I love you the most pain in dismay

That year he sat on the grassy hillside, a comb for my clumsy little mistake, when there is no thought, then we, never so intimate? That time I was a girl tirelessly running the streets, he often caught, forced by the desk, teach me to read. I'm crying like a little aggrieved by the infinite lamb, while he was not looking, he could not wait to go to the mother who, against his evil. When the young mother, there was their favorite people, and finally broken up by force or by grandparents, married his private teachers do. Thus, between them, always separated by a layer was deliberately set up obstacles to the mother, not connected. And I, but this cunning use of their diaphragm in order to avoid all blame and demanding his. That year his mother with him, frequently quarrel, their feelings, but also have become precarious noise, and finally to the point of nowhere. Was a sunny warm winter afternoon, I flew a group of students after lunch, they quickly scattered off the hair, howling like a little crazy. He caught me in the crowd, pulled me up the hill, then I do not know where to get with a small comb, quiet and gentle way about Shimoji, give me pigtails. Sun through the branch of the jujube tree sparse thin, soft hair fell on me, his thick arms, and there are large areas around the grass withered; have a love to show off the children, singing in a top of the hill . At that moment, everything around me, honey flow in this afternoon light, it becomes quiet, gentle, tranquil and beautiful. There is a certain moment, I even think he and I had actually been so in love with each other without barriers, and will never be arguing about the mundane world apart. Then some people came messengers, and said to let him take me to the county Civil Affairs Bureau, the mother was there waiting for him. His face, and instantly becomes pale. Is come to remind him, Lin says, do not be sad, you can also find a new, Ya-Ya book along to the city, there is no bad thing. I snapped to stand up and shouted at him: Who said I'm going to town to study! I want to play in the mountains, I want to eat persimmons, I do not partners with the separation of small! He shouted in my years, suddenly pushed me pull over, facing the butt slap is a relentless pass. I bellowed to cried, shouted, "Mom help me! I want mommy!" In this sentence he suddenly lost the strength to hit me. It was the first time he hit me, the last time. I will follow after the mother went to the county, and soon in the uncle's help, to the best school in the county schools. I have school that day, He took someone else's tricycle, running tens of miles of the mountain, look at me. I just wound up after class, I heard some people hesitate to call me at the door of the nicknames, they had the wrong impression that the school in the mountains, ran out to see him in the crowd. I remembered that he will soon have a new home, there will be a new father, he suddenly just this dusty man, from birth. I held back, dodge, not knowing how to deal with his smile. He finally came over and wanted to hold me, but that does not apply, only the hand of a beautiful bag, handing me and said, Ya-Ya, that take you into the city, you have to be noisy with the bags, this time to you bought in the city, study hard, do comparisons, Dad give money to you on a regular basis. Coy with me, either he will bag Xiegua on his shoulders, and then he went far to say: I am a new uncle just bought me a backpack. After these words he suddenly turned, for a long time refused to see me. I know that this proud man, must be crying. 2 but he still always to come, waiting for me at the school gate, walking home with me all the way to go, not the door and looked up to see the mother of dry clothes, joking on the balcony with the stepfather, will Samsam Cuocuo Shou , gave me about the whole messy hair, I go. I never looked back at him, either to leave him a lonely, but does not go upstairs and see that the same did not like the stepfather. Birth, the fall of his brother, he took my favorite persimmon, jujube and chestnut to see me. I am exceptionally, with him sitting in a garden in the city in an hour, he's big strong hands, for me to peel the chestnuts out one, look at my cheek bulging like a frog eat, they laugh laugh . It was the first time I saw him smile the way, there is a little strange and unfamiliar. I occasionally answer his question, told him things about the new home. But most of the time, I remained silent, only to concentrate on eating, and in this way, stopped the mouth, not to ignore his questions. Before leaving, he suddenly stopped me and said, Ya-Ya, after, perhaps, I can not see you often, because I, too, have their own home quickly, lack of money, they can write to me ... ... I heard the heart, the moment like a wall, crashing down collapse. I'm suddenly in the hands of his chestnut pound fiercely, and said: I do not eat your stuff later! I frantically ran to,Christian louboutin Black not look back, has been running, has been run, until the big mouth breathing heavily and could not run, and bent over a tallow tree, looked indifferent to when the road, in that end of the road, I saw him with a young woman, back to me, moving further and further away. I finally cry. I'll never find people to hurt me, I became a homeless child. I think. 3 I started every other week, to receive his letter, ramble, the question with me about everything. Letter into the city through an often take along the driver over. Sometimes there will be fresh fruit, together supplied over. Of course, I need the money. I grow day by day and rebellious and began running away from home this has never been able to love. I began life addicted to live on campus, and because he would not delay the money, and Happy in the school itself. I did not know he had children, each time live frugally, save enough for my living expenses. I do not know his wife, fought with the number of planes, only for him to favor that not much affection for his daughter. I only care about how a person comfortable, happy, and how the only way through the college entrance examination, has been completely left my heart can not be under the County Sheng. I am about to late autumn that year the college entrance examination, he was the first time ever to our house first. Mother and stepfather do everything possible to let me stay in the provincial capital to study, said that what the girls run in Beijing, spending so much money for it out of the marriage, was on the farther away from the heart. He sat next to me, Christian Louboutin Pumps like summon a lot of courage, raised his head and said Ya-Ya is my daughter, my father would do to her duties, since she wants to go out, let her break a break, our parents, with little experience can not hurt the children, too. Ya-Ya can go as long as her favorite place, I pay to for her. And I, watching from beginning to end the mother refused to stand, there are selfish stepfather, suddenly stood up and shouted at him: Who told you for me? ! Now recognize my daughter went back to do? ! If I were your daughter, why do not you take me on home reared? ! I went to college, their loans, they work, your money, I do not! When I grabbed the bag and ran down the stairs, I heard him behind me kept shouting my name. I cover your ears, force yourself to forget him, he made me forget the kindness and love no escape. Examination of the day, he has been waiting at the school gate, at the end of every game, then came forward, gave me the bottle of water, and lovingly good with wet towel, wipe my brow of sweat. Somewhere in my heart, finally, a little bit soft down. Last time out,Christian Louboutin Boots parents swarm to warm the children look happy crowd in arms. I know I will get the desired success, but do not want to share with him so quickly. So I slowly walked the last edge of the crowd, pretend not to see him standing in front of a much-anticipated. But he is making strides, like a wind and waves the boat, very tough barrier to cross the layers of the crowd, coming to me. I stood there, watching the old face he had, and still has not faded in the strong love, I finally know, the next second it will come to embrace, its temperature, in fact, as I have been longing and sadness . Like, for many years, he left town for my dream, paving the way for a little bit, but for my leave, as to the pain and sadness