneself: “although before does not have to implement diligently, but I already knew the reason now, must achieve diligently loses weight the goal, I already thought that now how clear next step should do.”This may help you to regain the confidence. Because loses weight time, must endure, suppress the big diet desire originally, therefore, comes across time the setback must remember that inflates for oneself, is had the confidence oneself to continue to implement. One side you encourages itself unceasingly,Christian Louboutin Pumps at the same time carries on loses weight the plan, when the discovery body weight drops or the personal appearance changes, naturally will feel pleasantly surprised, simultaneously has further the confidence to oneself, strengthens own motion strength


October 12, 2010 the international gold market reviews

Record of the Fed meeting released yesterday as if a bomb fell on the already fragile U.S. economic recovery,Christian Louboutin Pumps "territory", the most direct consequence of the dollar continues a downward trend in the exhaustion. According to meeting showed that Fed officials agreed, and soon further ease monetary policy is appropriate, but necessary. In fact, the United States last week has long been the primary market dealers that the new round of the quantitative easing policy will range in between 5000 to 1,500,000,000,000 U.S. dollars, and likely the Fed will continue to adopt a "heavy blow" rather than " Cars spinning "type of measure. Also, most people believe that these quantitative measures are most likely to be in the November 3 monetary policy meeting on interest-rate promotion. Clearly, the Fed's move exactly with the European Bank Governing Council member Weber's speech, in sharp contrast. Webber in New York that the European Central Bank's bond purchase plan does not work, it was canceled as it should be. Meanwhile,


Beauty and beautifying the recipe

NO. 1 cheese (a spoonful of) + lemon juice (= a spoonful of cleansing cream cheese Three kinds of materials will be mixed coated in the face and then rinse with warm water and rub the toner and moisturizers, have very good whitening efficacy. NO. 2 moderate cucumber juice + lemon juice + 1/4 cups of water = skin-tightening Cucumber piece into a blender mixing into liquid, and a fresh lemon juice, and 1/4 cups of water blending, cotton bar on the face, skin lightly tighten up immediately. NO. 3 mayonnaise = conditioner As the mayonnaise rich in protein and fat, can make the hair healthy luster. Christian Louboutin Sandals The amount of mayonnaise in wet hair, massage for 5 minutes, then wash with water, the hair becomes soft light. NO. 4 cold milk = to eye The cotton group in the frozen in the milk soak, apply in the eye, and then again in five minutes or two pears on eyelid, wet eye more bright pineapple. Allegedly, but this Hollywood stars recipe. NO. 5 peanut butter = soft skin frost Two teaspoons of peanut butter besmear in the knee and elbow part, such as dry after 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Because the peanut butter contain a lot ofprotein and fatty acid, help soften and beautify the drying up scaly skin. The dry cereal (half spoon honey (+ 1 / + milk (8 spoon spoonful of) = embellish lipstick Christian Louboutin Flats Three kinds of materials will be mixed, besmear is on the lip massage, then rinse, can make the lip gloss and become. O. and avocado (1/4) + olive oil (= a spoonful of embellish of frost Avocado in China is not very common, it is rich in potassium fruit, California people like the olive oil mixed with crushed in nails save those who without burnish. 15 minutes abluent, after several attempts,Christian Louboutin nail become like besmear too bright oil. NO. 8 proteins = remove dead skin cells Born on the skin, protein can dissolve off dead skin, make person radiant


Someone says high-heeled shoes are born of woman

Someone says Christian Louboutin shoes are born of woman, the man is bound to fuck the high-heeled shoes for a female talent to seduce women, women are men wearing high-heeled shoes... These views, listen to how much justified, actually some lack of history. Later in the streets to see if a handsome man, wear high-heeled shoes need not consider our motherland more than 30 years ago, and the cultural revolution look again now, clothing know fashionable development speed is far beyond the people imagine. With his gentle clothing to prominent men dashing, beautiful or in today's absolute is understandable, but today we talk about the history, history is that man was also wearing red high-heeled shoes or England miniskirt black stockings men dashing, now is that there are several things on man, should and handsome or sexy all do not have what relation.
October 2007, a famous designer shoes ChristianLouboutin and famous film director DavidLynch made a special cooperation. They made a gallery in Paris for a Fetishfeaturing called "(are) by the conference: a close-up shot Louboutin Lynch series with the only female nude pictures high-heeled shoes, lets the world women are possessed ChristianLouboutin high-heeled shoes at the red shoes incarnate devices -- height and design are reaching deformity, but let the female people excited and enjoy with...
In the development of fashion, scientists played quite dramatic role. The scientists suggest support women high-heeled shoes high-heeled shoes can receive an abdomen, can carry buttock can improve female beauty, breast enhancement self-confidence and confidence of women's health greetings, The Swedish scientists against women put shoes life will go about 11 million kilometers of road, mostly still walk in a hard surfaces, heels are mild concussion and schizophrenia culprit. The scientists are still the second one foot in the heart, body blood circulation and plays an important role in the heart, blood flow through the walk etc, and by foot movement, long-term returns to the heart to heart, wear high-heeled shoes circulation. American academic experts gholam Roy professor says, wear high-heeled shoes of women, leg and superfic and abdominal muscle is always is in nervous condition, which directly affects the pelvic blood circulation, make the pelvic organ of normal physiological function, thus adversely affected in some extent sexuality. Scientists at harvard medical school also pointed out that either Kathy kerry with fine with thick, Christian Louboutin heels for serious damage to the knee with his knee, and stress is one of the most direct reason of arthritis.


