Little good into big love

The bank's friend to canvass business, seek him with cash, he give oneself do a, and took her id card to give her also do a, no gu on tell her, conveniently take card thrown into the drawer.
Besides his high salary, and part-time income, so never put her earnings lepta invisible.
For several years, she has been working for an energy of light idle -time more, if it weren't for yueyue can get paid, she is more like a full-time housewife.
Even so, every time she opened wages are not forgotten before him cracking again, "look, the wage." She sway the bankroll said. He's head also doesn't lift, and went on reading, she was in the side back and forth several, then soliloquize, "well, and last month as well."
How different? He laughed, her salary from marriage has not risen.
But this does not affect day crossed well. He is a capable man, have enough confidence and ability to support his family.
She paid cautious, for his big occasionally complain a few words. He disdain, said men like women stingy, if not outside mix, besides, can spend just have to earn money motivation, KouMenEr men don't make a fortune.
Although say so, mouth but also to heart, yes, please friend eat meal of money, can top she half a monthly wages, and her to a bundle of green vegetables, can still half price. Then some can not bear, as if her hard-earned money spent.
In order to feel at ease, he remembered that card. Then calculated married this years her income summation, the money saved in, still the card drawer.
His heart was much more comfortable, this made her money one portion also didn't move, home all expenses are in with his own money, not for her frugal guilt, also can to own luxury done.
After he has a habit of each received her pay day, just pay attention she said number, then secretly use their own money in the card. In so doing, how many a little game he retired the psychological: wait, let her see, her whole life actually earn much money, a minute also didn't move, lifetime flower of is all my money, ha ha, many have a sense of achievement.
Also want to test their way, if really all by themselves, this home will have a into what look like? The fact is, with little impact, monthly deposit the money for her, fundamental insignificant.
He is more a perky, feel oneself is a big tree, but she just a root tree branches. So when talking or doing things more confidently, temper also big. If two people quarrel, no matter what is responsible, he shall feel grievance: "I in the outside, should see boss complexion, endure colleagues crowding, take care of complex social relations, besides want part-time designs, often stay up late, sleep is not good body tired heart also tired, still not and all is the purpose of this house? You have provoked me to anger, not bashful?"
She also defy: "what's wrong with me? I will go to work, and do not over of household chores, like ministering to the big ye as to wait on you, don't I easily?" He scornfully retort: you have done that, which one is a great event? Light will do household chores, can live a good life? Too rich to just go. I collapsed, this home and good life?"
She didn't argue. Quarrel always with silence ended, the second day is still three meals, simple unhealthy effect, like nothing happened.Christian Louboutin Pumps
Like the people often said "the fairest rose is at last withered", how he also have never thought, like yourself of that "elite" should be in streamline in downsizing. He like thunder, the whole people got scattereth the racks. Then apply for several units, were not able to mount guard.
She opened her said, you can at home designs ah. He tried several times, but, as if people had bad luck, those inspiration also follow snob, are far away.
Think of former intrepid, but now such a commitment-phobe, again see her in a hurry, uncomplaining, he couldn't help psychosomatic guilty, think, she is really a good woman, unlike some women, see the man uselessness, will fight. The more the cheer up, he decided to start their own businesses, start a small business. Good thinking, but the capital? Before indeed can earn, but spend money like water, no long-term plan, now empty. He immediately are frustrated, he regretted the extravagance.
Is helpless, she came home from work, perhaps to cheer him more than before, she exaggeration sway his money says: "see, again the wage. You don't be sad, have I do, I won't starve. Simply, this paragraph of time you when vacations now, tired for so many years, this little rest."
So thoughtful and relief, almost let him cry, Mo, he a surprised, suddenly thought to her do the card.
Hurried to the bank, check the balance, he was startled, inside had had several thousand yuan. Why is it so much? Every time is very relaxed occurring in, never calculate how much before and after deposit.
These money, enough to venture. In his own penniless, her meager salary to accumulate, gave him a surprise, this much like her to his good, in of substantial life are not being noticed, but in the most difficult dozens of days, then solid to emerge.Christian louboutin Black
He holds this card, she shed tears of delight. He thought, the secret never tell her, such as their own business successful, continue to her name card, little money to save, saves the number of her salary. Such old too can't move a muscle, let her look, is that she earned a lifetime of money, although was instruction of lepta, but over the long haul, is considerable sums.
Then, and said unto her, this is like you to my good, usually little drops of the small good, save for a lifetime, became feeling day move ground big love.