About neutral shoes

Someone thought that neutral shoes have the advantage of never really going out of style. It is mainly because they are very versatile, and we can feel more comfortable wearing neutral shoes than Christian louboutin high heels. Christian louboutin pumps always makes women's feet painful. Neutral shoes have the advantage when you do outdoor activities.
Choosing these is similar to choosing pumps. I will show you a few tips for choosing shoes and how to wear them. Neutral shoes are like nice high heels that they also have many colors and styles.
People just thought "neutral colors" are white, black and shades of gray, because we never got into too much color theory. Christian louboutin shoes' colors are warm or cool, but neutral colors are not warm and cool, they are meant to work with any other color. Neutral colors just like decorating your house in neutral colors allows you to change your accent pieces at a whim, they allow you to pair them with nearly any outfit.
We always pay much attention to match our clothes and shoes, and thought that neutral shoes can work with clothes of any color. I want to tell you that the neutral color also had some special colors to match with it. We had to change color scheme when it's balanced.
People like them because we can mix and match them with nearly anything. Black shoes can go with all black and gray clothes, it seems very harmonious. A pair of Christian Louboutin pumps only can easily go with evening dress, but the neutral shoes can nearly go with anything, although there is christian louboutin online.
Fengmei Song is a high heels shoes fan, she is interesting in shopping skills and tips for having shoes. she is usually online, you can discuss with her. she knows many famous shoes and shares them with us, for example, MBT, Christian Louboutin.


New "organic

Everyone was so easily attracted by the table, in the field of have dinner this picture, can let off for one of the earthquake, the beetle noisy cities party. The production team name: Outstanding In every Field, they are so spectacular arrangement, The long chairs are their characteristics.
OITF team has come from all over the world, our staff from the core staff in Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, vermont, Portland, Oregon, vancouver, Canada and Santa cruz, other temporary staff including people from Holland, Switzerland, Christian Louboutin Germany and Italy. We will be in accordance with the requirements of customers to choose the place for holding, most private party.

People in every farm dinner were very excited, not only can personally visit farms and can also more intuitive understanding of diet culture. But which of its farm to see the famous degree, such as New York, the United States, Roberson - Grady Santa barbara-based Colemanc Romeo, are very popular. We can hold more than 60 games, chef Paul, like Dan Barber Kahan Stitt, Frank, Lahlou Mourad Gabrielle, Peacock Scott Hamilton and will join us.Christian Louboutin Boots We held over the dinner outside of North America, where six times as fiorentina, Alaska, Italy. By 2010, we are planning to move to the table of our world each corner.


Change the world and not a you think romantic photograph

Photo is not only the human one time image records, sometimes to convey important information in the world while changing the whole world, this is the photo of power. Photos can bring us to many places, may be year.visit somewhere before us, maybe even never dreamed that place. There are some pictures will let you stop to think. Below this 10 photo let the whole world stopped, all people in seconds of the breath, understand its secret
Victory of the Pacific war, times square, 1945 "can also called" the kiss, "YiSenSi tarter's Fred, 1945
August 14, 1945, the news of Japan's surrender in the United States announced that marks the end of the second world war. A celebration of the carnival street, but perhaps no one can be more than those of military uniform, the nurses more feel relieved. Because although many of them from Europe recently in triumph, they are faced with the fate of the voyage to again - this time is to bloody Pacific.
In times square on the ecstatic crowds gathered, a YiSenSi tarter's Fred, called the German immigrants in the 20th century, he is one of the most talented photographer.Christian Louboutin In the photo shoot celebration, he found a sailor "running along the street, seize every saw the girl." He later explained, "whether she is a lady, fat, thin, old, all the same."
Of course, a sailor wet hand hold an old photo is not as life magazine cover, but when he kissed a beautiful female nurses, this picture just across the newspapers circulated quickly. Needless to say, "the Pacific war victory" is not expected long-lost lovers Christian Louboutin Pumps embrace, but it is not like many critics say is deliberately arrange. However, this picture is still in the long struggle ended when americans passionate permanent symbol.


The new generation of princess Cruise Suri fashionable GIRL IT than she is

As a Hollywood star Tom Cruise and Katie holmes daughter Suri, SuRui Cruise (from a Cruise) was born on the spot to light. Now three years were photographed with small suri mother walked hand in hand in the streets, small arms Newbury like toys, handbag, silver hand carry the most surprising is the foot a pair of silver small high-heeled shoes. As the young fashion Icon, su red high-heeled shoes on the streets of frequency, fashionable and had a fashionable frenzy.

Su has several times by the media, wearing high heels, she found out about outside criticism that high-heeled shoes, may be detrimental to her body development. New York (Oliver foot practitioner Oliver Zong) also pointed out that adult too often wears high-heeled shoes are easy to occur, what is the child. Side But the 30-year-old Kitty still insisted on 3 years of su red Christian Louboutin heels shoes. She also told the media, said her daughter choose high-heeled shoes, especially for SuRui and very like this kind of shoes.

About the future of the fashion, the baby star icon is brimming with confidence, since no sorrow eat not sorrow in childhood, although by parents, but the long-term packaging must let them china-southwest grow up after individual character is dye-in-the-wood fashion idol! These stars baby's closet hanging out with a big-name,Christian Louboutin sometimes the children's babyish, compared with adult fashion is also reduced flavor, these kids clothes than perhaps some adult clothing overhead. Imagine their style is the fashionable.

The old Suri with a pair of high Christian Louboutin heels, she conquered the world to convey our most young fashion. Age has been like a small but predecessors enjoying the fun by street pats, her mother is upon her, has many luxury to splurge, such as famous brand, Roger shoes in Paris vivier custom high-heeled shoes, christin louboutin custom ballet shoes... Some big clothing, it is said that she had more than 300 million dollars worth clothes. No doubt, SuRui will become the most young Girl "IT".


Jeans to the human body Jeaning am worship

Fashion godmother got wind Vreeland once said: "the jeans is gong DORA 'world best after god gave gifts."
If the fashion is that must be the evergreen tree, jeans. Regardless of the trend conference how long, short skirts pants shirt, popular in bright and dark chromatographic how between incarnations, jeans are basic maintain its indigo blue ecru and high sales. Whether stars or office worker, bankers still LaiZhangZhe, fashion designers or alcoholic, all like it.
It is this ordinary trousers, do lanbu exactly why this is so beautiful?
Jeaning - "jeans", a trader is to encourage people to buy jeans advertisement, life after the humanized tuyuhun. Because of the short and straight block jeans, small stick tight waists leg special style, so after natural human jeans.
It was born in southern Germany in 1850, LEVI STRAUSS BAYERM state in the United States to beg for all to San Francisco, so he canvas for gold do a strong pants. The invention of the American west soon, because the shepherd and adopted sharing the shepherd pants wear out very quickly, and crinkle pants in the saddle respectfully to hurt yourself. On the basis of LEVI inventions in the anonymous, after the modification of the cowboy with a special kind of pants, solid, comfortable, good permeability, which not only the quality cotton trousers in addressing the wear well, and it is the skin tight bag of the pelvis and bags on the adornment with copper body appears full line and charm, still is widely loved.
If you ask jeans fashion reason, main is widely exist in pursuit of freedom. Liberty, freedom of action body, freedom of choice, the mood is free to adequately through jeans. If you are on a pair of jeans very satisfied, you feel it, you look more beautiful, so you may not only to others in your strength and vitality, and respect nature and freedom is advocate. Jeans makes you feel legs move freely, because it in a few times after wearing more and more supple body, then you feel nature is free, the body is one of the most natural thing you, so you are free from your body. So maybe you in your body, you feel happy than wear jeans suit pants more and more like a human nature and a free man, so you found yourself vigor and charm.
Jeans is perceptual intuitive beauty, beauty is only shore not appreciate beauty of thought. It is in this sense of body structure of the phenomenon, not on this phenomenon of knowledge. Jeans and all the modern fashion, not for clothes and beauty, but because of the human body and clothes get admitted. In "jeans" life is temporary, clothing, optional change with each passing day, but had to temporarily body became constant exists, the judge. How to wear jeans are not need expert guidance, it only need us to feel the body and decide, As the years popular tight pants, regardless of how the garment expert say they are wearing out of underwear, inconvenience to ride a bicycle women wear them all street run, cheap and convenient and safe, and wear well and not necessarily ugly.
Therefore jeans to the person's body is extremely worship, in fact, jeans that men and women are more than before the sexy.
But things didn't sound so easily. Although the jeans is only one can wear a T-shirt on fashion (though like jeans,Christian Louboutin shoes but not as popular in the old), but this does not mean that choose a fit jeans is easy. Once had a slightly exaggerated said: "unless you feel like a telephone pole, women never try to men's jeans." Because only when the waist, hip and legs are tailored to the size of your body, a suit your characteristics of jeans is selected. New York's a French jeans shop operators to customer Suggestions said:Christian Louboutin "you should try jeans wear jeans to lie down again, after receive an abdomen, then ask others to help you zip."
Believe that most people are not lying mall Levi 's counter on land, then please pass on to help people's pants chain. Because of the "has the sole Levi, make love how series for the cattle are not made such a strange behavior can buy suits own jeans.
I clearly remember my life of Levi 's 1, is precisely how - founder clipping series for. As for how to effect, founder of the unique shape of clipping and low waist line design,Christian Louboutin Flats let a breakthrough in a straight line, hip, emphasize the sexy hip to strike in design. This is what I have so many years of this series of enthusiastic: besides comfortable to wear a, more important is, it is perfectly reflects my way to appreciate beauty of jeans - to the human body was.


Williamson Bulgari is designed

Bulgari Williamson also has reached cooperation with Bulgari Williamson, also for 2011 chun xia handbag design, and the series in September in milan exhibited fashion week.This is the first Bulgari and fashion designer.Christian Louboutin The Italian jeweller Francesco chief executive, said companies choose Trapani Williamson also is the reason he has quite good colour feeling and design talents.Bulgari accessories series by fiorentina design team, the team also for design and Gianluca Lera deserve to be launched in the autumn of relevant design series.


The new model, the same day the little black skirt

At this time of year, the United States launched a Stylist science entitled "black skirt experiment". All 31 days, wearing the same dress, but every day there are different modelling, participants took pictures to share with everyone blog, the purpose is to tell people, you can use the infinite combination deserves to expand your dress up, but the main thing - such as clothing as long as the black skirt -- eternal can make every day you look different.
But this year, Christian Louboutin Pumps to commemorate the last year, they contact across the country's 31 fashion blogger, gave everyone a Ann Taylor black skirt, let people see how they dress collocation of summerly autumn season with the black dress. This activity will continue until the end of August, maybe you can get up from their inspiration and create your own one of this season's black skirt.


Exploration of milan’s fashion week nine big brands PK makeup look

Introduction: to attract people’s fashion week has big are not all loafers clothing, equally attractive and each model, even every show different brands of different makeup look. In this milan fashion week is being carried out, specially selected a few big, let us see them very characteristics of makeup look is how to make!Only from the show on a Versace surrounds impressive point is very difficult. Each model are in last season’s loafers didn’t see the perfect skin. Although they had a born beauty, but also because the beauty makeup COVERGIRL and Pat masters like magic McGrath general natural color velvet powdery bottom and graces many, unfortunately, the powdery bottom until 2011 sold only in January. McGrath model selection of the pink cheek is warm, With LashBlast CG grow eyelash to enhance black eye makeup effect. Palau is Guido and stylist with black PVC leather wrapped with silky hair models, and near the neck in a bun. Donatella Versace surrounds this from the classical style, make the makeup of “new Versace surrounds 2011 loafers charm”.Q7 Tilbury, master in Etro show for the models of makeup very chic, draw with her own words “dramatic nobility”. With the high degree of saturation Tilbury pink and lavender hue, build the sweet combination of makeup look, make skin more transparent. MAC mineral powder and play in zygomatic place champagne cheek is red, make whole face look stereo feeling. But the MAC Tilbury with violet eyeshadows stick to create a shadow, restore ancient ways makeup oval lips like jelly by MAC velvet lipstick, hairstyle is blow with blower, finalize the light but not mixed and disorderly.Big blow in the 1930s Prada background, it will have to jazz wind force stylist Guido Palau with many Redken 16 super fixature fix the models of hair. Bend at the forehead, make hair apply during make-up bang overall looks complicated and delicate, on T stage lighting, due to the effect of hair and hair looks shiny is. Pat McGrath, cosmetics master at the model of metallic simple sense of strong, in order to shape (yellow eye neuter makeup, the handsome with MAC each model the line feeling extremely thick eyebrows, this kind of makeup look and the Miuccia Prada loafers design works with men is the element.The show’s achieve miraculous Fendi repeatedly remarkable is the model of bright-coloured color lip. No makeup Peter Philips create too conspicuous eyes, but the lip color makes people did not forget. Philips with red, pink and pink of these 3 kinds of color GongZhuang point mouth, let everybody models show awash with “gay” atmosphere. At CHANEL with the brown shades powder and eyelash creams and Joues Contraste opaque blush made complete makeup look. Stylist is Sam MCKnight continuance makeup “painting” the general theme of “Oreal, L model of hair gel let everybody in T stage to apply during make-up, smooth all show charm.